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Videos of the Wasteland enables you to view videos from holotapes on in-game TVs, and film-reels at the Starlight Drive-In !

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • German
  • French

Please take a look to the Videos tab: you will find many in-depth tutorials to assist in creating holotapes and film reel content for VotW.

Main description

This mod adds two NEW Holotape Player items at the end of the workshop menu under Videos of the Wasteland. Craft them and place them near a TV or a projector screen to play videos,
just by inserting a compatible video holotape in them.
There are 7 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. tapes craftable at the Holotape Crafting Workbench in the VotW menu.
There are also numerous holotape/film-reel mods that add new content.
Check this description page every few months for new holotape/film-reel mods available for VotW.

What's new in Version 2.6?
We added new TVs and Projector screens in clean and weathered versions
There is a new control for the sound system directly in the game menu
The Theatre Pack has now plenty of clutters, displays and many more
We converted several files to ESL plugins
read the changelog for more infos

How to use Videos of the Wasteland / Starlight Drive-In Addon

The latest release of Radrose Usability Enhancements by Takatoriyama includes an item sorting patch for Videos of the Wasteland 2.5.2, adding categorization, sorting, and visual icons to inventory items added by VotW, and fully compatible with AWCKR, DEF_UI, and Valdacil's Item Sorting.
Additionally, if you're looking for a place to store your holotapes when not in use, the Store Your Keys mod by Hamitho contains a handy container for holotapes.

Videos mod add-ons installation
Please install each add-ons one by one, for each plug-in:
install it, load the game, save it and install the next plug-in.

If you don't do that, you may mess up the holotapes display order:
some holotapes may display the wrong video, coming from another holotape or even another mod

Uninstall Videos of the Wasteland 2.X
There are two ways to uninstall VotW:

  • By using chems craftable at the chem station under Videos of the Wasteland
  • By using the option Uninstall in MCM under Videos of the Wasteland,
if you have selected MCM compatibility in the fomod

If you don't do that, you can loose your Furniture category. If it's the case, you can:

  • Reinstall VotW and uninstall it correctly

The Radiation Queen

The Radiation Queen allows you to play videos on each in-game television.
It uses compatible holotapes, some included with VotW, whilst others are available to download seperately.
It needs to be close enough to the TV to get detected (Roughly 1 to 1 and a half meters in real life terms).
The TV AND the Radiation Queen need power.
Each Radiation Queen gives a 50 happiness bonus to your settlement

The Radiation Star

The Radiation star is a projector allowing you to play videos on a specific screen. Only the Radiation Star needs power, not the screen.
It uses the same holotapes as the Radiation Queen. If some videos are not currently compatible with it, you will be unable to insert them. There are several limitations to the use of the screen, read the F.A.Q. for more infos. Each Radiation Star gives a 50 happiness bonus to your settlement.
The Holotape Crafting Workbench (included with VotW and found via the VotW workshop category) enables you to craft the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. holotapes, along with
all the holotape/film-reel  add-on mods.

The Starlight Drive-In Add-on
  • This optional add-on (in optional files) allows you to play film reels on the Starlight Drive-In screen. It uses film Reels, from this add-on and other video mods. You can find these reels in the stairs near the projector, or craft them at the workbench. The screen needs to be repaired with 30 steels and the main building needs to be powered. It isn't compatible with mods altering the main building / screen shapes (re-texture mods are mostly compatible)
  • IMPORTANT: Once you've connected power, you'll need to exit the Drive-In location and fast travel to another location/settlement, in order for the Drive-In cell to 'reset' - this will ensure that when you return to Starlight, the projector will display the film reel content correctly!

Essential Pack

This optional version (in Miscellaneous) removes the non essential elements. In this version, you have:
  • A radiation Queen and a Radiation Star to play videos.
  • One screen for the Radiation Star.
  • A workbench to craft holotapes and film reels.
  • The scripts and vanilla TV modifications to enable videos playing.

There are no additional TVs, posters, signs,  or furniture included.
There is no menu, no MCM, no volume control. You'll have only the bare necessities.

The Theatre Pack
  • This add-on (in optional files) adds many elements to the VotW menu: Cotton candy machines, ice machine, theatre chairs, Candy shops, lighted signs, posters, floors, walls, beam head... They are placed under the workshop menu "Videos of the Wasteland". It enables you to build theatre in your settlement. It uses mainly 2k textures

It is strongly recommended that users of the Theatre Pack Add-On install the VotW Theatre Pack Quest Removal Patch handily created by hman720.


