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Adds a Gatling Rifle to the game : a rifle-type minigun

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  • German
M54 Gatling Rifle

Screenshot by: MercenaryNox
Click the spoiler button to display the showcase videos available
Also, check out the user-made screenshots. They tend to look better than mine



In short
This mod adds a new weapon to the game: the M54 Gatling Rifle. In essence, it is a rifle with a spinning barrel and high rate of fire.
Guaranteed to take that Deathclaw down. Yes, this weapon eats up all your bullets, yes the barrel gets hot.

Also, for additional, beter looking screenshots, check the user submitted screenshots.
They tend to look a lot better than the ones I made.

Base Damage : 30, or 18 if you choose the DamageReduce option
Fire rate : ~140
Affected by : Heavy Gunner, or Commanod, depending on which option you pick during the installation
Caliber : default 5mm, but you can mod it to shoot almost any bullet.
How to Aquire : Spawns on NPC's or by the use of console commands


Yes... yes it does.

Can you fix any of the animations?
Nope, nobody can at the moment =\ But hey, animations arn't bad at all :) just a small lil bit of clipping with the reload.

Known Issues (only minor issues so far)
There are two known and easy to 'fix' issues:
- Effects don't load properly when loading a game with the gun equipped.
  FIX: Switch to another weapon and back
- The plasma receiver has a weird flash to the south when I fire it?
  FIX: none, this is a vanilla bug. The strange flash is more notable because the fire rate is much higher than the Plasma Rifle.

How to aquire?
Using the console:
Type : help gatling 4 weap
There should be an entry in the shape of XX00080E Gatling Rifle.
Type player.additem XX00080E
The gun is integrated in the game with the use of leveled lists.
The following leveled lists are affected:
LL_Minigun(the guns spawns 50% of the time instead of a minigun)

Does the gun have any modifictations?
Yes it does.
- 10 Receviers
- 4 Barrels
- 7 Sights
- 3 Barrel Jackets
- 2 Magazines
- 3 Stocks
- 5 Muzzles
This gun does not have any 'hardenend', 'slightly more damage', 'even more slightly more damage' kinda receivers.
The receviers manipulate the kind of ammo the guns fires.
Current available ammo types:
Surprise ammo :D
Railway Spikes

Scopes include Combat Sights (see my other mod, See-Through-Scopes)

German Translation by CreatorX

Installation: Nexus Mod Manager
- Download the main file, and let NMM install the mod.
- During the installation-progress: pick the options you like the most
- Done!

Installation: Manual
I assume you know where your Fallout 4 data folder is, and that you know how to make the game load additional plugins. If not, google for them.
- Download the mod.

Inside the mod are the following folders:
- FOMOD : You can ignore this folder completly, not relevant for a manual install.
- Main : Contains the needed materials, meshes and textures. This is the basic mod, without modifications.
            Copy the contents of the Main folder to your fallout 4 data folder.
    Next, activate the GatlingRifle plugin.

The following files require the Main folder to be extracted and the GatlingRifle esp to be active to function properly.
Some files (the patches) might also require other mods.

- NoGap : Contains meshes that eliminate the gap between the barrel and the grip.
               Copy the contents of the NoGap folder to your Fallout 4 data folder to apply.
- NoGlow : Contains two folders, Normal and NoGap. Copy the contents of either folder to your Fallout 4 Data folder if you want to get rid
                 of any heat effects on the barrel. Pick normal for the normal grip and NoGap for the 'NoGap' variant grip.
- ESP :Contains customization/patch ESP. These ESP's need to be loaded after GatlingRifle.esp and if that applies, their respective mod.
 The ESP's listed below all have a AWKCR counterpart. For instance, copy the GatlingRifle-AKWCR-Loads file if you want the LOADS patch
          and are using the AWKCR esp.
          The following patches/options are available:
               - GatlingRifle-Commando : Makes the rifle use the Commando perk instead of the heavy gunner perk.
               - GatlingRifle-Loads: Loads patch. Makes the rifle compatible with the LOADS mod. Requires the LOADS mod. Load this ESP after LOADS.
               - GatlingRifle-Commando-Loads : Copy and activate this if you want both the Commando and LOADS patch.
               - GatlingRifle-NoIdiotSavant : the 'Surprise Receiver' does not need Idiot Savant anymore to craft.
               - GatlingRifle-DamageReduce : the rifle does less damage.
               - GatlingRifle-DamageReduce-Loads : the rifle does less damage. Use INSTEAD of GatlingRifle-DamageReduce for LOADS compatability.

First of all, a special thanks to Fliegenaffe for donating a premium membership.
Second, a thanks to the teams that made the third party mod tools:
- Nifskope team
- FO4Edit team
- Material Editor

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