Fallout 4

About this mod

Add ton of unique objects to the workshop. Expand workshop features. Fix bugs in workshop items.

Permissions and credits
Holotape 詳細說明>>

Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This mod provides hundreds of unique structures, furnitures and objects. It's not just changing the textures or combines few objects, it's a whole new model. (including but not limited to: the best concrete expansion on the nexus, fish farm, more than 100 new shack pieces, red rocket style letters, the best shipping crate on the nexus ... see the screenshots on the mod page.)

A detailed list of items and instructions. (unfinished)

And ...
1. Use a Holotape modify settings in game.
2. Dynamic settlement menu system (it's based on DarthWayne's workshop categories template), no compatibility issues with vanilla or any mod.
3. Repair damaged menus. (through Holotape command: "Initializing G2M-Workshop")
4. Does not modify any Cell data, and there is no compatibility problem with the "Scarp xxx" mod.
5. Built-in simplified version of autodoors.
6. Installs patch of "AutoDoors" automatically. (If you have "AutoDoors" installed)
7. Dynamic scaling Workshop Budget in game.
8. Designate you as the owner of the furnitures.

Detailed description of the Holotape >>. (The English version is at the bottom.)

Installation: --------------------------------------------------------------
Standard Nexus mod install method.
Mod Organizer 2 is recommended.

After installation, the mod initializer will be activated immediately after entering the game. If it is a new game, the initialization process will be activated when the main gate of the vault 111 is opened, which will ensure that you can get G2M-Workshop Holotape.
You can choose the location of the G2M menu: Main Menu or Structures Menu.

Then select how "auto door" works: [Disabled / Only affects NPC / Also affect player].
*more info see Detailed description of the Holotape >>

Installation Issues and Solutions
Q: can't see the g2m menu or missing some objects.
A: run "Inventory -> Misc -> (G2M-Workshop Holotape) -> Initialize G2M-Workshop", wait a few seconds until you see the success message.

Q: no success message, or Initialize doesn't work.
A: do the following things:
1. save the game.
2. load game that you just saved.
3. run Initialize again.

Q: there is no G2M-Workshop Holotape.
A: If you start a New Game, you will get Holotape after you open the main gate of the Valut 111.
or, use any "Cooking Station -> Roast" to create a new one. its only visible if you do not have G2M-Workshop Holotape.

1. Overwrite old files.
2. Run holotape: Initialize G2M-Workshop. wait until you see the success message.

1. Run holotape: Uninstall G2M-Workshp. wait until you see the success message.
2. Exit game, remove the mod.

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