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Gloves of the Commonwealth adds 16 pairs of standalone equippable gloves taken from the various outfits. Currently only works with non-gloved outfits, such as the Vault Suit, Road Leather, etc.

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Hey everyone!  This mod was made the week the game came out back in 2015 and is VERY OLD.  It doesn't have any problems but there will be no new features going forward, especially because mods such as the amazing Armorsmith Extended handle glove crafting and much, much more.  I would install that instead if you want anything more than basic gloves!  Thank you!


Created with FO4Edit for your peace-of-mind, but as with any early pre-CK mod, back up your save, and use at your own risk!

Gloves of the Commonwealth adds 16 pairs of equippable gloves from the various outfits in the game, letting you wear gloves with any non-gloved armor, such as the Vault Suit.  I wanted to wear some gloves with my Road Leathers, and decided to add the rest of the gloves.

Unfortunately this will not currently work with outfits that have attached gloves.  Equipping the gloves while wearing one of those outfits (such as Field Scribe) will make you naked (with gloves on!)  I looked into removing the gloves from those outfits, and was successful in doing so, but they had large gaps at the wrist because the mesh would need to be updated to show more of the bare arm, which cannot be done yet with current tools.

Please keep in mind this is a very simple method to just make existing gloves 'appear', and as such clipping and gaps with certain combos is possible, as the gloves were originally modeled for their specific outfits.  I have no control over the models themselves until tools become available to do so.

Future versions will include all outfits once the tools are available to make that possible.  Inclusion into vendor leveled lists etc. is also planned.

Included are Athletic Gloves, Brotherhood of Steel Gloves, Cait's Gloves, Institute Worker Gloves, Kellog's Gloves, Minutemen Gloves, Raider Gloves, Raider Gloves II, Desmonda's Gloves, Grognak's Gloves, Resident Gloves, Wastelander Gloves, Railroad Gloves, Silver Shroud Gloves, Utility Gloves.

  • Simply extract into your/DATA/ folder or use your mod manager of choice
  • The gloves have a damage resistance of 2 and a weight of 1, which are values that cannot be altered yet

I did not want to mess with any in-game objects or containers yet, especially with an update from Bethesda coming soon, so you will have to console the items into your inventory.  It's quite simple.

  • Use the ~ key to open the console while in-game
  • Type the following to see gloves: help "gloves" 4
  • Use Page Up / Page Down to scroll through results, and add the item you want to your inventory by typing player.additem [id] 1 where [id] is the full ID of the object.  I can't give you the exact IDs because they change depending on where the plugin is in your load order, but it should look like player.additem 0600083A

Please see the sticky post for the list with IDs, if you'd like.

If you're looking to craft the gloves, these add-ons should hold you over until I get an update together.  I'm waiting to see where things end up with the many crafting mods to see what sticks and what to support.

If you ask a question listed here, it will not be answered, so read up first! <3

  • A: Unfortunately no, all I did was swap around some records in the plugins.

  • Q: "Does this mean all armor pieces can be separated?"
  • A: Also no, at least not yet. Besides gloves, all outfits are part of a single mesh, which needs to be cut apart by hand in a 3D program, re-rigged, etc. which can't happen until all those peripheral tools needed are available.

  • Q: "Why can't I wear these with ANY outfit?"
  • A: As I stated in the description, the gloves are an actual part of the outfit meshes, and removing them from the mesh itself causes large gaps between the bare hands and the arm, because the vertex group telling the game where to "hide" the hand when gloves are on is usually pretty far up.  Once tools are available to edit meshes, this will be very easy, and I hope to split up every piece of the armor into separate pieces someday (boots/gloves/body/hat/backpack/etc.)