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Added: 17/06/2017 - 11:54PM
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Last updated at 1:28, 12 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 23:54, 17 Jun 2017

If I were living in the Fallout wasteland for real, this mod contains many of the things that I'd create using whatever materials and tools were handy. For instance the "Barrel Fireplace" is one of them. I've wondered why Fallout 4 didn't have something like that by default, but now you do.

This mod is basically that; a mish-mash collection of various cool things that I think the game needs while at the same time keeping it as "lore friendly" as I possibly can.

I'm an experienced modeler, but I'm new to modding for Fallout so if you come across any bugs let me know. I will be adding various other lore friendly objects to this mod over time so right now I  have the Barrel Fireplace and shack pieces. You will find it in the main "Structures" menu of your workshop menu.
Just remember that this mod now requires Settlement Menu Manager to work correctly.

Possible future plans
I was thinking of maybe adding my own custom "shack kit". Don't get me wrong, the default game's shacks are cool and I've since added a few additional pieces as others have, but I just think adding something new and cool looking to the game while remaining "lore friendly" would help in keeping things new
and fresh.

Update version 3.1 10/11/2017
In this update I've finished off the water / plumbing category with the "Barrel water heater". You can hook it up with the plumbing pipes and you can use the flue from the barrel fireplace to run your exhaust out of the top.  I have also added a new "Electrical stuff" menu and in that menu is the new "Water wheel power generator". You can place that just about anywhere you want and there's 2 versions; one with a waterfall trailing up the back, and one without. You can also finish it out or build onto in to make it a part of your home. It is an Activator type of object so it's not navmeshed. There's also a little surprise in this update that you can use to decorate your home as well.
As always, you may want to backup your save before updating. To update, just overwrite the mod with the latest version.

Update version 3 9/14/2017
I call Version 3 the "Plumbing" update. New in this release is the water storage tower, sink, toilet, tub, and plumbing pipes. I created the plumbing pipes in such a way so that the vertical connection points will swivel, allowing greater creative freedom for non-traditional layouts. The only problem is that sometimes it may be a bit difficult trying to get everything to line up within a right-angle type of interior. With a little patience and practice you should be fine. The plumbing will connect to the water reservoir on the windmill so you can run it to your storage tank or housing. The pipes will also connect to the sink, tub, and toilet as well. All of this is just for "aesthetic" purposes and serves no function other than making things look more realistic and coooool. As always you should be able to update by overwriting the original mod when prompted. It's always a good idea to back up your save first before doing so. In the event you have any bugs or errors, the best advice I can give is to disable the mod, create a clean save, then reinstall the mod. This update adds quite a few new items and with all the mods people use, it's impossible to know whether who will possibly have any issues or not. I'm now gong to take a break for awhile and just play and enjoy the game. Hopefully I'll also gain some more inspiration as to what would be cool to add next.
Have fun!

Update version 2.9 8/25/2017
This update is a patch/release type of update. drmwayne has brought attention to a bug with the wood foundation piece. Come to find out that it was not navmeshed properly so I've gone back and fixed that. If you've placed any wood foundation pieces in your settlement and still notice any problems with the A.I, then there's a couple of things you can do to fix it ( after updating to version 2.9 ). One is to fast travel out of and back to your settlement. If that doesn't fix it, you can try going into workshop mode, select and move the foundation piece, then tab out to cancel so it returns back to where it was to update the navmesh. I've also been working on a water/plumbing update. Since I'm releasing a patch, I thought I'd go ahead and release what I have on the water/plumbing so far which is the windmill water pump. This update creates a new "water and plumbing" category in the menu in which you'll find the windmill. It behaves much in the same way as the motorized water purifier except you don't have to activate it ( it's wind powered ). It will add 10 water units to your settlement. I'll release the rest of the water/plumbing objects later which will include pipes, water storage tower, and whatever else I can think of that might be fun or useful. This is all strictly aesthetic and adds no functionality, it just looks cool ( in my opinion ).
To update you can just overwrite with the newer version, but as always it might be a good idea to backup or create a new save first to be sure.

Update version 2.8 8/12/2017
For this update I've added some shack railing, stairs and stair hand rails ( wow that was a pain ), and a small upper floor piece. I've also tweaked some connect points like for the roof support beam so it should be a little easier to place. You should be able to update by overwriting your existing mod with the newer version. It's always a good idea to create a new save or backup your old one before updating. If any problems exist, you may have to disable, create a clean save, then re-enable my mod, but I don't foresee that happening. The new stairs mount up a little differently and in a way that I think looks better. It helps that I have a background in housing construction so I guess that's why the default shack stairs always bugged me.

Update version 2.7 8/6/2017
In this update I've added some screened porch walls and screen door, upper floor with floor/balcony supports. I've also added an optional wood post foundation in case you don't like the stone one or if you just want variety. I've also added a balcony sized roof piece with half walls and a half wall door. I've also tweaked the other objects and connect points to hopefully make building a little easier. This update should give much more creative options and should make for some interesting shacks. As far as updating goes, I didn't have any problems on my end with my current saves with overwriting my mod with the newer version, but that doesn't mean that you wont. I would suggest creating a new save or backing up your old one first before updating. If there are any problem then you can uninstall this mod, create a clean save, then reinstall.

And now for the disclaimer stuff:
1. Can I upload this mod to any other website? No
2. Will this be included in part or in whole in any other mod? No
3. Can I use this in part or in whole with my mod? No. Only for personal use but not for upload
4. Will this also be made available for Xbone, playstation, or whatever? No
5. Can I create a "separate" mod that adds to your mod ie, additional fireplaces, plants, etc.?  Yes, so long as it's all your "original" work and is of good quality. In other words, don't take my fireplace or other objects, modify it, then re-upload as yours. You can use my existing snap points to create other objects that snap to walls, windows, bucket planter ( WIP ) ect. You can create a custom fireplace with snap points that my flue will snap to and so on.

Manual Installation:

1.     Extract the materials, textures, and meshes folders into your Fallout 4 installation directory and overwrite.
2.    Place woodysWastelandStuff.esp in your data folder. Activate woodysWastelandStuff.esp in your favorite mod manager.


1.     Delete woodysWastelandStuff.esp and the Folders;

    textures \woodylicious\woodysWastelandStuff