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Changes the enter and exit animations to be much quicker and an optional "Heroic" empty idle stance.

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These mods change the power armors empty idle stance and/or the enter and exit animations.

Power Armor Quick Enter and Exit
Changes the out of combat exit and enter animation for both the player and power armor to be the same as the in combat one which is much quicker.

Power Armor "Heroic" Empty Stance Available in v0.4
This will change the power armors empty stand idle to something more "Heroic".

Power Armor Instant Enter and Exit Available in v0.4 Use at own risk!
This removes almost all animations associated with entering and exiting power armor except the player exit animation is more of a backwards eject, It's still almost instant and much faster than the others.
Install with your preferred mod manager.

Known Bugs
Instant option has a tendency to break power armor, if this happens just unequip all PA armor pieces and enter a new frame.
You will lose the bugged armor frame but this way you save all armor pieces.

1.1 - This is a small update that flags the ESP as an ESL. The old version works fine with the update but I was in the neighborhood so I wanted to make this small QOL change.

1.0 - Rebuilt in creation kit, removed everything except “Quick” option and merged into single esp. Make sure you completely uninstall old versions to avoid conflicts!

0.4 - Fixed the "Quick" animations to work properly IN combat.

0.3 - Fixed the "Quick" animations to work properly out of combat. They are both now .esp mods made with FO4Edit (The in combat enter animation now works flawlessly out of combat!)
        Added optional Instant fusion core activation.

0.2 - Added optional "in combat" versions for the instant enter and exit animations.