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This mod adds a fully functioning Headlamp to the Combat Armor Helmet. Now Includes support for Tinkerer's helmet as well.

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Illuminate What Really Matters....
This mod adds a fully functioning, headlamp to the Combat Armor helmet.....  Perfect for seeing things!

UPDATE: Version 1.2 Released!!


-Tinkerers Headgear now has a fully functioning headlamp.

-Combat Helmet and Tinkerer's Headgear lamps can now be used while wearing power armor(thanks amoveve for pointing me at the right keyword).

-The Tinkerers Headgear was done as a request by users of Armorsmith Extended for use with his crafting workbench non AE users can obtain it using
Console command "player.additem 001832F5", or by killing Tinker Tom (not sure if thats even possible without making him non-essential).

-All Combat Helmets looted from npc's, containers or from the world now come installed with the default white headlamp(no need to go to crafting 
station before headlamp can be used).  This includes .additem console commands as well.  
Any combat helmets or tinkerer's headgear in your inventory or stored are saved with their previous mod settings...thus you must visit a workbench to install a headlamp on these items before they will function correctly.  I cannot mod your save files so I can't fix this.

-Npc's that spawn with combat helmets will use the headlamp.(Note:If an npc spawns and they were saved by the game the mod settings saved will persist through installation of this mod.  Example if the prydwen showed up before you install this mod then all the BOS with Combat Helmets at the airport will 
not have functioning headlamps).  On that note keep in mind that the chances of seeing an NPC with a Combat Helmet in the first place are pretty 
damn slim.  I spent about 4 hours testing this but was unable to view every npc in the game, if you spot inconsistencies with this feature let me know and I will investigate.  It should be just fine According to the game files it should now be actually impossible to see a combat helmet without a headlamp in a new game.

-Combat helmets bought from vendors default to having a basic headlamp.

-The positions of all headlamps were adjusted with the utmost of care for superior aesthetic pleasantness(using Quaternion rotation gd it sucked).

Uninstall any previous version of Combat Helmet Illumination and make a clean save before installing this version.

Support for Armorsmith Extended, and Craftable Custom Combat Armor are available for version 1.2 in the optional files tab.  In addition I have added a version that adds hair to both the Combat Helmet and the Tinkerer's headgear.  For standalone helmets with hair seek out Armorsmith Extended.  These versions are complete mods and do not require the main file of Combat Helmet Illumination.  In addition the CCCA + Armorsmith Version includes the compatibility patch posted on the CCCA page by Endoormoon.

Lights can be installed the same way as the mining helmet via the Armor Workbench (all color options available). 

Npc's will use the lights the same way that they use the mining helmet light, ie.  annoyingly.

This mod is compatible with mods that only retexture the combat helmet through the use of texture replacement.  

This mod is compatible with mods that modify the Effect caused by the headlamp ie, shadows etc.

Incompatible with any mod that adds standalone versions of the combat helmet I am currently working on compatibility patches.  In short if you built your helmet at a crafting table its probably not going to work unless its patched for already.
I know I made promises to add support for the synth helmet and medical goggles.  The meshes for these items are proving....  Un- co-operative.  It is very difficult at this point to narrow down what the problem is due to the fact that a Pre-Alpha version of nifskope is being used that does not yet properly handle some of the file attributes.

If anyone has requests for patches other than for any variation of Craftable Custom Combat Armor and Armorsmith Extended let me know.

Install using NMM or copy the contents of this folder into your fallout 4 data directory.




Fo4Edit Team
Nifskope team
BAE Team

Thanks to SingABrightSong for getting us partway there.

Thanks to the various posters in the bug reporting area and forum that helped me solve the exploding headlamp problem.

Thanks to Maxwell HousePlayer's, and Coca Cola for providing me with the substances I require to spend like 12 hours adjusting position information in Nifskope.

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