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Craftable working showers, baths, toilets, sinks, urinals, bubblers, and kitchens, that followers, settlers, traders and caravan guards can use automatically. Custom idles, models, sounds and visual FX. Automatic undressing/dressing. Immersive buffs that taper over time.

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This mod adds about 48 different craftable working showers, baths, toilets, urinals, sinks, shower-bath combos, bubblers, and prefab kitchens that the player, followers, settlers, traders and caravan guards can use. Some furniture items can be customized "craft'n'snap" style. Features many different idles, custom models, sounds and visual FX. Automatic undressing/dressing when using showers, baths and toilets. NPCs will randomly turn around or sing while showering. Immersive buffs that taper over time, including Survival mode buffs. All furniture items have a "player only" option for privacy in your player homes. New in v1.3: you can now craft toilet graffiti. New in v1.4: you can now craft working outhouses with CWSS animations if you have the Far Harbor DLC. New in v1.5: craft'n'snap toilet stall kits in 6 different color schemes. New in v2.0: holotape configuration menu; fully functional prefab kitchens; new kitchen sink cabinets; soap suds effect and option for actors to become 'dirty' as the shower buff wears off; if you have Nuka World you will get 9 more shower idles. The new items will be found in the "CWSS" category under "Furniture" in the workshop menu.

The mod began as an update to our mod Craftable Working Sanctuary Showers, but was initially delayed due to personal matters. When development got back on track we realized that the update was so substantial as to be worthy of a brand new release as a standalone mod. It has since grown to include a lot more than just showers.
"The level of immersions in this mod is so astounding that I feel that we need to split this mod up into three mods so that we can evenly distribute the immersions, as it is overflowing out of this one. I don't know what I am saying, but this is an incredible mod." - MxR Mods.

Thanks to MxR Mods (see 4:45 in his video) and Oxhorn for the awesome video reviews.

Traduction Francaise ici.
Japanese Translation (mod page only).
Russian Translation by Kopasov.


v2.0 is a huge update. Please read the change log for details. Older versions of the mod will not be supported.

- Note that you will need to recraft your private amenities now that the new public/private toggle feature has been implemented.

- The soap suds and dirt effects are disabled by default. You can enable them using the holotape "[Settings] CWSS Redux" in your inventory.

- If you previously used the Custom Camera version of this mod, it is now a configurable option in the holotape menu.

v2.1 - fixed a glitch where the "chemical shower bathtubs" were ejecting actors as soon as the shower animations started playing.


Screenshot by FenPhile

Idles idles idles. Showering actors cycle through more than 23 different idles (32 in v2.0 if you have Nuka World DLC), two of which involve using a bar of soap. NPCs can turn about randomly so they are not always facing the same direction. They will randomly hum a tune and maybe even do a little dancing in the shower. Actors will also temporarily look a little more friendly after using the showers and toilets.

Automatic undressing and dressing. Undressing should work with most, if not all, clothing and outfits, so NPCs and the player won't be left partially clothed while using the showers. The script has fail-safes and will give followers their clothing back on fast travel, and all actors will get their clothing back if the mod is uninstalled while they are undressed. You will always get your PipBoy back after leaving a shower, bath or toilet.

Sandboxing. The showers, baths, toilets, sinks etc in CWSS Redux will be used by sandboxing settlers, followers, caravan guards and traders as part of their default packages during their leisure time. This means they will be used most frequently in the mornings and evenings, and less frequently during the settlers' productive working hours.

Privacy. You might not want uninvited sandboxing settlers to wander into your player home. As of v2.0, you can simply toggle each amenity between public and private. Only the player can use amenities when they are toggled to "private".

Immersive buffs. All showers feature a mild rad removal effect - the longer you shower, the more rads get removed. Some showers have a stronger rad removal effect than others. All showers will also give temporary boosts to charisma, follower affinity and settler happiness, which taper off over 2 hour real-time, simulating the actor progressively getting dirty again. In Survival mode, showering will also reduce disease risk and fatigue a little. To receive these tapering buffs, the actor must shower for at least 30 seconds (you will see a message that you feel clean and refreshed if successful). The effects taper in three stages every 40 minutes. For example, you will get +3 charisma immediately after showering, which will decrease to +2 after 40 minutes, +1 after 80 minutes and wear off completely after 120 minutes. Similarly, followers get +200 affinity, settlers get +3 happiness bonus, and Survival mode players get +33 (3.3%) fatigue, while disease risk is reduced by 5%. In v2.0, the toilets and urinal give a tapering boost to speed multiplier (15%) that wears off in 3 stages over 120 minutes.

