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An Electrolaser-based weapon that gains bonus damage against Robots and Power Armor users, as well as the ability to shut down and/or paralyze enemies with critical attacks.

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The LAER (Laser Assisted Electrical Rifle) returns to the wasteland, this time in Boston, via mysterious circumstances. Uncover how the LAER came to arrive on the East Coast and wield the electrolaser-based weapon against your foes!

Mods showcase

The LAER initially starts out with less damage than the laser rifle, but through its upgrade chain is able to exceed it in firepower, as well as gain damage bonuses against Robots (including Synths) and Power Armour users. It also has the unique ability where, rather than dealing double damage, a critical attack will temporarily shut down robotic enemies and paralyse organic foes for several seconds. This window can be used to tackle other threats, reload, re-position, or simply lay down more fire upon the enemy. In general, the LAER's projectiles will be less accurate and have less effective range than a laser weapon's, but have greater stopping power. The LAER has been balanced with Vanilla in mind.

Note: The tesla barrel's chain effect requires the Automatron DLC installed to function. 

Skins showcase

The LAER is a relatively rare weapon, but has a chance to appear in the hands of railroad agents, synths, and vendors that sell Institute Lasers (for the factory skin version) and Gauss weaponry (for the well worn version) as well as legendary enemies. If you have chosen the non-leveled list option when you start with the mod, there will be only a handful of LAERs placed at a few select locations.

If you want to instantly transfer the weapon into your inventory like the no-good swindler you know you are, type "help LAER 4 weap" without quotes into your console, study the code that appears within the brackets next to the first LAER entry, and enter that code in the place of the X in this command; "player.additem X", again without quotes. 

If you're having a hard time finding the magazines hidden in the world to unlock the various skins, check the "Documentation" tab here to spoil yourself for the locations of them.

The Tesla Batons (the standalone stun bayonet you can use as a melee weapon) are obtainable wherever you can find a LAER. If you have chosen the non-leveled list version, you can find one of them at the location of one of the magazines, or at the end of the Electric Blues quest.

(Click the tiles below to be taken to the required mods for each feature)

Combined changelog for 1.11-1.24
First person pistol melee animations fixed
Fixed Unique LAER appearing on Courser body
Adjusted Courser health
Fixed subgraph (third person movement/reloads)
Fixed PreCombine in all cells (again)
Tesla baton balancing
Fixed double magazine entry
Fixed PreCombine in Fort Hagen
Made Tesla baton impact sound less harsh

Update 1.1

New Quest and new Unique Legendary LAER! Travel into the East side of the glowing sea to start the process of acquiring the new legendary.
New weapon: Tesla Baton. Multiple modification options plus lethal/non-lethal modes if you have the Non-Lethal Addon installed.
New skin: Big MT. Requires "Institute LAER Manual" magazine to craft.
New default reload animation (You can upgrade the LAER to use the old faster reload with the "Auto Reload magazine" weapon mod). Default reload is now a manual operation, F:NV style.
New custom pistol grip bash animation.
New "joke" weapon: LAERiachi (found in Diamond City Radio). Has custom sounds and mesh. Shoots doots.
Added Fear and Loathing references where you find Pie_Savvy's magazine. Includes a new hat and a pair of stylish glasses that you can wear.
Added several new loading screens.


A start-up prompt that asks if you want the LAER to appear in vendors, NPC inventories etc. (Leveled list injection) or not. (This prompt will only appear on a clean save – if you want to alter the LAER spawning, uninstall the mod, make a new save, then reinstall.) This will affect the Tesla baton weapon too.
Added a way to get Institute Manual/Institute LAER/ Lore holotape if Institute has been destroyed. They will be at Fort Hagen if the Institute has been BTFO.
New custom naming structure according to attached mods. For example: "Big MT skin" + "Jury-Rigged Electrolaser" receiver = "Elijah's Jury-Rigged LAER".
Balance tweaks (revamped bonuses, made the weapon more viable in higher and lower levels, tweaked recipe costs)
Lore expanded for holotapes. Details how the LAER came to be in the commonwealth as well as how its various mods were developed.
LAERs (if chosen the Leveled List integration option in the pop-up) are now much rarer.
Added Junkmaster Fusion cell support.


LAER damage bonus now affects synths and turrets. LAER turrets have the same damage bonus too, therefore they also now affect synths and turrets.
Unconscious Effect from critical attacks now apply to synths, power armor and turrets.
Lens array and tech scope textures altered to be less distracting under certain lights and ENBs.
Muzzle flash reduced greatly to not be as distracting for e.g. ENB users.
Rebuilt Previs (optimised cells for increased performance).

LAER Automatron optional ESP

Two new hands options - Arc Diverging LAERs, or “Arc shotgun hands”.


LAER robot hands will deal bonus damage to Synths and turrets.
Balance tweaks.

LAER Non-Lethal optional pluginNEW FEATURES:
Non-Lethal turrets.

Carried the tweaks from main plugin.
New Custom Naming from the main plugin also applies to Non-Lethal LAERs and Tesla Batons.
Non-Lethal Tesla Baton mods. Tesla Batons will spawn as Non-lethal ("Pain Compliance" mod) by default.

The Rizzler - developer, trailer, hand-load reload animations
Wanaming0 - co-developer
Ha_Ru - animations
Pie_Savvy - concept art/sounds
Vicyorus/Kung Fu Man  - scripting
Scrivener07 - scope framework/overlay 
DrLazlo - sounds
Partisan - foley sounds
Thirdstorm - bodyslide guidance/general assistance
Shavkacagarikia - injector scripts assistance
Ajhakra/WarDaddy - subgraphs assistance
Kibbleknight - tech scope/bayonet idea 
asXas - constant psychological abuse

I would like to give my thanks to:
Bethesda Games Studios for Fallout 4
Obsidian for Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues
The original concept artist for the LAER