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Non Survival version
1. Adds new meds (bandages, Pain killer, Surgery kit and etc.) with new models and animations. 2. The new drugs have positive effects like restoring HP, giving you positive buffs and etc.

Survival version
1. Adds new meds (bandages, Pain killer, Surgery kit and etc.) with new models and animations.

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This mod adds new medications with new models and animations. It also adds new effects and attempts to eliminate the need for unnecessary drugs and effects resulting in a cleaner aid section.

Non Survival
This version adds new drugs and meds with positive effects like restoring HP, Giving you positive buffs and etc.

is your overall health. If it's low, It doesn't mean that you've been physically hurt, it just shows you if you're healthy or not.

Crippled: If you get crippled it means that you've been shot or stabbed or you've fell off a cliff. When you get crippled you need perform a surgery on yourself (or visit a doctor for a safer procedure) which will be painful and has some side effects.

Surgery side effects include pain, blood loss, open wound and etc.

Diseases act as normal but antibiotics are not the cure to all of them, They just cure infection. (Keep reading for more details)

Big thanks to shavkacagarikia for the new scripts
And FLipdeezy for helping me with the AnimObjects.

Drugs that have an animation (There will be more and I will also update the non survival version soon)

-Surgery Kit
-First Aid Kit
-Bandages (Only survival for now)
-Sleep Aid (Survival)


           You can treat weakness now using energy pills (Tested)
           Fixed Stimpak. It Heals your companion (Did 2 hours of testing and I tried every possible situation, it works)
           You shouldn't be able to magically cure your illness by visiting a doctor, but they can sell you the appropriate drugs.
           (Just like in real life doctors can not cast healing spells on you, although they can restore your hp and cure your
           limbs so maybe they know a little bit of magic but they cast their fancy spells somewhere else)
           Fixed the description for stimulant, anodyne and anti-parasitic.
           Fixed a few minor bugs.
           Added new animations for:
             -Sleep Aid
             -Bandages (I will improved this, when I figure out a way to rig AnimObjects)
          Not Tested:
             Added the drugs to more Leveled lists (Raiders, Gunners, Bos and etc)
             I used Leveled List Injection Toolbox by a_blind_man so there shouldn't be compatibility issues
             Made some of the items rarer.

           It is impossible for me to make a proper patch for horizon because there are some users who think I ruined their 
           horizon experience by making it too easy and there are others who think I made it too hard, so I give up.
           There will be a patch for horizon soon but someone else would make it.
           Of-course there is a horizon patch included (but It is there to keep your game stable if you use horizon)

             If you want to use your own patch, rename it to be the same as the patch I've included.
             If you are using horizon and you can't heal your companion It's not agony, It's a compatibility issue with horizon.
           I will look into it.


New Drugs with new Models and animations (Watch the video if you want to see some of the animations)

Medications (Limb)

1. Surgery kit: A kit that allows you to perform a emergency surgery on yourself. This procedure is painful and can cause:
    Pain (Your character gets annoyed and you feel the effect every few minutes)
    Blood Loss (You'll have less stamina and speed)
    Open wound (It can get infected and you'll have less damage resistance)

2. Pain Killer: A remedy for your pain. If over used it can be addictive.

3. Blood Pack: You can make up for your lost blood by using a blood pack.
     Warning it can be dangerous to use and there is a small chance that it'll cause heart attack. over using it will cause cardiac arrest. (You can use it 3 time within 24 hours)
     Cardiac arrest (You can do pretty much nothing about it, Just make sure your HP doesn't fall and you can recover over time.)
    Harvest Blood Kit: A kit that enables you to harvest your own blood. (adds mild blood loss for just a few minutes)
    Safe Blood Pack: It's your own blood and doesn't have any side effects like Cardiac arrest.

4.Bandages: There are 2 variants, Clean and Dirty. They both cure open wound but the dirty one can infect your wound.
     Horizon Patch: 2 more bandages, Sterile (also has HP bonus) and Used bandage (Which is just gross.)
     Fresh wound (Bandages will add fresh wound which is safe and will be healed after a while)

5. First aid kit: This is a kit that allows you to perform a much safer procedure and has less side effects.
     You have the skill to examine the drugs and use the right dosage to prevent side effects (Much harder to come by)
      Horizon Patch: Just helps you carry more drugs and when you use it you just get them back.
      Advanced Surgery Kit: Does whatever First aid Kit does without the patch.

Medications (Disease)

1. Antibiotics: Cures infection.

2. Sleep aid: Cures insomnia. It is addictive so, moderation.

3. Anodyne: Cures fatigue.

4. Anti-parasitic: Cures parasite.

5. Stimulant: Cures Lethargy.

6. Energy Pills: Cures Weakness.

Medications (HP)

Normal HP restoring meds like stimpak or Curie's health thing and other things like water and food.

Stimpak no longer cures damaged limbs.

For a Hardcore experience I recommend using this mod alongside mods that remove the healing effect from food, water and sleep and make stimpaks much rarer.

You should be able to find them inside the appropriate containers or buy them from chem vendors or doctors.
bandages are more common and surgery kits are rare. First aid kits are the hardest to find.

This is a work in progress and I'm not done yet, ultimately I want to be able to feel some of the pain and agony the lone survivor feels after being shot or attacked by a monster by adding sound effects and animations. (some engine limitations have slowed me down)

Future plans

Expanding the effects
More animations.


Load last in your load order
Compatible with VIS

Not Compatible with Horizon (there is a patch to stabilize your game if you want to use both)

Before Installing this mod back up your saves.


Make sure you have no active effects (e.g. cardiac arrest, blood loss and etc.)
Vanilla effects or effects added by other mods are fine.

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