Working showers and shower-bath combos. The Sanctuary showers have snap points so they can be snapped together, and they can be customized by snapping on curtains, towel and soap holders. They feature wet walls and dripping shower head when not in use. Other showers included are two basic shower heads, the Institute shower, two chemical showers, a rustic wooden tub shower and two chemical shower-baths.

Working baths. A clean version of the vanilla bathtub is included with the rusty broken pipes removed and the wonky missing leg repaired. The post-war bathtub uses HalkHoganPL's excellent HD mesh and retexture. The baths fill with water when in use and have sound effects. There is a choice of "sitting" animation (sit), "hospital bed" animation (lay) or "Irma chaise lounge" animation (lay2).

Working toilets and urinals. All toilets have animated toilet seat (thanks to bruce142's modders' resource) and the actors will undress automatically before using them. The toilets have real water in the bowl, immersive sound effects, and will flush after use. A choice between "sitting" or "sitting-reading-the-newspaper" animation is available. Toilet types are Vault, Institute, post-war and old style. New in v1.4. If you have the Far Harbor DLC, you will be able to craft a working outhouse toilet that uses the CWSS toilet animations and also features animated buzzing flies. You can also snap many of the other toilets, sinks and showers into the outhouse. The outhouse and door will appear in the CWSS Accessories menu while the seats will be found in the "CWSS Toilet Stations" menu. New in v2.0, the toilets and urinal give a speed multiplier buff of 15% that tapers off in 3 stages over 120 minutes. In v2.0, a small platform has been added to the old-style toilet for the actor to stand on to compensate for its extra height.

Working sinks and water fountains. Most sinks will act as water fountains and are compatible with Survival mode. Clean sinks give fresh water, while dirty postwar sinks give rads. A custom water fountain script is used which works better than vanilla. The sinks include an animation of the actor leaning over to take a drink, while the Sanctuary kitchen sinks feature a washing dishes animation. A stand-alone version of the Sanctuary kitchen sink is included, which has wooden panels added. The tap water animation from the kitchen sink has been merged into the Sanctuary bathroom sink. A working Institute sink is also included. The Vault sink and Vault water fountain models have had a collision mesh transplant so that they can now be placed snugly against walls and will no longer float unimmersively in the air. As of v2.0, sinks can be found in the new "[CWSS] Sink Stations" category in the Furniture menu.

Working prefab kitchens. New in v2.0, the prefab kitchen has been upgraded to include full backplanes so that you can use it as a room partition. The kitchen now requires power and has working overhead, cupboard and stove lights that can be switched on and off. Switching on the light also turns on the stove and oven so it can be used as a fully functional cooking station, complete with glowing stove elements, heat shimmer, sound and meat chopping animation. A platform has been added so the actor will not be floating in the air during the animation. Also included are standalone single and quad kitchen sink cabinets. These are all snappable with the items from Modular Kitchen.

Craft'n'snap toilet stall kits in 6 different colors. You can craft single toilet stalls with snap-on doors, or multiple stalls using the left, middle and right panels. There's also a urinal stall panel included. The towel rack and toilet paper holder accessories can also be snapped on. The toilet stall kits come in vanilla, white, yellow, pale blue, floral red and two-tone wood slat color schemes. New in v2.0, the stall doors are compatible with AutoDoor. They can be found in the "CWSS Stalls" workshop menu.

Customizable. You can craft snap-on accessories such as shower curtains, soap holders, toilet paper holders, towel racks and mirror cabinets for some of the furniture items. The playerhouse prefab kitchen and standalone kitchen sink cabinet is included, with snap points added so that you can snap the bare kitchen sink model into them, while the postwar kitchen features unbroken glass. These prefab kitchens and the kitchen sink are compatible with Modular Kitchen. A custom mirror cabinet that has an improved door-opening animation is included as an Easter egg. You can snap this mirror cabinet onto the Sanctuary bathroom sinks. The snap-on items can be found in the "CWSS Accessories" workstation menu.

Toilet graffiti. New in v1.4, you can craft 40 different snapable toilet poems to decorate your bathroom walls. Based on Laurens Bathroom Poetry by lauren_dr. The graffiti can be found in the "[CWSS] Toilet Poems" category in the Furniture menu.

Holotape configuration menu. New in v2.0, you will find a holotape in your MISC inventory titled "[Settings] CWSS Redux". You can use this holotape to toggle the custom camera settings, auto undressing, soap suds and dirt effects, select the default actor face expression to apply after using amenities, and to manually uninstall or reset the menu custom categories. Note: the selected facial expression is applied to the actor about 5 minutes after they have used a shower or toilet.

