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Dark Ambient and Electronic Industrial background music
A soundtrack designed from the ground up to enhance your wasteland experience! Inspired heavily from Fallout 1 & 2 and other post apocalyptic videogames and movies.

Permissions and credits

Get the high quality soundtrack, remixes and bonus tracks here:  https://neptuneuk.bandcamp.com/

Digital Nightmare is a full music soundtrack mod for players who want dark, dangerous atmospheric background music to enhance their Fallout experience. Perfect for survival mode, hardcore mods or any player who wants to make their game feel more dark and foreboding. This music pack contains hours of original music composed by myself especially for Fallout. The mod replaces all of the vanilla background music and adds some extra tracks for exploration, dungeon and battle. Download the main mod file, and then choose your battle pack! (1) Heavy Industrial Metal (2) Less Heavy Cinematic (3) Electronic SciFi ............. or (4) Mega Battle Pack! - Over 60 tracks, separating a huge variety of tracks for either low threat encounters and more intense music for boss/legendary battles.


This mod does not affect existing savegame files and will not change any radio stations or radio music at all. You can add/activate and deactivate/uninstall this mod at any point in your playthrough.

Download the main mod file, then download and activate ONE of the four battle packs after installing the music mod. Just load the battle plugin AFTER the main mod. Feel free to download ALL four of the battle music packs and switch between them by activating one at a time. Using more than one pack will not work.

Digital Nightmare - Unleashed (1)
Heavy Industrial Metal combat tracks, in my signature style. Focuses on guitar and industrial percussion. With extra added industrial, just in case! BATTLE OPTION 1

Digital Nightmare - Rapid Eye Movement (2)
Cinematic Battle music featuring strings, horns and war drums. With a bit of industrial sprinkled on top. BATTLE OPTION 2

Digital Nightmare - Parasomnia (3)
Electro-Industrial Sci-Fi sounding battle music relying heavily on Synth. Also with a little bit of industrial for good measure. BATTLE OPTION 3

UPDATE 03/02/17

Digital Nightmare - Mega Pack (4)

A huge pack of battle music containing 62 different battle tracks seperated into low and high threat encounters. There are 34 music tracks that play when fighting less threatening creatures and goons, and 28 more intense tracks that only play when fighting legendary enemies or boss monsters! I hope that the sheer size of this battle pack means that there will be enough diversity in the music to keep everyone happy! Feedback is always welcome (as this is a brand new idea and needs testing thoroughly)

Digital Nightmare Features

NUMEROUS (depends on pack) Industrial/Cinematic Battle Tracks
16 Different Dungeon Music Tracks
24 Dark Ambient Soundscapes for Exploration
13 Dark Ambient Tribal Rhythms for Public areas
5 Special Fallout Faction Themes
1 Main Menu Track, Which is based on the Fallout Theme
220 Dark music interludes and Short Soundscapes For Exploratio

What mods do you recommend with Digital Nightmare? Let everyone know in the comments section.
Do you have or know of a mod that goes perfectly with Digital Nightmare? Let me know, and I'll include a link.

A big thank you to everyone in the Nexus community for all of your support and encouragement!

Example music tracks

Videos showing some of the main music tracks :

With special thanks to HomicidalGrouse for the video, great job! :)


Please note : Sorry, you don't have permission to upload this mod or anything contained within it to any other website, or use any of the music for your personal projects or videos. If you want me to provide music for one of your projects then you must contact me, NeptuneUK, via message or email.

Copy the Archive and ESP files into Fallout4/Data Folder. then activate the mod using the mod manager. If you download and install a battle pack it MUST be loaded after the main music ESP. Apart from that, the ESP files can be anywhere in the load order. Don't use any other music mods or conflicts and possible crashes may occur.

Digital Nightmare began as a collection of music I composed for Fallout, originally just for FO3, and due to many, many requests (and upon hearing of the release of survival mode) the mod is now making it's debut on Fallout 4! It will be improved and updated as time goes on. 
The mod existed initially because I found that even though it was a great soundtrack, Fallout 3 sounded far too mellow for my tastes. I wanted the background music to feel more post-apocalyptic when I was exploring, and something downright APOCALYPTIC when it came to fighting. When I started playing New Vegas, I found that its soundtrack was far too 'Western' for my liking and ported the mod over to that... Now that Digital Nightmare has found its way to Fallout 4, it is at home. I didn't know it at the time, but Digital Nightmare was MADE for Fallout 4.

