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lyravega and Neanka and Old Nick

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Clean your MISC tab up! Keys, passwords and cards will no longer be shown in the inventory; they'll only be shown in the Keyring instead!

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
keyNuker - Hide keys (and passwords) in keyRing
Keys (and passwords (and cards)) will no longer be shown in the inventory, instead they'll be hidden under Keyring. You can find Keyring at the bottom of the MISC tab. Modular structure allows use of this mod with any other string replacement mods, and/or languages.

Neanka was maintaining the mod, and now Old Nick has taken the mantle over! Many thanks for keeping the mod alive. For all your UI needs, from HUD to Inventory, check this out: DEF_UI. You won't be disappointed with the work Neanka put into that, and the on-going support it receives! DEF_UI includes keyNuker in its base, so you won't need keyNuker if you have it.

-A MISC tab that is not cluttered with keys

-Simply click Download with Manager button
-Enable/Disable the mod as you like
-For manual install, refer to the ReadMe file

-Cannot see the changes? Make sure the .esp(s) is (are) enabled. If problem persists, make sure the .esp(s) are loaded last.
-Problem persists? Make sure keyNuker's "PipboyMenu.swf" is used, without it the mod is useless

Need Help? / Want to help me?
If you need help, do not hesitate to comment. I will do my best to help you in any way I can. If you want to help me, I am always open to suggestions, criticism, and would appreciate bug reports, and reports for the stuff I may have missed. If you are playing Dying Light, be sure to check my Dying Light mods.

Videos featuring keyNuker - from you people!

Change Log
-Added "Cards" as an option; it adds cards to the Keyring, and also removes their weight
-Fixed some compatibility stuff

Compatibility round-up
-Was using an older file for PipWare UI HUD; fixed
-Added compatibility for UXO, DEF_TOLS_PT, and Value/Weight

-Added Keyring. keyNuker now hides the keys under Keyring!
-Compatibility updates (PipWare UI v0.7.3 & DEF_INV v0.9.0)

-Added localization for DE/FR/RU/PTBR/IT/ES/PL. Keys that you see in the world should be in your language now.
-DEF_INV compatibility

-Made "HUDMenu.swf" optional
-Doubled the character limit before the "..." kicks in; you can use this mod on top of nodotdotdot
-If you rename an item using the special keyNuker tag, it will not disappear
-Moved the special keyNuker tag to the end of the names; at least you won't see the tag as the first thing in the name
-Added a detailed ReadMe for manual install

-Initial release