About this mod

Add ton of unique objects to the workshop. Expand workshop features. Fix bugs in workshop items.

Permissions and credits
Holotape 詳細說明>>

Intro: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This mod does 3 things:
1. Add new custom items to the workshop.
2. Expand workshop features.
3. Fix bugs in workshop items.

A detailed list of items and instructions. (unfinished)
Detailed description of the Holotape >>. (The English version is at the bottom.)

Installation: --------------------------------------------------------------
Standard Nexus mod install method.
Mod Organizer 2 is recommended.

After installation, the mod initializer will be activated immediately after entering the game. If it is a new game, the initialization process will be activated when the main gate of the vault 111 is opened, which will ensure that you can get G2M-Workshop Holotape.
You can choose the location of the G2M menu: Main Menu or Structures Menu.

Then select how "auto door" works: [Disabled / Only affects NPC / Also affect player].
*more info see Detailed description of the Holotape >>

Installation Issues and Solutions
Q: can't see the g2m menu or missing some objects.
A: run "Inventory -> Misc -> (G2M-Workshop Holotape) -> Initialize G2M-Workshop", wait a few seconds until you see the success message.

Q: no success message, or Initialize doesn't work.
A: do the following things:
1. save the game.
2. load game that you just saved.
3. run Initialize again.

Q: there is no G2M-Workshop Holotape.
A: If you start a New Game, you will get Holotape after you open the main gate of the Valut 111.
or, use any "Cooking Station -> Roast" to create a new one. its only visible if you do not have G2M-Workshop Holotape.

1. Overwrite old files.
2. Run holotape: Initialize G2M-Workshop. wait until you see the success message.

1. Run holotape: Uninstall G2M-Workshp. wait until you see the success message.
2. Exit game, remove the mod.

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