My mod originally started out as a little tweak to my Fallout 3 game. I replaced the battle music with some industrial instrumental music from my favourite band  a few years ago. Because Fallout 3 would just play all the MP3 files in the music folder it was very easy to do.
At some point I wanted more variation, and I added a few more tracks.
THEN I realised that I am actually a musician myself and there's no reason why I couldn't actually just sit down and record the sort of music that I wanted to listen to while playing the game. I finally decided to give it a shot, I stopped putting myself down and doubting myself and just jumped in head first...

And thus, Digital Nightmare was unleashed! It began as a battle music replacer, I created some industrial tracks to replace the battle music.
When I was content with the battle music I thought that I would try recording some of my own background music for exploration... and then dungeons.
I already had some experience with dark ambient soundscapes and I loved playing with digital synthesisers and trying new things. The number of tracks for exploration, dungeons and battles grew and grew and I even included a special type of track for public settlements. Eventually I managed to mould the mod into exactly what I wanted and I was content.... Until I wanted to add my mod to New Vegas.

Fallout New Vegas used a completely different music system, I could no longer simply drag and drop music into the folder and let the game play it. This restriction in the end allowed me to tap into a greater creative area however, and what began as a weakness turned into a strength. When I released my mod for New Vegas there was only ONE other mod that completely changed the background music because it was so difficult to implement. You would have had to be mad to even undertake such a task. New Vegas had dynamic dungeon music that changed with threat level and background soundscape palettes much like Fallout 4, so all of the music had to be tailored specially just to fit the game.

Unlike many of the other mod developers, I had the resources and determination to compose music with this in mind. Even though the music didn't fit New Vegas as well as Fallout 3, Digital Nightmare gathered much more attention due to the fact that there were only 1 or 2 other music mods available, but with a few great mods such as DUST the music went perfectly...
Anyone could simply drag and drop songs into Fallout 3 and the game would select a track and play it at random.
The downside is that you get very little control as to where and when each track is played. With New Vegas and now Fallout 4, the creation kit gives us much more flexibility and control over the music. This allowed me to craft the soundtrack around the features and limitations of the game engine, which I believe is the secret to it's popularity. Apart from the actual music tracks in the game, there are about 200 different short musical interludes that play between silence, they are triggered by certain events, encounters or areas. These little snippets took a LOT of effort, are barely noticeable unless pointed out, but make a MASSIVE difference subconsciously. A little creepy sound effect at the right moment in the right place makes all the difference in the wasteland. 

Every single track was crafted with a specific aspect of Fallout in mind. I composed and recorded with terrible post apocalyptic scenario images ingrained into my brain.... Freakish mutants and chemmed up raiders!
This current iteration of the mod, has a few tracks less than the New Vegas version. But once I master editing the music in the creation kit, I plan to expand the mod even further.

I want this game to be played and replayed again without you getting bored of hearing the same 2 battle tracks played over and over....

...I want you to mod Fallout 4 into the post-apocalyptic nuclear hell it was meant to be! Nights should be dark, enemies should be deadly, resources should be scarce. Staying alive in this apocalyptic nightmare world should be difficult, you will be scared, feel tense, alone and endangered. I don't want you to play a modded game, I want you to experience Digital Nightmare.

Recommended Mods

  1. Alpha - Beta Update release - Added 220 dark ambient musical interludes to replace the vanilla Fallout 3 ones.
  2. Beta - 0.8 Update - Correctly leveled the battle tracks then reduced the amplitude of all tracks.
  3. 0.81 Update - Added a new battle track, some further leveling issues fixed when switching into combat the volume is even more stable now.
  4. 0.82 Added 3 Battle packs to replace the battle music, Heavy, Cinematic and Synth styles. Only one can be used at once.
  5. 0.82b Updated Rapid Eye Movement (Cinematic) battle pack with higher quality files and some better mixes
  6. 0.83 Added DLC support for Far Harbor
  7. Version 1.0 released! Changed to Archive and ESP versions, adds misc game discoery sounds 
  8. v1.10 more dungeon settlement and exploration variety. New massive battle pack released. 

Digital Nightmare for Fallout 4 is currently being co-managed by NeptuneUK and Scrandroid 
Special thanks go to Scrandroid for providing the new logo, graphics and visual design.
NeptuneUK and Scrandroid will be working hard to update the mod with new material and features in the coming weeks, if you have any questions about the mod then please don't hesitate to contact either of us and we will do our best to help out. If you want to know anything specifically about the music itself then have a word with me, NeptuneUK, if I'm in a good mood I won't even bite! 
Have fun, and enjoy the mod.