Fallout 4

About this mod

Add ton of unique objects to the workshop. Expand workshop features. Fix bugs in workshop items.

Permissions and credits
Holotape 詳細說明>>

Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This mod provides hundreds of unique structures, furnitures and objects. fixed a few bugs in the workshop items.  (* see the screenshot)

This mod also extends some workshop features:
  • can repair damaged workshop menus.
  • settler and companion will automatically close the door.
  • dynamic scaling Workshop Budget in game!
  • designate you as the owner of the furnitures. (*alpha)

Detailed description of the Holotape >>.

Installation/Uninstall: --------------------------------------------------------------
Standard Nexus mod install method.
Mod Organizer 2 is recommended.

After entering the game, mod initialization will take place automatically, follow the instruction to complete the installation.

* If you play a new game, the initialization will only start if the vault gate is opened.

* Some time, you need to run the initialization manually. first of all, you need a holotape, use any "Cooking Station -> Roast -> (G2M-Workshop holotape)" make one. its only visible if you do not have it. then you can find it at "Inventory -> Misc" in your bag. run "Initialize G2M-Workshop", wait a few seconds until you see the instruction.

* If you use Start Me Up (or something like that), you need to manually initialize the mod (it depends on your options.). the initialization process may take 60 seconds or more, but it always gets the job done. I tested different options with Start Me Up v6.1, different birth locations, and found no problems.

** In some very special cases, the installation is not running automatically and can't get the holotape, try this Console Command:
cqf G2M_WorkshopInitialize install

1. Overwrite old files.
2. Run holotape: Initialize G2M-Workshop. wait until you see the success message.

1. Run holotape: Uninstall G2M-Workshp. wait until you see the success message.
2. Exit game, remove the mod.

Ethreonmazakalafallotmetabolic.s7oMasterMagnusPokepunchdkcocona, and many many people!