Holotapes for use with VotW

Good old Cartoons

Staggerons's PUBLIC DOMAIN Videos - currently no Radiation Star support, will be added eventually.
Vault Tec Tapes - MTV 1930

Sobering Videos

VotW - Nuka-World Park Safety Rules
Silent Shockers - currently no Radiation Star support
Vintage Nudie Films (VNF) Video Plugin VotW
Nuke Films

Betty Boop Holotapes
About Fallout
Teenagers from Outer Space
Night of the Living Dead
Echter Gangster - Angry German Kid
Vault 76 Educational Films Holotapes

Xmas Pack (VotW)
Commonwealth Ad Packs for VotW
Fallout 4 trailer for VotW
The Skyrim Trailer for Videos of the Wasteland
How to Survive Nuclear War (for Videos of the Wasteland)
The Thing from Another World (for VotW)
The Black Lotus Amiga Demo Collection (for VotW)
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Reach for the Lasers
The Journey Inside & Don't Copy that Floppy
Fallout76 E3 trailer for VotW
Funhaus video
Creamy Ricardo 3 Pack
The Cursed Tape (no RadQueen Projector support, only works on TV's)

Film-reels for use with Starlight Drive-In

Welcome Back
- Not currently compatible with 2.0.
Pearl & Dean presents
Remco Movieland Drive-In Theatre Ad (VotW)

Stand-alone versions of Videos of the Wasteland

For those who decide to not use Videos of the Wasteland but want to have access to a part of the mod, you have:
Televisions of the Wasteland - It contains the televisions made for VotW
Theatre of the Wasteland - It contains the non-essential elements such as posters, furnitures and stores made for VotW

Traduction Française
Traduzione Italiana
Japanese translation
deutsche Übersetzung
traducción al español

Videos of the Wasteland is now available for Xbox players, here are the links for:

the main package
the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. tapes

Prepare for the Future holotapes
Brainwashing - Commercials of the Commonwealth

  • The TVs brought by other mods such as Homemaker and Quaz30's TV Replacer are not supported.
  • Any mods that alter/remove parts of Starlight Drive-In (such as the projector room and Drive-In screen) that VotW depends on to work, are in most cases, incompatible. This includes Starlight Delight, Starlight Cinema and Starlight is Bright Again.

Do videos loop or only play through once?
A- They loop, that was always the goal. That way they can run in the background while you potter around. However, the film reels don't loop because it would causes performance issues

What’s the maximum resolution & length a video tape can be?
A- Each frame is 256×256 pixels (vertically stretched, and re-scaled by the UVs). The current maximum time limit per tape is around 10 minutes.

Will you release a tutorial on how I can add my own videos?
A- Look at the beginning, you can't miss that banner!

Q-The radiation Star doesn't work, what's the problem?
A- If an object is placed between the projector and the screen, if the projector is too far away or too close, too low or too high, and if the projector doesn't correctly face the screen, it will not work.

Q- Something doesn't work, what can i do?
A- You can reinstall the mod via Vortex or manually (by following the steps written in the article if you want), look whether all the files are correctly installed, make sure the plug-ins are activated and check the loose files.
Most of the issue are related to the user

Q- One of my plugins says "VideosMaster.esm is missing, what can I do?
A- This plugin is outdated and will no longer work with the 2.X version of Videos of the Wasteland.
Ask its mod author to update it or uninstall it.
Because the way VotW works has totally changed between pre-2.0 releases and post-2.0 releases,
Renaming another plug-in to VideosMaster.esm will not work

Q- How can I repair Starlight Drive-In?
A- You need to go in front of the big screen with 30 steel, select "repair it" then you need to power the main projector building.
If you have an issue with Starlight, take a look at the pictures and the videos

Q- The Starlight Drive-In screen doesn't display any videos, what's the problem?
A- For currently unknown reasons, it appears that the Starlight addon may not work for some users.
If you're sure you followed all the steps, if the projector is working when you insert a reel, but you have no video
and no sound, then it means the plugin doesn't work for you.
Sometimes, re-installing the mod several times, loading another save, or start a new game fix the issue.

Thanks to Orvid for Caprica and Champollion, DexesTPP for HKXPack – [RazorWire] couldn’t have made this mod without any of these tools.
Thanks to all the devs who continue to develop Nifskope and Fo4Edit – Modding would be nowhere without you guys.
Thanks to Bethesda for making Fallout 4 as awesome and modder friendly as it is.

Thanks to texashokies for his help on quest from the release 2.6