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About this mod

Brings classic mini games such as Blackjack to the world of Fallout 4.

Permissions and credits
What's New: Version
-A brand new custom card table created by the talented Corvalho. This one is much smaller and fits in nearly every home.
-Support for Nuka World and Far Harbor locations, currently available as individual plugins.
-A plethora of bug fixes and optimizations. Expand the spoiler section below for details.

Barstool Games restores gambling related mini-games like those found in Fallout: New Vegas, to the world of Fallout 4. Currently, the only minigame added is Blackjack which can be played in a variety of ways. However in the future all of the minigames from Fallout: New Vegas as well as others will be added.

Video Introduction
This video covers everything you need to know to get the mod properly installed, and how to access the new games. While reading the rest of the mod page is highly recommended, this video is all you need to get the mod installed and gambling. Watching this video is very very strongly recommended if you do not plan on reading the rest of this page.

What's Included
-Playable Blackjack
-Play cards, purchase Card Decks, and purchase tutorial pamphlets through 6 new NPC's in 6 different locations across the Commonwealth.
-Play cards at your settlements. Requires building a Blackjack table which must first be unlocked by finding a magazine hidden somewhere in the Commonwealth. Constructing the table requires a Deck of Cards and an upfront investment of caps.

What's Next
-More minigames. Eventually all of the games from Fallout: New Vegas will be restored as well as several others.
-Fully voiced NPC's.
-Updates and improvements to existing features.

How to Install
1) Make sure you have the current steam version of Fallout 4 as well as the corresponding version of the Fallout 4 Script Extender.
2) Install the mod archive either manually or via NMM. 
3) Activate Games.esm and BarstoolGames.esm in your load order.
4) Launch the game.

For Support
-The source code in its entirety, under MIT license.
-Visit Scribes Discord for advanced technical support or discussions.

Who to Thank
-Scrivener07, the brilliant and exceptionally talented individual without whom this entire project would not be possible.
-Corvalho, the exceptionally talented asset creator who gave us the gorgeous custom card table.
-Se7enraven , who created the wonderful card assets you see.
-All of the many many extremely talented mod authors who provided testing, feedback, support, and a shoulder to cry on during the ongoing development of this project.