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Adds few foundation to use with sim settlements
they can used with other workshop item too

Permissions and credits
Adds Few foundation for sim settlement but you can easily use them without that mod too

You can find the item in their category in the end of workshop menu
This mod uses Settlement Menu Manager to add custom settlement menu categories. This means that you don't need to worry about running a special holotape/chem before you uninstall it: just remove it from your load order and you're done.

feel free to use them in your rise of commonwealth add-ons no need to ask for permissions

these foundation are a little bigger than normal ones 2.5 size of floor in length and width and 2 story in height
the bigger length and width is for help to easier move between the plots and can have easier access to around and back of plots
sim settlements plots can snap in middle of foundation using Place Everywhere recommended for easier snaping

you can use them to create multi floor settlements

have enough connection point you can snap wall mounted conduit from vault-tec workshop or mods like Settlement Objects Expansion Pack (for they location see the pictures)
they pass power between each other like vault tec workshop items

if you think they not high enough or your building go higher than 2 story use the column added by this mod to increase them

it's possible to snap walls on side of columns of foundation and column added by this mod or use them to create little walls
there some walls in this mod that you can use them for covering the down side of foundations

use NMM or other MOD managers for easier installation
during installation you can choose between different options you can easily change those in future without loosing items

There is a non-dlc version when installing the mod that removed 4 of the textures (DLCs textures) from construction for those doesn't have DLCs you can easily and without problem replace them with each other without any problems or loosing items

Known problems/Bugs

if you half buried foundation it's possible that sometimes NPCs cant find their ways when they moving under the foundations

List of added items

a set of wood floor and their column

4 different concrete foundation each in 14 different textures (10 in non dlc version)
2 different concrete column each in 14 different textures (10 in non dlc version)
3 different concrete wall each in 14 different textures for covering underneath of concrete foundations (10 in non dlc version)

4 different Metal foundation each in 6 different textures

1 helper item for easier aligning of concrete foundations with other items