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An improvised barrel fireplace to keep you toasty warm and various other wasteland stuffs.

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  • Spanish

If I were living in the Fallout wasteland for real, this mod contains many of the things that I'd create using whatever materials and tools were handy. For instance the "Barrel Fireplace" is one of them. I've wondered why Fallout 4 didn't have something like that by default, but now you do.

This mod is basically that; a mish-mash collection of various cool things that I think the game needs while at the same time keeping it as "lore friendly" as I possibly can.

I'm an experienced modeler, but I'm new to modding for Fallout so if you come across any bugs let me know. I will be adding various other lore friendly objects to this mod over time so right now I  have the Barrel Fireplace and shack pieces. You will find it in the main "Structures" menu of your workshop menu.
Just remember that this mod now requires Settlement Menu Manager to work correctly.

Possible future plans
I was thinking of maybe adding my own custom "shack kit". Don't get me wrong, the default game's shacks are cool and I've since added a few additional pieces as others have, but I just think adding something new and cool looking to the game while remaining "lore friendly" would help in keeping things new
and fresh.

Update version 4. 4/19/2018
I was wanting to add many more items to version 4 of this mod, but "life things" has just drop kicked me in the head so I don't know how soon I'll be able to create the rest of the content. For that reason I wanted to go ahead and release what I have so far.
So what's new? My favorite part of this update is the new "shack power system" that utilizes some of the same aspects as the Vault Kit DLC. All the standard flat walls and half walls contain a conduit connect point on the inside and outside of the wall, located at dead center, for which I've added an exterior and interior fuse box to snap to. Once power is connected, all walls, floors, foundation and roof pieces will radiate power to light your entire shack thus eliminating the need for conduit connectors to dot your roof or painstakingly having to add conduit pipes all around your shack. All the standard conduit connectors will also snap to the walls in case you don't want to use the fuse boxes. Unfortunately this update will also require the Wasteland Workshop DLC to work
To update an existing shack, you may have to save and reload a few times, fast travel, or better yet go into workshop mode, grab the wall that the fuse box is connected to. Now move it out of the way, then tab out to cancel. It should update after that. Many tweaks were also done to help reduce the jittery behavior when snapping the curtains and floor/foundation pieces together.
Some other items that have been added are:
Stackable turret stands
1 and 2 story wired turret stands ( must use connectors on bottom level to work )
Taller pylon tower ( about a third to a half times taller )
1 candle lantern ( 2 hanging types )
3 types of wheelbarrow decoration fill types; dirt, vegetables, wet cement
1 milk can
1 milk bucket
1 butter churn
1 razorgrain straw pile ( 2 types )
To update, you should be able to just overwrite the original mod. New menus were added, but no major changes to existing content were made.

Update version 3.9 1/28/2018
There are quite a few new items added in this update including tweaks and fixes. New connect points were re-added to the roof support posts so they can stack on top of one another. The stone fireplace stew pot was fixed so that it should snap into place a lot easier now. The smoke type was changed for the stone fireplace to be more subtle and not flow down into your ceiling.  Below is a list of the new items that were added.
• building: 2 new flat shack walls were added for more variation
• building: 1 additional stone fireplace wall was added for variety.
• construction decor: 2 improvised cement mixers were added ( animated and non-animated ). One wooden wheelbarrow was added.
• decoration misc: 2 animated pet gull bird cages were added. One for table placement and one that can be hung from the ceiling.
• building misc: 3 large and 2 small shack bridges were added. They can be snapped together like floor pieces.
To update, just overwrite your mod with the newer version.

Update version 3.8 12/28/2017
New in this update is a new "Construction Related" menu in the decorations tab which contains items to make your settlement look like it's growing and expanding. It contains wooden wall and roof frames, blueprint table, and lumber. Also there is a new menu in the "Building" tab which contains a "Stone Fireplace" menu. It contains a stone fireplace, lower fireplace extension, flue, flue cap, pot hanger, and cooking pot. Also in the "Building", "Floors" category I've added some large and small concrete foundation pieces with and without wooden floors attached. I've also gone through and simplified the connect points for the large and small floor supports so they should be easier to attach without being jittery.
As usual, to update just overwrite the old mod with the newer version.

And now for the disclaimer stuff:
1. Can I upload this mod to any other website? No
2. Will this be included in part or in whole in any other mod? No
3. Can I use this in part or in whole with my mod? No. Only for personal use but not for upload
4. Will this also be made available for Xbone, playstation, or whatever? No
5. Will there be multiple translations of this mod? Nope, this is an object based mod, not a quest. Translations are not needed.
6. Can I create a "separate" mod that adds to your mod ie, additional fireplaces, plants, etc.?  Yes, so long as it's all your "original" work and is of good quality. In other words, don't take my fireplace or other objects, modify it, then re-upload as yours. You can use my existing snap points to create other objects that snap to walls, windows, bucket planter etc. You can create a custom fireplace with snap points that my flue will snap to and so on.

Manual Installation:

1.     Extract the materials, textures, and meshes folders into your Fallout 4 installation directory and overwrite.
2.    Place woodysWastelandStuff.esp in your data folder. Activate woodysWastelandStuff.esp in your favorite mod manager.


1.     Delete woodysWastelandStuff.esp and the Folders;

    textures \woodylicious\woodysWastelandStuff