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Vault-Tec approved elevators for your vault! Reach floors with ease and forget those stairs!

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UPDATE - Mark IV - Minor Script Update

Available on Bethesda.net!

PC  - Bethesda.net
XBOX ONE  - Bethesda.net

---Vault-Tec Workshop DLC REQUIRED---

Vault-Tec approved elevators for your vault!
Reach floors with ease and forget those stairs!

This will add 2-6 story version of custom vault elevator to your vault settlement.
For 3-6 story, you can choose between the Direct Floor (Top & bottom) or Every Floor version
You can craft them under 'Structure - Elevator' category.

SK compatible without any patch.
For the vault structure with lights and other objects you've seen in the video, you will find them in my other mod - Settlement Objects Expansion Pack


  • You are advised to switch into 3rd person view when using the elevator for smooth camera movement
  • NPC cannot use the elevator
  • Elevators ONLY compatible with DLC settlement story height (256 units)
  • For normal height (224 units), please download my other Elevator mods

Install it with Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) OR
manually copy the ESP plugin file and Main ba2 archive file in Data\ and enable the plugin
After installing/enabling the file, you should be able to use the items in the Workshop Menu, Enjoy your new toys!

Craftable Institute Elevator
Craftable Vault Elevator
Craftable Vault Cage Elevator
Craftable High Tech Elevator

Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
Remove Turret Power Requirement
Advanced Settlement Turret Set
Advanced Portable Turret Set

Selectable Mark I-VII Machinegun Turret
Custom Mark II-VIII Machinegun Turret
New Marking Style for Machinegun Turret
Fat Lady
Pipe Turret
Sonic Blaster
Institute EMP Rifle
Plasma Pulse Rifle
Disgusting Settlement Turret Set
Automatic Conversion for Non-automatic Weapons

The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition by LogRaam aka Gabriel Mailhot

Ponytail Variations by opengts
Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction by ChaosWWW (F4ECC 1.2 used)
Fallout 4 Seasons Project by GameDuchess (Summer used)
Concealed Armors by Nisas
Homemaker - Expanded Settlements by NovaCoru
Water Enhanced by Jmane2009 (4K version used)
The Institute Pip-boy by Aeyos

You CANNOT reupload any part or entire content of this mod without my permission.
You CAN ONLY use, modify any part or entire content of this mod for individual use.
If you have any better idea or want to use asset in this mod, please PM me.

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Created with Creation Kit, FO4edit, NifSkope, MultiXWM