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FAR optimizes and improves over 6000+ distant land textures, which means more perfomance and a more stutter
free experience.

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FAR - Faraway Area Reform

by SparrowPrince


FAR optimizes and improves over 6000+ distant land textures, which means more performance and a more stutter
free experience. Other mods will just edit one or two textures, but I have gone the extra mile to pack in
as much detail as possible. For some reason, Bethesda made a big error when saving their distant land textures
and made them use twice as much memory as needed. This mod also fixes that while adding said extra detail.

Note: Nuka World and Far Harbor distant land textures don't have any problems.


Default = 512x512 with some 256x256 pixel files (no noticeable quality loss) at 170kb/47kb a texture.
Reduced = 256x256 pixel files at 47kb a texture (same as Skyrim).
The reduced files also contain the full-size noise textures (two textures at 1024x1024 pixels), so you hopefully 
won't be able to distinguish each version as much. I'm hoping this will make the reduction MUCH less noticeable
while still keeping a major performance advantage over the default sizes.


Install and uninstall with a mod manager like Vortex is recommended. If you want to install
manually, you will need to drag and drop your choice(s) into your Data folder. There is plenty of 
information on the internet regarding manual installation.


Should work with anything that doesn't use the same texture files as this does. If in doubt, make sure this mod
is getting higher priority in your load order over other similar mods. You can usually place this mod anywhere in
your load order if no conflicts are detected.


External support will be few and far between due to life stuff. Please stand by!


SP: Thank you to Kesta for originally re-hosting this file so everyone can access it again. I also want to thank everyone
for their support over the years. 
Kesta: Thanks to SP for the sheer amount of work he made for the community over the years, and for all the
funny conversations we had <3