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The Minutemen are now a stronger militia, with better equipment and different units.

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---------- WHAT THIS MOD DOES ----------

This mod changes the Minutemen leveled lists to make them a more strong militia. These changes affect all the Minutemen that spawn around the game's world, like the patrols, the squads that you call with the flare gun, the checkpoints and so forth.

The Minutemen are divided into several classes. The higher the level, the more skilled and better equipped they are. For instance, the Minuteman Veteran Ranger comes clad on heavy and sturdy combat armor, while the Minuteman Sentry or the Minutemen Warden carry simple weapons and have little protection, like leather armor.

This mod has more features too. You can check out those down on this description.

---------- CLASSES ----------
> Minuteman - Level 1

> Minuteman Sentry - Level 15

> Minuteman Warden - Level 25

> Minuteman Sentinel - Level 35

> Minuteman Ranger - Level 45 

> Minuteman Armored Ranger - Level 55 (Power Armor unit)

> Minuteman Musketeer - Level 65

> Minuteman Veteran - Level 75

> Minuteman Veteran Ranger - Level 85

> Minuteman Veteran Musketeer - Level 90

> Minuteman Armored Musketeer - Level 100 (Power Armor unit)

Now every time you call for aid with a flare gun, the Minutemen squad that arrives will be led by one of these five units:

> Minuteman Constable - Level 1

> Minuteman Corporal - Level 20

> Minuteman Lieutenant - Level 40

> Minuteman Captain - Level 50

> Minuteman Armored Captain - Level 70 (Power Armor unit)

---------- ADDITIONAL FEATURES ----------

- Flare Gun and Artillery Grenade increased by more or less 1 tile;

- The Flare Gun is now craftable on the Chem Station, under the Utility tab;

- Increased the Minutemen NPC's aggressiveness and their combat styles.

---------- COMPATIBILITY ----------

This mod edits the Minutemen leveled lists, the patrol and flare gun quests, so it is only incompatible with mods that do the same.
>> It's also 100% compatible with Minutemen Relay Flare Gun, in fact, both mods complement each other.

* Thanks to Oxhorn, this mod (the old version) has a showcase: (at 30:40). His channel has also some very good Fallout videos, check them out!