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APC or Armoured Personnel Carrier is a mod that adds a “mobile” home into the game. You can travel between 8 key locations (even in Survival) distributed evenly across the map. It uses fuel to do so no immersion breaking in this mod. Additionally it features its own custom interior which consists of few buildable work benches, plenty of contain

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Brief Description

APC or Armoured Personnel Carrier is a mod that adds a “mobile” home into the game. You can travel between 11 key locations (even in Survival) distributed evenly across the map. It uses fuel to do so no immersion breaking in this mod. Additionally it features its own custom interior which consists of few buildable work benches, plenty of containers for all that loot as well as a rather cosy couch to rest your head between adventures. This is a standalone mod which works fine with just the vanilla game, but if you already have lots of other mods don’t worry this should not interfere with any of them. This mod also features its own “tutorial” which walks you through some basics so if you had enough of reading already, then download this mod now and head off to concord to find the APC, good luck.

List of Features

  • 11 Locations to travel between (Sanctuary, Super Duper Mart, Boston Police Station, Diamond City, Fort Hagen, Boston Airport, The Castle,  Medford Memorial, Lonely Chapel, Coastal Cottage, Vault 95). They only show on the fast travel map once you discovered them.
  • Immersive fueling system, it takes 1 Fusion Cartridge per 3 trips. You can craft a single Fuel Cartridge at the chemistry station using a Fusion Core and 2 acid.
  • Bed to sleep in
  • Seat to sit (wait till sunrise?)
  • Toggleable top lights (just in case you find the mod a little too dark)
  • Chemistry Bench, Food Bench, Armour Bench in 3 different styles (Light, Medium, Heavy) and Weapon Bench in 3 different styles (Light, Medium, Heavy). Craftable using an Upgrade Pack (3 Adhesive, 2 Gears, 4 Screws, 2 Steel at chemstation). Styles can be reset using an option at the utility table.
  • Lots of different types of containers, including gun locker, med pack and drawers.
  • Water sources appears when food bench is build (For them Survival Needs)
  • Manual Saving (Even in Survival)
  • Working Terminal (Play games or read patch notes)
  • In game clock

Where to find the APC
If you struggling to find the APC make your way to the Concord and stand in front of the museum door (where Preston told you to pick up the rifle) then turn right and go towards the power lines in the background (you should have a white church to the left of you) keep going and follow the road to the right you will see bunch of old tree trunks and a little hill, APC is there. Look up the image in the gallery for the reference.

How to use Fast Travel
You travel by looking at the pins on the map just to the right as you enter the APC, please note that the pins unlock as you discover the locations so for example if you never been to diamond city the pin wont be there, but it will show if you visited before or discovered it after you installed the mod. 
The map and pins show after you done the "mini tutorial" and travelled back to sanctuary in the APC.

Noob Disclaimer 
I am an environment artist by profession, this was my first attempt at scripting, I tested this mod and spend a really long time trying to optimise to the best of my abilities, so everything should work as intended with as little impact to performance as possible. However as I said I am new to scripting so if things go wrong I can attempt at trying to work it out but no guarantee that I will be able too.

Things that got cut
As I mentioned above I cut bubblehead stand and magazine rack for space, however there was a feature early on which made it so that travelling and crafting of the benches took time, as in almost as using wait command, unfortunately it was bugged and instead of 2 hours for example it moved time by 4 days and 2 hours which made it a nightmare in survival . I spend countless hours to make this thing work, but I could not and decided to cut it. If by some miracle I am able to work it out I will make an updated version of the mod with this feature.

Video Showcase
Courtesy of Hi! I am NorthWind and TrollenBros
Plans for the future

I know that many people asked me about my plans for the future updates, and I feel that in order to give the right sort of answer I need to explain on how the mod came to be and with what intention this mod was made.

------ Backstory------ Feel free to skip this -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I said before in the comments section that this mod was made for myself, I love making houses always did, did it since fallout 3 trough to skyrim and now fallout 4. I enjoy games that are realistic but know they are a game and meant to be fun, and that's the way I make my environments, they usually have a feel of “someone is actually living here” but tend to sacrifice some of the realism for the sake of gameplay. When Survival mode came out I was ecstatic it was exactly what I wanted; the needs, taking more damage etc. were perfect, but I felt that no “fast travel” or “manual save” of any sorts hindered gameplay after about 20 hours of play and yes I know there are fast travel substitutes within the game but I dont like to force myself to  join a faction just to get it, it feels forced and unnecessary. But I will stop ranting because I do understand why bethesda put those mechanics in place and I will focus more on the mod. So things to take away from this and bare in mind is that this mod is aimed at Survival difficulty and tries to be realistic while also being a part of the game and fun to play. The easiest example I can make is that a realistic shooter will have a bullet drop and travel time but won't force you to pick up the clips you drop.

So when I made this mod I had few things in mind:
  1. Make a nice compact environment where I could resupply and craft all the thing I need for questing.
  2. Create somewhat balanced form of travel that makes walking less of a choir but keeps the feel of the survival difficulty.  
  3. Make crafting benches look better and make it look more like it was put together by a scavenger and not manufactured (you ever looted or seen an anvil in fallout? So how come there is one on the armour bench bethesda?)
  4. Lastly learn how to script.

And I feel that I achieved most of those things and was confident enough that other people would enjoy what I made and therefore I posted the mod.
Now the future plans. Along the development way I had few more ideas which I would like to implement but obviously the bug fixing takes priority, so if there is something that breaks the mod that is what I'm going to be working on and everything else will be put on hold.
Things I have in mind are:

  1. DLC location support (this will be implemented as soon as I get the DLC)
  2. Barber chair (never understood why you can't cut your own hair)
  3. Med station (if you have any of the medic perks you will be able to detox and de-rad yourself, I mean any other doctor can do it)
  4. Scavenging drone (if you have any of science perks you can once per day send out a drone that will scout for some basic materials for you)
  5. Working artillery (You will need to provide the missiles)

I am taking suggestions tho so if you have good idea then send it my way and I’ll consider and credit