About this mod

# 400+ new models for workshop building.
# scripted workshop menu system with holotape config program. (built-in menu repair feature..)
# built-in simple "automatic close door" function.
# "unlimited build".
# 300+ 定制模型,带完整导航和碰撞。
# 脚本菜单及全息影

Permissions and credits
News: ------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. 中文用戶請移步這裡查看中文介紹

2. 可以在这里直接反馈 https://discord.gg/FFbnRJE,支持任意语言。

3. Version 5.0 will require all dlc.

Intro: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
G2M-Workshop extend workshop construction elements, see the module screenshots.
# 400+ unique models with navmesh and custom collision.
# scripted workshop menu system with holotape config program. (built-in menu repair feature..)
# built-in simple "automatic close door" function.
# "unlimited build".

** Xbox Version is here:

** 日本語版はここで見つけることができます:

Required: ----------------------------------------------------
DLC02 Wasteland Workshop
DLC03 Far Harbor
** No DLC version available, but not frequently updated.

Compatible: ---------------------------------
Snappable Junk Fences by DarthWayne (ver 1.3) 
Craftable Balcony Supports by DarthWayne (ver 1.2)
Must be loaded before G2M-Workshop.

Auto Doors by Wenderer:(version 2.8)
g2m-workshop will turn off itself "close door" feature when you have Auto Doors.

Reneer's Close That Door by Reneer: (ver 2.2)
maybe cause NPC "forget" closes the door.

Workshop Rearranged by d81 (v0.6.10)
WR will break the "automatic close door" and several Connect Points.
you can load G2M after WR to fix that.

Valdacil's Item Sorting (ver 9.03)
It should be okay.
but takatoriyama made a patch, please check here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18098/

Installation: --------------------------------------
use Mod Organizer 2 or Nexus Mod Manager.
there is a tutorial How to Use Mod Organizer 2 with Fallout 4.

when done, start the game, there is a menu named "G2M-Workshop" at end of the workshop menu list. like this:

Install Issues and Solution ---------------------------------------==
Q: can't see the g2m menu or missing some objects.
A: run "Inventory -> Misc -> (G2M-Workshop Holotape) -> Initialize G2M-Workshop", wait a few seconds until you see the success message.

Q: no success message, or Initialize doesn't work.
A2: do the following things:
1. ensure enable this mod.
2. save the game.
3. load game that you just saved.
4. done.

Q: there is no G2M-Workshop Holotape.
A: If you start a New Game, you will get Holotape after you open the main gate of the Valut.
OR, use any "Cooking Station -> Roast" to create a new one. its only visible if you do not have G2M-Workshop Holotape.

Uninstall: -----------------------------------
1. run "Uninstall G2M-Workshop" in Holotape, wait until you see the success message.
2. save your game.
3. use your "Mod Manager" disable or delete this mod.
OR manully delete these files:
"g2m_Workshop_Nexus - Main.ba2"
"g2m_Workshop_Nexus -  Textures.ba2"

* If you do not follow the steps to uninstall, some Workshop Menus will missing. this is a very common problem. you just re-enable the mod, the installation script will automatically recover the missing menus.

** if NOT, try below fix mods:
for PC: Missing Settlement Categories Fix by ad3d0 ft iEx
for Xbox: [XB1] Universal Missing Menus Fixer by DarthWayne

Update: -----------------------------------------------
1. use the mod manager to remove the old version and install the new version. or directly overwrite old files manually. 
2. then run Holotape->"Initialize G2M-Workshop", wait few seconds, until you see a successful pop-up message.
3. Done!

Known Issues: ------------------------------------------------
Please check the "Bugs" page.

Thank for: ----------------------------------------
Ethreonmazakalafallotmetabolic.s7oMasterMagnusPokepunchdkcocona, and many many people!