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Makes settlements produce surplus (water, food, etc) even if there's already surplus in the workbench

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-- Intro --
You may have noticed that your farms stop producing food, your array of 20 industrial water purifiers stop producing water, or your settlers stop collecting scrap unless you regularly empty your workbench.

In the vanilla game:
  • Crops stop producing food if total amount of food in the workbench (where food is any item with the ObjectTypeFood keyword, see image) exceeds 10 + settler count.
  • Water pumps and purifiers stop producing surplus purified water if total amount of water (purified water, dirty water and the drugged water from HalluciGen) exceeds 5 + 0.25 * settler count, rounded down.
  • Unassigned settlers, and settlers assigned to a scrapping station stop producing scrap if total scrap exceeds 100 + 5 * settler count. A single unit of scrap is defined as any component, or any item that can be deconstructed into components (all junk). Yes, that means even if you only tear down half a dozen trees and leave the wood in a workbench, your settlers will decide their work is done and never scavenge again.
  • Fertilizer production only works with the first 3 brahmin at a settlement, any more have no effect.
  • Vendors only produce up to 50 caps per day in each settlement.

Annoyingly, this behavior is intentional.

This mod removes these limitations: water purifiers continue producing water even if you aren't around to babysit them, farmers continue to produce surplus food, and so forth.

-- Config --
As of v1.2, Uncapped Settlement Surplus includes a configuration holotape that will automatically be added to your inventory. All configurable features can be controlled from this holotape. These are:
  • Feature toggles for food, water, scrap, fertilizer, and bottlecaps. Disabling these reverts behavior to vanilla for each resource. (default: enabled)
  • Configurable caps for food, water and scrap (default: unlimited)
  • Attack reducer settings, as described in -- Attack Reducer --
  • A reset utility, which resets all of the mod's active scripts  (for use after installing settlement mods)
  • An uninstallation utility, which shuts down all active scripts and renders the mod (arguably) safe to uninstall

Note that for technical reasons, like other mods (e.g. Settlement Management Software), for full functionality this holotape must be loaded into any physical terminal that accepts a holotape. Some limited functionality is still available from your Pip-Boy, however.

-- Attack Reducer --
In the vanilla game, food and water items stored in your workbench increase the probability of random attacks occurring at that settlement. Enough units of food and water stored -- roughly 1000 food and/or water items with 0 defense (increased by 10 items per point of defense) -- can increase this probability to 100%. There is a built-in limit where only one attack can occur per week per settlement, but this frequency is still high enough that with enough developed settlements, and enough surplus has built up, one or more settlements will eventually begin to suffer an attack every single day, like clockwork.

To mitigate this problem, I came up with a system to reduce this frequency so that a well-defended settlement would not always be attacked every week, following this curve.

This feature is enabled by default, with settings that I consider reasonable for normal gameplay.

As of v1.4.1, an additional option is available that will disable random attacks completely when enabled.

-- Attack Reducer (advanced) --
The "difficulty" of this feature can also be customized using the holotape; the curve (image above) is roughly controlled by the following formula:
  • floor(max(7,(x^a + sqrt(x))
where x is defense, and a is the exponent that can be configured. The default (normal) value for a is 0.65, easy is 0.74, and hard is 0.5.

If you set this value to 0, an option becomes available to remove the 1-week limit between attacks, and an additional option can be enabled that will actively trigger an attack at every settlement, every day.

-- Compatibility --
This mod does not edit any base records or scripts*, and should not conflict with most edits to any scripts or base records applied by other mods.

*As of version 2.0.0, USS now overrides DLC04:TributeChestScript, since there was no other reasonable way to uncap this. It is very unlikely that other mods will conflict with this, but a note is added here regardless.

As of version 2.0.0, Workshop Framework support is included, and I now recommend using this mod alongside USS. Versions of USS older than 2.0.0 will not work at all if WSFW is installed.

The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch is not required, but optimizations it makes to the workshop system will make this mod run somewhat faster and more reliably.

-- Load Order --
Load order really doesn't matter, since there are zero base record modifications.

DLC04:TributeChest script is overwritten, though it's very unlikely that other mods are going to want to edit this specific script.

As of version 2.0.0, this plugin is now flagged as an ESL (the file extension remains .esp), which means that this mod will load in "light plugin" space. The FO4 game engine allows you to load up to 254 normal plugins, which is somewhat easy to reach, and up to 4096 light plugins, which means that you don't need to worry about this mod counting against your load order limit.

-- Uninstallation --
Before uninstalling this mod, it is recommended that you first use the uninstallation utility in the configuration holotape. This will ensure all running scripts clean up after themselves and are safely shut down, and the mod may then be uninstalled (relatively) safely.

Note that after uninstallation, resources added by this mod will remain exactly where they were, and as such will dramatically increase random attack frequency until you remove them from your workbenches manually.