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Adds an entirely new, high-detail energy weapon to the game. Over a dozen weapon attachments included.

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  • Russian

VERSION 2.0 out now: adds new high-end material types, ammo, locations and more
The latest version includes several large changes that both new and existing users should take note of:


Two new material types, allows for the crafting of high-end weapons ('Copper-plated' and 'Leaded')

New ammunition types

Entirely new, lore-friendly location

New texturing and cubemaps, both for the high-end versions and the vanilla gun

Simply use Nexus Mod Manager, or drag and drop the files manually into your Fallout 4 Data folder.

Once installed, the gun can be accessed  by going to Sentinel Site in the Glowing Sea. Down in the tunnels, you'll notice radiation coming from a break-out room adjacent to the bedrooms. Open the large metal door to reveal a new bomb storage chamber, with the gun located up the stairs at the far end of the room.

The bomb chamber within Sentinel Site, in the Glowing Sea.

The room at the top of the stairs.

The gun.

Crucially, this weapon requires its own ammunition type: Fusion Cartridges. These can be crafted at chemistry workstations by breaking down the following items:


Mini nukes

Fusion cores

Nuclear materials

Ammunition can also be bought from vendors, provided you're of a high enough level

Copper-plated and Leaded ammunition will also require copper or lead respectively

Latest version includes:

  • Fixed a few crafting errors where the wrong mod was being created (pistol grip and auto receiver)
  • Automatic rifle weapons are now also classed as a heavy weapon