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Rescales and fixes all icons in Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI by omega9380. It improves inventory layout, alignment and spacing by scaling everything to one standard size.

Permissions and credits

omega9380 for Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI
Neanka, Valdacil, Old Nick, ParasiteX and sekoms for DEF_UI

I didn't design or create the original icons! I just fixed spacing, size, bounds and scaling.
The screenshots use Horizon v1.4.8 by zawinul which includes a very good example for a polished and updated sorting/tagging system.


It always bothered me that all icons used in DEF_UI and the updated icon library had different bounds and sizes, breaking the layout and text alignment of all inventory screens. This small issue caused the interface to look very inconsistent.
Because I am not able to fix the icon rendering in DEF_UI itself, I rescaled and fixed all of the current icons in the iconlibs2.swf from omega9380's Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI.

What I did in detail:

  • rescaled all icons and bounding boxes to 26x26 pixels
  • if icon shapes didn't fit in the square, they were downscaled and centered (top to bottom and left to right)
  • reimported all icons into the iconlibs2.swf without changing tags
  • overhauled a few icons that stand out too much an fixed a few visual bugs (work in progress) 

I think this change gives all interfaces that use icons a much cleaner look.


This mod just contains an interface flash file, it is safe to install/remove at any time. Be sure to overwrite the iconlibs2.swf from DEF_UI. The file is already packaged to be used with any mod manager.

I strongly recommend using Mod Organizer 2 as NMM often has problems dealing with loose files.


To have a sharp, readable and overall cleaner looking Pip-Boy screen like in the second screenshot, just add the following line to your fallout4custom.ini:


For proper coloring in all inventory screens, your HUD color has to be white. You can also do this in the fallout4custom.ini by adding:


You don't have to change these color settings for the Pip-Boy, as this is already handled by disabling all Pip-Boy screen effects with the first line.

Be sure to report any problems you may find in the comments!