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Restores a cut ending to fallout 4 where after the Minutemen ending without destroying the BoS, you are promoted to Sentinel.

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Originally you were to be a Sentinel and, ultimately become the leader of the BoS following Maxson's death. Through a quick patch I've restored this ending through integration into the game itself.  NPCs will even acknowledge that the player used the Minutemen AND will also mention that you're a sentinel. This is truly a "cut" ending that allows for you to reach the end of both the Brotherhood and the Minutemen

First complete the main quest for the minutemen, leaving the BoS intact. Then
you will first find a note in Maxson's quarter's which will lead you to another note in the observation/air traffic control tower on the vertibird flight deck. Due to how the scripts work, you must leave and return to the Prydwen.

The great thing is that after you trigger "new dawn", you are totally free to uninstall this mod.

You must complete the minutemen ending without destroying the brotherhood, obviously. Do not write a post/message if you fail the real life intelligence check. 
: )