Thanks to It'sAGundam and VatiWah for the awesome video reviews.

If you have not changed any camera settings in your game ini file, we strongly recommend that you enable the "Custom Camera" setting in the holotape menu. It features better camera placement and zoom distance while using the showers and toilets. Just remember to disable the custom camera option in the holotape menu if you ever decide to tweak the camera settings in your ini file because the "Custom Camera" setting will reset the camera values to default every time you exit any of the CWSS furniture.

Thanks to KottabosGames and Pixelgamer for the great videos.

Fully compatible with any mods that add items to the workstation menus, including all DLCs, Homemaker, SK and SKE, without the need for any patches.

Compatible with "Hide Pip-Boy", "Unequip Pipboy". v2.0 CWSS Redux adds compatibility with "Pip-Boy Customisation Framework".

Fully compatible with Vault-Tec Workshop DLC and Nuka World.

Fully compatible with BYOP.

The stall and outhouse doors in CWSS Redux are compatible with Auto Doors.

Compatible with Modular Kitchen. As of CWSS Redux v1.4, the accessories from Modular Kitchen can be snapped to the prefab kitchen stove in CWSS Redux. The kitchen cabinets from both mods can be snapped together. The animated kitchen sink from CWSS Redux can also be snapped into the kitchen unit from Modular Kitchen.

Compatible with The Fridge. The fridges from 'The Fridge' will snap with the prefab kitchens from CWSS Redux.

The Player Comments and Head Tracking mod requires a CWSS compatibility patch available from the Player Comments mod page. Make sure to follow any other instructions provided on that mod page (e.g. holotape settings), otherwise the player will exit the toilets prematurely, or they might get stuck in the shower and refuse to exit without breaking the animations.

The Player Headtracking mod requires a CWSS compatibility patch, which is available from the Player Headtracking downloads page, otherwise the player will exit the toilets prematurely, or they might get stuck in the shower and refuse to exit without breaking the animations.

v2.0 of CWSS Redux adds undressing support for Courser X-92 Power Suit, but you will need to manually re-equip the x-92 modules after showering.

Not fully compatible with Give Me That Bottle. You can load GMTB safely after CWSS, but you will only receive dirty water from CWSS sinks when filling bottles and the water animation and sound won't play. If you load GMTB before CWSS, then GMBT won't work. Also, CWSS fixes a serious bug in the vanilla HC_WaterBottleScript but GMTB re-introduces the bug. Please use Fill'em up Again or Hobo Scavenger instead - they are better implemented and do not adversely mess with the vanilla script.

The "Custom Camera" version of this mod temporarily changes the following camera ini settings while using certain furniture, then sets them back to DEFAULT values:


If you use non-default values for these camera settings in your Fallout 4 ini files, please don't use the "Custom Camera" version of this mod. As of v2.0 you can toggle the custom camera setting via the holotape menu.

Screenshot by TheDeathSpoon

If you start a new game, the settings holotape will be missing. You can spawn it using the formID xx005DA1, where xx is the mod's load order in hexadecimal. Ideally, don't enable CWSS Redux until the Sole Survivor has exited Vault 111 for the first time, then this glitch won't occur. This issue will be fixed in v2.2.

A few people reported losing their Furniture menu after uninstalling the mod. There is now (v2.0 and later) a holotape option to remove the custom menus before you uninstall the mod. If you forgot, see the FAQ for info on how to deal with missing menus.

The amenities will glitch badly if you activate them while wearing power armor. This issue will be fixed in v2.2. Until then, just don't try to use amenities while wearing power armor.

Some idle animations may occasionally clip slightly through the furniture, such as when using the Institute shower. It's hard to avoid.

Actors peeing in the urinal will sometimes randomly turn to the left or right. This is vanilla idling behavior. I haven't found a way to suppress these moves yet.

The dirt FX introduced in v1.3 was experimental. Some people loved it, others hated it. It was disabled in v1.4 and has been improved and made optional in v2.0 via the new holotape menu. Nb. I can't make the soap suds whiter because it makes them glow very brightly in the dark and looks too weird.

If you use any of the regular toilets in the outhouse, PLEASE LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN otherwise the animation can get stuck. If you do happen to get stuck, simply activate the door to open it and the animation will continue to play (but you will be standing up instead of sitting on the toilet). This glitch happens because there isn't enough room in the outhouse for the regular toilets to work properly when the door is closed.

When you are using any shower or bath, please be VERY CAREFUL when pressing the E key to exit - make sure you don't activate another nearby furniture, actor, food crop or other activatable items in the process, as it will break the amenity and you will get stuck in a loop. I have no way of preventing accidental activation of other objects. It's only really an issue if you have two furnitures very close together. Note that you can also exit most amenities using the directional (WASD) keys, which may be a safer option than using the E key.

