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Adds Rad Chickens and Rad Rabbits from Far Harbor to the Commonwealth.

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Adds a poopload of hand placed Rad Chickens and Rad Rabbits from Far Harbor to the Commonwealth. Rad Rabbits are in Far Harbor, the commonwealth has plain Rabbits. There are Rad Roosters and Rad Chickens in the commonwealth. All settlements should have some for food, those are nuetral and shouldnt run away. The majority are out in fields and will run away. Now if you want to cook some chicken or rabbit and dont have any you dont have to go to far Harbor to get some.

V1.04 now has all new chicken nests that can be placed in your settlement. The nests require a wild chicken nest to create. The Nests provide 2 food for settlers or 4 eggs if you harvest them. You can eat the eggs raw for a heal or you can cook them in one of three ways that gives a heal and one of 3 buffs. 1 is heal rate increase for 2 hours, the second is bonus XP, and the third is more run speed. The heal lasts the same as the egg and the other buffs are 2 hours. Wild chicken nests are rare and found with wild chickens. They respawn like a plant so you can eventually have no crops and just eggs. Both the wild and domestic chicken nests provide 4 eggs per harvest because there's 4 eggs in the nest.

They can be found nearly everywhere. They are not in swampy areas or along the coastal beaches or in the cities.

Hotfiles 6/3/2016, Thanks everyone!

Versions and update info:

V1.0 Initial release.
V1.01 Optional retextured RadRabbits (Commonwealth only, Far Harbor Rabbits remain the same.)
V1.02 Redid the chickens to be chickens, added roosters, retextured the rad rabbits. Renamed Rad Rabbits in the commonwealth to plain "Rabbit". Rad Rabbits are in far Harbor.
V1.03 Added Chickens and Rabbits to Far Harbor settlements and various other locations.
V1.04 Added nests, eggs and food. (MikhailScott's excellent suggestion prompted this update)
V1.05 Can now assign settlers to the nests.
V1.05b Added missing fried eggs texture.

Compatibility and required files:

Requires: FO4 and Far Harbor

May be incompatible with anything that changes the locations they are placed in. But that means there may be a few rabbits and chickens wandering about the place.

Commonwealth Chickens and Rabbits - Valdacil's Item Sorting - Compatibility Patch by KKthebeast


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