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A simple texture replacement to remove the persistent fake puddles from the game. No more fake reflections!

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No More Fake Puddles

I’ve always been bothered by the fake puddles in the game.They persist in all weathers, reflect things that aren’t there and are way too shiny to be realistic. They are especially bothersome in survival mode as you walk past them again and again and again.

I’ve used a very simple texture replacement to remove them all. It’s a hack really, but it works.

NEW! Nuka World Support:

Unfortunately, there is a error in one of the material files for the new puddles in Nuka World. The only way to fix this is by adding an ESP. Hopefully this issue gets corrected by Beth or the UFO4P and when it does, I'll update my mod.

Unfortunately, it looks like Bethesda used them to cover up some seam issues. You won’t notice them unless you are looking for them.
New Road Enhanced by Rufus696
Just use your mod manager as normal.
Ousnius for Material Editor
Made with the NVidia DDS Photoshop plugin, Material Editor by ousnius and the Creation Kit.