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FO4 NPCs Travel

Video by Koubitz, JrMods(2:28), TheWhiteCollarPlayers(7:00), LadyLilia:

*I rely on machine translation because I am not good at english.

This mod adds 276 new NPCs.

Travel extensively and encounter in various places.

Travel destinations are determined randomly.

Travel destinations is more than 300 places.

Some travel destinations are unlocked by quest achievement or specific conditions.

Adventurer, Hunter, Scavenger are tradable but basically the assortment is poor.

Hunter will travel with a dog and sell items obtained by hunting, such as animal meat.

Scavenger will travel with a robot and sell mainly junk items.

3 Mercenary squad
- Members: Leader, Doctor, Mercenary, Robot. Default is 2.
Mercenary doctor is a doctor and dealing with medical supplies.

3 Minuteman patrol
- Members: Leader, Minuteman, Minuteman, Dog or Eyebot. Default is 1.
Unlocked the first minutemen patrol if the over 6 settlements and the castle has been owned by player. The second is 12. The third is 18. Except DLC.

3 Brotherhood of Steel patrol
- Members: Leader, BoS, BoS or Dog, Mr Gutsy. Default is 1.
Unlocked after the brotherhood of steel arrives in the commonwealth.

3 Synth patrol
- Members: Leader, Synth, Synth, Synth. Default is 1.
Unlocked after the quest "Unlikely Valentine" or "Road to Freedom" or "Call to Arms".

3 Gunners squad
- Members: Leader, Gunner, Gunner, Robot. Default is 0.

3 Group of Raider
- Members: Leader, Raider, Raider, Attack Dog. Default is 0.

3 Group of Super mutant
- Members: Leader, Super mutant, Super mutant, Mutant Hound. Default is 0.

3 Group of Feral ghoul
- Daytime: 6 to 8, Nighttime: 10 to 12. Default is 0.

3 Deathclaw and 3 Yao guai. Default is both 0.
They sleeps by day and hunts by night.

3 Behemoth
- Members: Behemoth, Super Mutant Suicider, Super Mutant Suicider. Default is 0.
Unlocked after kill five giant creatures. This is the same condition as achievement "...The Harder They Fall".

Robot. Default is all disable.
- Protectrons: police, fire brigadier, medical, utility
- Assaultron and Mister Gutsy
- Sentry bot

All NPC will affected by the [iHoursToRespawnCell, iDaysToRespawnVendor] of game settings.

In addition, all NPC will reset after a elapse of 10 days. The timing is players sleep.

The mod start after the escape from vault 111.


Unlocked after rescued the robot with "Mechanical Menace" quest.

3 Mech Bot patrol
- Members: Leader, Mech Bot, Mech Bot, Mech Bot, Mech Bot. Default is 0.

3 Rust Devil patrol
- Members: Leader, Rust Devil, Robot, Robot, Robot. Default is 0.

Far Harbor

Unlocked after the Walk in the Park quest's "Defend the Hull".

2 Harbormen patrol
- Members: Leader, Harbormen, Harbormen. Default is 1.
Unlocked after the Echo Lake Lumber is owned by player.

2 Church of the Children of Atom patrol
- Members: Leader, CoA, CoA. Default is 1.
Unlocked after player joined Church of the Children of Atom.

3 Group of Trappers
- Members: Leader, Trapper, Trapper, Trapper. Default is 0.

2 Group of Feral ghoul
- Daytime: 6 to 8, Nighttime: 10 to 12. Default is 0.

2 Group of Super mutant
- Members: Leader, Super mutant, Super mutant, Mutant Hound. Default is 0.

2 Wolf pack
- Random: 2 to 5. Default is 0.

2 Fog Crawler. Default is 0.
They usually stick to the deep fog.

The following features can be configured in the [NPCs Travel Config]:
- Number of each travelling NPC
- Relations with Player. (Neutral/Ally)
- Enable/Disable of Barter with Adventurer, Hunter, Scavenger.
- Enable/Disable of Medical Service of Mercenary Doctor.
- Assortment of Barter Goods.
- Extra Cap.
- Enable/Disable of holotape crafting.
- Rename: "[NPCs Travel Config]" or "[Settings] NPC Travel".
- Settlements visit

The [NPCs Travel Config] is holotape that will be automatically add to inventory after the mod start.
If holotape is not added for some reason, please craft it at the chemistry station. Then the mod will start in real time within one minute.