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Let your companions go back to their original homes. Let Piper return to Publick Occurrences, Nick to the Valentine Detective Agency, etc. Also allows you to dismiss your companion to Home Plate.

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Companions Go Home

Finally let your companions return home.

I'm not sure why there was this huge oversight by Bethesda, but once you assigned your companion to a settlement, you could never let him or her return to their original homes. It's almost game-breaking, seeing Piper talking about her sister Nat and how she's worried about her staying alone, but not being able to stop her from hanging around at Sanctuary Hills all day trying to harvest carrots.

And Nick? A whole truckload of cases to solve back at the agency, and one assistant who probably misses him to death, and all he can do is spend the whole day packed in with all the others.

Danse has a squad to lead back at the Prydwen. Deacon's reconnaissance missions aren't going to run themselves. X6-88 needs to get a life and stop harassing my settlers. Preston-- well, Preston's the only one that seems happy to stay right where he is.

Born out of necessity, this mod lets Piper finally go home to her sister. Nick to Ellie. Danse back to his squad. Deacon back to running missions for the Railroad.

Everybody can finally resume their lives instead of being suspended in time, waiting around for you to pick them.

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Option 1: Activator Version

After installing the mod, you'll receive two items in the AID section of your inventory - Send Companion Home and Send Companion to Home Plate.

Use them to set your current companion's dismissal location to his or her original home or to Home Plate.

When you dismiss your companion, exit the settlement choice menu by pressing the TAB key instead of selecting any option in it.

Option 2: Console Version

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The mod adds a console command to set your companion's home back to their original homes. Make sure the person you want to return home is currently your companion, open the console, and type:

cqf home reset

You'll see a notification if you've entered the command correctly, and now, when you dismiss your companion, exit the settlement choice menu instead of selecting any option in it.

Your companion will now return to his or her original home.

To send your companion to Home Plate, enter:

cqf home plate

Do note that these console commands are added by this mod! There is no vanilla command to reset your companion's home location.

IMPORTANT: If you're using a mod that replaces the companion system (e.g. UCF), you should use the console command
cqf home resetactor <REFID of companion here> instead. The mod may not be able to automatically determine your active companion for you if the companion system has been replaced.

It's my hope that Bethesda will release a patch for this behavior in a later update. I know, using items or the console isn't exactly lore-friendly, but I hope it serves you well enough until that day when Bethesda finally lets companions return home. A quick note: If you don't want to, you don't need to keep this mod installed after using the command! Your companion's default home location will stick around until you explicitly choose to send them somewhere else. You could install this, 'free' all your companions, then uninstall it if you're not going to use it again. Or keep it around. The console version is extremely lightweight, changing zero forms and adding just two (!) new ones.

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Video Showcase

Companions Go Home is also shown at 2:28 in Tyrannicon's video.