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Allows you to smoke Cigars, Cigarettes and Joints. Adds auto save on Hard core feature

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  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • German
  • French

Allows you to smoke the cigars, and cigarettes you find throughout the wasteland. Also allows you to craft and smoke Joints.

Thanks so much to m8r98a4f2 for creating the MCM menu. Grab it here!


Want to have a beer with your cigar? check out my other mod
Have a Beer - animated Drinks

All animations are courtesy of Impytus so please go and thank him!

Big thanks to KKThebeast for making compatibility patches for Valdacils sorting mod get it here:

SmokeableCigars - Cigarettes - Joints - Valdacil's Item Sorting -Compatibility Patch 

Version 2.3 - Released

  • Fixed Chem resistant not affecting nicotine addiction.
  • Removed PartyBoy/Girl resistance.
  • Reduced Chance for Nicotine addiction
  • Fixed Cig and cigar Effect descriptions to reflect previous update
  • Extended Smoking effects to 5 minutes instead of 4 to help constant need to smoke when addicted a bit

Version 2.2 - Released

  • Fixed a bug where animations would last forever if you had perks or buffs that increased chem duration [Done]
  • Fixed all cig items having no weight - Added vanilla weight values [Done]
  • Reset all cig items to default vanilla values -vanilla prices [Done]
  • Changed cigarette effects. Removed the charisma debuff (by popular demand) effects are now a nerfed version of calmex. I think this is a pretty good point of reference. [Done]
  • Added Party boy/Party girl Perk functionality. No chance for nicotine addicton with Party boy/girl perk level 03 (FYI this doesn't affect the perk, so you wont see the changes in the perk menu) [Done]
  • Further Optimized mod and removed multiple scripts [Done]
  • Add accurate Carton return for Pre-war cartons [Done]
  • Add accurate Animation for San Fran Cisco lights [DONE]
  • New Custom animations by Impytus [Version 1.0]- Further animation tweaks in progress

  • When collecting cigars, cigarettes, packs, cartons etc. they will now show up in your Pipboy in the aid section
  • After you open a Pack,Carton or box you will get an empty version to use for crafting. No changes have been made to the components. Lit cigarettes and cigars do not apply and will still show up in your inventory as junk (cuz who wants to smoke someone else's lit cigar anyway?)
  • If you need to interrupt the animation just open your Pipboy. The effect will remain until worn off and the animation should be safely stopped.
  • Each item comes with their own accurate animations
  • Cigarettes and cigars have a 15% chance of nicotine addiction and increase perception and agility
  • Save on Hardcore - After many requests I have added save on hardcore version of the mod. It is enabled by default. turn it off in the Holotape settings menu if you dont like it. It creates an auto-save when the smoking animation finishes, or when you open your pipboy. If notifications are enabled a message will play letting you know a save has been created.
  • Custom model for joints - Big thanks to Gambit77 for including me on the CC team and pointing me to the creative commons license, and thanks to  MadNuttah for the original Joint Mesh
  • Joints can be crafted from hubflower, bloodleaf and 2 ciggarettes. They increase perception by 5 for 4 minutes ;) and add custom visuals. The visual is based on the joint smoking FX from GTA5 and the Jet effect from Fallout4. I think its pretty close. I did my best. You can always use Cannibus Commonwealth if you dont like it. They can be crafted at the chemistry station under drugs, and require chemist level 1 perk. (I may remove this, but they add +5 perception which seems pretty OP)
  • Boxes, packs, and cartons come with custom sound effects on opening. 
  • A settings Holotape is included to change options. Male and Female animation sets, Turn auto-Save on and off, and toggle looping animations and notifications are available.

Well first off cigars and joints! I mostly added cigarettes because I wanted to keep things seamlessly integrated instead of patching for that mod. Secondly my mod is built from scratch, and handles things a bit differently. My version does not contain the animation bugs that the other version has (not as much camera wonkiness, no issues when the animation gets interrupted). It generally handles things differently.  That is no knock on Wenderers mod at all! It's a great mod and he pulled it off without the creation kit. VERY impressive. I wish him all the best and people should feel free to dl both and try them out. My mod is not technically compatible with his mod however I'm afraid.

Thanks to VatiwahCornmango, and TheAdipose for featuring the mod

  • The SanFran (or whataver the hell they're called) brand cigars don't use their own Custom texture yet when smoking. I'll fix this eventually.
  • If you install the mod with packs, cartons cig etc. previously in your inventory, you may need to drop them on the ground and pick them up again to convert them.
  • Occasionally this doesn't work on Packs or cartons that previously existed in the world. Not sure why. Its pretty rare though.
  • NPC's will treat cartons, packs etc. as junk until you place them in your inventory once. I might be able to do some messing with their leveled lists,or adjust the script to deal with this a bit, but it seems like a small trade off for compatibility with other mods that edit leveled lists.

CWSS Redux - By steve40 and FlipDeezy
See you Sleep - commonwealth Editon
Havea Beer -animated Drinks
SmokeableCigars -cigarettes- Joints
Pet Feed Call Dogmeat
WorkingSanctuary Shower - Proof of concept 
Vault-TecActivewear - Rolled Up Jeans fix

Also please checkout

CannabisCommonwealth - by Gambit77 - DoomBased - Nephatrine -and FlipDeezy - Now Includes my Joint and blunt animations
The Original Craftableshowers - by Steve40 - Based on My Sanctuary shower proof of concept
Buildyour Own Pool - by  Akarnan - Shower head item Based on My Sanctuary shower proof of concept

  • KKTheBeast - For helping me make my pages look about 1000 times better, and making compatibility patches
  • MadNuttah and the creative commons team - For the joint mesh http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
  • Gambit77 for including me on the cannabis commonwealth project and pointing me towards the creative commons license. I have ported my animations to their mod as well
  • Dexesttp/hkxpack- https://github.com/Dexest -Thank you so much wouldn't be possible without your tool!
  • Impytus for all custom animations