Not an issue, but note that the "private" furniture items have been made obsolete in v2.0. In v2.0 you can simply toggle individual furniture items as "public" and "private" by pointing the crosshair at them and pressing the R key. This halves the number of furniture that we have to maintain in the mod, and makes life easier all round. This means that your private furniture items will vanish when you update to v2.0 and you will need to re-craft them.

Not an issue, but if an NPC had decided to use an amenity before you toggled it to private, that NPC will still use that amenity once, but they will be blocked from subsequently using the amenity.

In v2.0, an extra failsafe has been added to mitigate rare situations where you or an NPC might get stuck in a glitched shower animation loop. In many cases the failsafe will trigger automatically and you won't even realize that there was any problem. You can force an actor or the player to quit out of a shower glitch by using the MODPOS console command. This should force them out of the shower and cause the shower to shut off, the animations to stop, and the actor to redress. Normally NPCs can be made to exit the amenities simply be talking to them, while followers have to be commanded to 'go' to another position.

To rescue the player from a glitched shower, open console and type: player.modpos y 150
To rescue an NPC, open console and click on the NPC to make their ID appear, then type: modpos y 150

Simply install and activate the esp using your favorite mod manager. A useful installation guide can be found here.

** You do NOT need to make a clean save to upgrade CWSS Redux. Simply overwrite the old files without deactivating the mod.


Before uninstalling this mod you might want to scrap all your crafted amenities to recover their crafting materials.

Uninstalling mods: there is an issue with Fallout4 that if you deactivate a mod from the Fallout4 MODS->LOAD ORDER menu, and then load a savegame, the Papyrus "IsPluginInstalled()" function does not recognize that the mod was uninstalled. This can cause unexpected bugs. It is therefore mandatory that you QUIT TO THE WINDOWS DESKTOP after deactivating any mod using the Fallout4 MODS->LOAD ORDER menu. This Fallout4 bug affects all mods, not just CWSS Redux. IF YOU CAN'T FIND THE FURNITURE MENU AFTER DEACTIVATING THE MOD, SIMPLY QUIT TO THE DESKTOP, RESTART THE GAME AND LOAD YOUR LAST SAVE.

New with v2.0, you can use the holotape menu to uninstall the custom categories (a new savegame is created automatically) then deactivate the mod and QUIT TO THE WINDOWS DESKTOP before loading your last save.

If any settlers were showering or on the toilet when you saved your game and uninstalled the mod, they will automagically get their clothes back within 10 seconds after loading your save (as long as you followed the above uninstallation instructions regarding quitting to the Windows desktop).

Thanks to JuiceHead (see 4:31 in the video) and Jimmy Gatz for the great videos.

Q: I think I installed and enabled the mod correctly but the CWSS categories don't appear in the Furniture menu.
A: Firstly, make sure you have "CWSS Redux.esp", "CWSS Redux - Main.ba2" and "CWSS Redux - Textures.ba2" in your game's Data folder, and that the mod is activated in your load order. NEVER EVER change the mod's file names or merge it with other mods, it will break the mod. Also, make sure you haven't left any "missing menu fixer" mods in your load order, they reset menus and some will erase categories added by other mods. They are meant to be used only once then deactivated. If that wasn't your issue, then the CWSS quest might not be running for some reason. Try these commands in the console:
StopQuest CWSS
ResetQuest CWSS
StartQuest CWSS

Q: After I uninstalled the mod, the Furniture menu disappeared.
A: In v2.0 or later, you should use the holotape menu to uninstall the custom categories, make a new save, then deactivate the mod and quit to
the Windows desktop before reloading the last save. If you forgot, and the Furniture menu is missing, try saving the game, quitting to the Windows desktop, then reloading your last save. If you are still having problems, try using the Universal Missing Menus Fixer tool found in the downloads section on that page. If that doesn't work, then try Missing Settlement Categories Fix. Also, make sure you haven't left any "missing menu fixer" mods in your load order, they reset menus and some will erase categories added by other mods. They are meant to be used only once and then deactivated. Remember to always use the "save/quit/reload" procedure when uninstalling mods that add menus, so the menus can be refreshed properly. You might have to do the "save/quit/reload" twice - the first time to erase the custom menus, the second time is so that other scripted mods can add their own custom menus back.

