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Adds a fully vanilla voiced NPCs' flirt line to the game with over 100+ flirt lines available.

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  • Mandarin
 Flirty Commonwealth  

Over 100+ fully vanilla voiced flirt lines added to NPCs across Commonwealth ranging from generic NPCs and companions.


. Flirt lines for both male and female player character.  Same sex flirt lines also available.

. Generic NPCs at Diamond City, Goodneighbor, Bunker Hill have their own flirt lines depending on their background.   
   - Bunker Hill is more likely giving you warm welcome and light flirt lines.       
   - Diamond City will have a mixture of light flirt lines and heavy flirt lines.       
   - Goodneighbor will have heavy flirt lines.

Each voice type had different lines.

Raiders will give you some harsh and nasty taunts towards your character during combat.

Companions will have their own idle flirt lines according to their personality.

-Piper, attempt to give you lowkey flirt lines and trying hard to get your attention.

-Cait, giving you some heavy flirt lines and sometimes being naughty. Some flirt lines activate as you progress your affinity with her.

-Curie, giving some flirt lines and compliments unintentionally, also caring. Note that her flirt lines will only activate if she's in human form, you need to do her personal quests. Some flirt lines will unlock as you progress your affinity with her.

-Danse, being protective under certain conditions.

-Hancockgiving some compliments and heavy flirt lines and sometimes being a creep. Some flirt lines will unlock as you progress your affinity with him.

-MacCready,  giving some casual and awkward flirts also giving you compliments under certain situation (hacking, lockpicking). Some flirt lines will unlock as you progress your affinity with him.

-Preston, a novice flirter who doesn't know how to deliver a simple pick-up line which forced him to use his common settlement line to surround his flirts line. Some flirt lines will unlock as you progress your affinity with him.

  Future Plans

. I no longer decide to continue this mod, feel free to contact me if you wish to take over.


Q: Can I use 2 different version at once? 
A: Yep.

Q: Why are you making this mod?
A: I was bored, so instead of listening to my cousin keep yapping about his obsessions towards redhead I decided to find a better purpose.

Q: Why didn't you covered the rest of male companion? (Deacon, Nick, X6-88)
A: I only establish flirt lines to those romanceable. Yes, I'm aware that there's Nick romanceable mod but I plan to stick to the vanilla relationship.

Q: Is the flirt lines universal? (eg. female on female, male on male)
A: Read my stickied comment, on post section.  

Q: Are you planning to make something like this on other Bethesda games?
A: No, for now I'm only making flirty comments for Fallout 4, but you can count on me on making this type of mod on future Bethesda game. As long as they don't destroy us with their Creation Club of course.

Q: How did you come up with the 100+ flirts lines? Are you some sort of cupid in human form?
A: No, I'm just a guy who only had 1 girlfriend in his entire life, who also recently survived cancer. I guess those chemotherapy does have a silver lining. 

   Load Order      
. If you're using Set me Up or any alternate start mod. Please load their plugin AFTER this mod's plugin. 
. If you're using Better The Third Rail and Better Goodneighbor. Please load their plugin BEFORE this mod's plugin.    


. Use mod manager or just manually drag data folder into Fallout 4 folder.     


. Any mods that add greetings to the selected NPCs might not compatible.
. Mods that disable greetings entirely is not compatible. 
. Mods that alter dialogues is compatible.    

 Recommended Mod

. Icebreaker - Settlements Dialogue Overhaul (similar like this mod except only covered settler with over 400+ lines!)  -http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25972/? 

Better Goodneighbor (Highly recommended as the vanilla Goodneighbor NPC spawn is super lackluster, the flirt lines will work on the newly added NPC! Load the plugin BEFORE THIS MOD'S PLUGIN)

Better The Third Rail (Highly recommended, gives The Third Rail the vibe like the bar at Star Wars New Hope, my flirt lines work perfectly with the new added NPCs! Load the plugin BEFORE THIS MOD'S PLUGIN


Do not upload anywhere without my permission.    


 WardenFalcone, for giving me ideas and some lines for the mods. And the awesome screenshots. 
. Darkleon54, for providing French translation.
. greentea101, for his voice file tool, without it. This mod simply won't happen.