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Added: 03/02/2016 - 12:36AM
Updated: 06/10/2016 - 12:38PM

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Last updated at 12:38, 6 Oct 2016 Uploaded at 0:36, 3 Feb 2016

This mod is dedicated to fix a ton of junk and scrap to contain the proper components and proper amount. After playing Fallout 4 for over 200 hours, I simply found it ridiculous how many details has been put in this game and yet how inconsistent scrapping is. Hey, c'mon. Simple math: One tire = 4 rubber, 20 tires = 10 rubber? What?! And don't get me started on aluminum.. or electrical stuff.. or cars.. Do you know how many components a car is build of? And yet we just get metal?

Yeah, there are other mods out there like this. But none of them has as many fixes/changes and is up to date like this)

Immersive Scrapping - Automatron
Immersive Scrapping - Far Harbor
Immersive Scrapping - Vault Tec Workshop
Hint: Season Pass - Merged Version can be found under "Files"!!!

New! Scrapable Power Armor - AddOn

No! I'm not dead! But my internet was..

So here is the thing: My internet was down for months. Yep. Months. I moved and was happy at first because there was new and fresh FTTB at my new apartment and I got promised 400MBit for now and higher speeds in the future. Buuuuut.. well it took them months to get me any connection at all. Why? Up until now I don't know for sure and I've given up on getting them to tell me.

So don't be too mad for no update in the past months, I'm back on it =)

Thanks for those who donated! That really did make me smile and motivates me to keep on!

Update incoming!

Originally planed as a comment, but got too long...

Holy *insert-swearword-here*! Well that's what you get for being inactive for a couple of weeks..

Well, I really endorse all the feedback, as it's that good kind of feedback, not the "your mod is *insert-swearword-here*" kind of feedback. But what sparks me even more: The discussion this mod seems to fuel. That's a compliment too, even though some might not recognize it as this - well I do.

To get to the topic of balance: This mod was intended as some sort of overhaul/balance mod, bringing stuff more in line of lore and make the game overall.. well more immersive. But I get the point of it having an impact to the balance. From my own experience, having all settlements and improving them from time to time, the balance is quite nice, but I do enjoy having enough rather then spend 100h to find a *beep*ing screw.
BUT.. yeah.. the argument stays. So I _will_ create yet another version with the next update - which is planed for the holidays - with far less resources (I guess >50% less) where its possible. Also, I might create an overhaul for the other end of this and recalculate all the building stuff so it matches again.

That being said: I will try and create an NMM version for the next update to make it far more easier for everybody to pick what you like =)

Stay tuned, maybe follow me on Twitter - there will be more! Moar!

Follow me!
I just decided: I've got Twitter for years.. might as well use it! Follow me if you like my mods! Xcytress @ Twitter

New Mod!
I made Power Armor scrapable - check out my new Addon!! --> Scrapable Power Armor - AddOn

It should go without saying: Always backup before installing new mods. Always use the current version of Fallout 4. I will only support the current version for very obvious reasons.

4.0 Out now!

- Revisited Oil: Overall increased amount of oil in canisters, old amount just seemed to be too of scale
- Adjusted Adhesive: Increased the amount of adhesive you get from tape and crafted to match size
- Increased the amount of fertilizer in fertilizer bags. It's a pretty big bag...


- Balanced various wooden and metal objects
- Added nuclear material to radio active barrels
- Revisited cars, added nuclear material, aluminum and oil
- Prewar money is no longer scrap. Seriously, who would scrap that stuff.. there is a reason it has such value.
- Prewar money is a little bit more valueable
- Added support for new addons
- Created Automatron AddOn
- Created VaultTec Workshop Addon
- Created FarHarbor Addon


- Cigaretts and Cigars are now more balanced
- Trees will now give wood equal to their size
- Tree cluster will now give wood equal to the trees they consist of
I cant see trees anymore.. Soooo much trees.. so much work.. You better appreciate that! I created a database and a script to get things right!


- Big cars missed nuclear material and had more springs instead - Fixed!
- Checked Lead Pipes, they should give lead (confirmed ingame)
- Added Spanish Version by Julixg


- Split cars and rusty cars up in three groups (small, normal, big)
- Added screw, gears, leather and other parts to cars to be more realistic
- Small cars will have less, big cars will have more (except for leather, that is matched to the amount of seats)
- Increased the amount of materials you get from destroyed houses (they're huge man, give me something for it!)
- Decreased the amount of concrete a single block gives
- Increased the amount of concrete larger concrete walls give (yes, I've counted every block)
- Increased the amount of rubber tire piles give (and yes, I've counted every tire)
- Changed materials on items that clearly have been made from another material (Wood soldier to ceramic? aluminium can to steel?)
- Matched component amounts to weight
- Matched component amounts to match sub parts (Giddyup Buttercup)
- Added copper to a lot of electrical items and machines (If I can see wires, I should scrap them)
..and a lot of minor tweaks.

Will add a full and detailed list soon.. well someday.

Known Issues

- No known issues at the moment =)

All known Issues will be fixed as soon as possible!

- Ceramics rebalacing
- Weapon and Armor mods

If you have more ideas or stumbled across any problems, let me know!

Hint: There are now some behind the scene images that show a little bit of the process going into this mod. It's a lot of work as I am trying to be as realistic with the scrap as possible.

English (US/International)
Spanish (by Julixg) Not up to date!
French (by CyaNide1986) Not up to date!

If you want to translate this mod to another language or want to request a certain language, just go ahead and ask =) I'll try my very best!

This mod has been created with FO4edit, so a big thanks for this tool =)
Also thanks to Bethesda for the creation kit, it made my work way less frustrating =)

Thanks to the translators, you do a great job =)

Thanks to Citre for his mod, it helped me understand some mechanics and values.
Thanks to Bethesda for this awesome game!