Q: After re-dressing, my Pipboy was not on my arm, and I can't access the Pipboy menus.
A: Rare glitch, fixed in v1.3. Make sure your mod is the latest version. To get the Pipboy back, use console command: player.equipitem 21B3B

Q: The workshop interface won't show the full list of ingredients for the prefab kitchen. What are the required ingredients?
A: The ingredients required are:

Aluminium 5
Circuitry 1
Copper 2
Cork 4
Glass 5
Adhesive 4
Plastic 5
Spring 2
Steel 5
Wood 5
Screws 6

Q: After upgrading to v1.4 the food mixer disappeared from the prefab kitchen that I built using this mod.
A: The food mixer is now a separate accessory. You can craft it and snap it back onto the prefab kitchen.

Q: The player/NPCs keep leaving the amenities as soon as they start using it.
A: The amenities are intentionally configured as "must exit to talk". If you use a mod that makes the player/npc talk while using furniture, it will cause them to exit the amenities to speak. If you use the mod "Player Comments", you must use the Player Comments configuration holotape to disable comments when sitting.

Q: I built lots of showers but didn't see an immediate increase in settlement happiness.
A: It didn't make sense to add the happiness bonus to the showers themselves because you could build 50 showers that add, say, +2 happiness in a settlement that has only one settler and get +100 happiness, even though the settler only needs 1 shower. Since multiple settlers can use the same shower it seemed more logical to give a temporary happiness bonus to each settler that takes a shower. Note that you won't see any immediate change in settlement happiness because the game only calculates this once per day, so it will depend on how many clean settlers you have when the game makes its tally. However, you can see if a settler is contributing happiness by entering workshop mode and highlighting that settler - they will have a "happy face" icon in their assignment window.

Q: The settlers sometimes don't seem to want to use certain showers or baths, especially in my new bathhouse or multi-level building.
A: It's random, and depends on the actors sandbox package, distance from the items, whether they are assigned to work tasks or not, time of day and game navmesh issues. Actors not assigned to any tasks will use the amenities MUCH more often than ones that are assigned to work duties. You can try sleeping or waiting for an hour, it forces the actors to update their packages. Some furniture is easier for actors to path to than others due to navmesh and AI issues etc, so this might also affect how frequently an item gets used. You can try one of these mods to increase actor sandboxing range: Multiple Floors Sandboxing and Settler Sandbox Expansion.

Q: I toggled an amenity to private but an NPC used it straight away.
A: If an NPC had decided to use an amenity (i.e. 'reserved' it) before you toggled it to private, that NPC will still use that amenity once, but
they will be blocked from subsequently using the amenity.

Q: Can settlers be assigned to these amenities.
A: No, having settlers permanently showering or sitting on the toilet would be strange and a waste of resources. You can, however, command a follower to use an amenity and they will stay there until given fresh orders or until you fast travel. The followers can be rather pedantic about pathing to some furniture, particularly the regular bath tubs and Sanctuary shower. It has to do with navmesh and stuff.

Q: I'm having difficulty placing certain items snugly against walls or inside some buildings.
A: That's a vanilla collision issue. There are various tricks that can be used to help with this. Try pressing and holding the E key for finer control of object positioning. Try using the console ModPos commands to nudge items into position. Try using the rug trick or the toggle-clipping trick. You can also try mods like Place Everywhere.

Q: Will you release this mod on consoles?
A: Unfortunately no. While I have released all of my other mods on console, CWSS Redux is not compatible with XB1 or PS4 and relies on features that are not supported by those console platforms, otherwise I would have ported it already.

Q: The mod doesn't work/causes CTD/the game won't start, and I'm using a pirated copy of Fallout 4.
A: Pirated games are not supported and could get you banned from Nexus.

Q: The mod doesn't work. I'm not using the latest Fallout 4 patch or the latest version of CWSS Redux.
A: I won't support older versions.


Thanks to theDeluxeSam (see 6:56 in the video) and JR Mods (see 3:50 in the video) for the great videos.


Made using Creation Kit, FO4Edit, Nifskope, BAE, Caprica, UltraEdit, Photoshop and Audacity.

bruce142, for his Animated Normal Toilet modders' resource, which has been used and adapted to some other toilet models.

HalkHoganPL, for permission to use his excellent bathtub model from Fallout 4 HD Reworked Project.

mrbarista, for his Toilet and Toilet Seat - Modder Resource, from which one of the texture templates was loosely based.

lauren_dr, for Laurens Bathroom Poetry, from which graffiti textures were included in v1.3. Conversion permission here.

A special thank you to Ethreon, StuykGaming and JuJooGuppy for important tips on how to get workshop connection points working.

The sound effects in this mod were made using various Public Domain, CC BY 3.0 or Royalty Free sources:

FreeSFX license
Mike Koenig @ SoundBible
Creative Commons license

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