Fallout 4

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Hundreds of new custom stand-alone signs and posters to add to your settlements. Includes settlement name signs for the Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel, Institute, and Raiders, shop and business signs including some for Level 4 Shops, plus many, many more signs and posters of different sizes, shapes, and subjects.

Permissions and credits
New Signs and Posters for Your Settlements

Tired of the same old vanilla signs? Want to add some color and variety to your settlements?
Need to spice up that merchant district you made? Now you can!

This mod adds HUNDREDS of new, custom signs and posters.
These aren't vanilla imports. Each has been hand-crafted to add new and interesting variety and detail to your settlements.
What's that? Too many, your Decorations menu is cluttered enough? Not to worry! If you use the regular version, this mod adds a new menu to the end of Decorations. That version works with or without SMM (Settlement Menu Manger), but I strongly recommend with.
If you use the SKE version, the objects are all fully integrated into the SKE menu structure.

Big signs! Little signs! Different shapes! 100% custom work!
Your settlement will never be bland again!

Includes Settlement Name Signs
Tired of Covenant being the only place with a big new sign out front?
Signs with the names of almost all of the settlements are available for all three major factions (Brotherhood of Steel, Institute, Minutemen).
Let everyone know your settlement is a step up from the usual shanty town!

As seen in many YouTube videos!
(Usually in the background while something else is being featured)
Do you speak German? I don't, but I know enough to know that this guy liked it (at 2:54)

... and here's one in English. Thanks for the shoutout! (at 18:13)

If you decide to remove this mod, and are not using SMM or the SKE version, be sure to go to a chem table first and use the uninstaller to disable the script. Otherwise you may have menu troubles once you uninstall.
You do not need to do this when updating, only when uninstalling.

Q&A, Credits and Links:

It's not working right, the signs and posters are sinking into the walls. Why is it broken?
Well, it's really not. The signs and posters are designed to be flush with the walls (in other words, attached to the walls, not floating in front of them) if you are using vanilla construction assets. Some mods add new construction assets, and not all of them have the collision in the same place. Some of them have it slightly further inside. This means that when it snaps, it snaps to a plane that is actually inside the wall, and that's why it looks like there's a problem.
If this is happening to you, there are a couple of ways around it. You can layer the object so that it's on something that sticks out from the wall slightly, but is hidden by the sign or poster. You can use one of the excellent mods out there that let you place objects in spots other than the normal snap points. Or you can choose a different wall, or different location for the poster or sign.
Will this ever get "fixed"? No, because for those using vanilla assets, it's not broken, so there's nothing to fix.

Help! Something went wrong and now a menu is missing!
For various reasons, this can sometimes happen. It shouldn't happen with just general use, but if you remove this mod, or add new mods, there's always the possibility of something glitching. If this happens to you, please try the Universal Missing Menu Fixer, found here. Or, consider using Settlement Menu Manager (SMM), found here, which automatically does menu maintenance for you, making sure your menu is where it is supposed to be.

A quick note: A small handful of these signs can also be found in the Business Settlements mod, as I got my start in modding by providing some textures for Tamayo. He does have my permission to have those signs in his mod. With all the issues with improper use of mod assets, I wanted to make that clear, as without Tamayo, this mod wouldn't be here.

A big thanks to RustyXXL for providing the script!
Do you know how to write a script? We need one that adds a function to "reboot" the script, so that if something glitches, you can get it to start up again without having to uninstall. Please contact Gruffydd if you're willing to write one.

A big thanks to those real-life folks who have granted permission to use their likenesses and/or the names of their groups in this mod.
Omnia * the Reduced Shakespeare Company * Sabaton

This mod is entirely the work of Steven Sauer aka Gruffydd, with the exception of the "VegaOne" section, in which all textures are the work of VegaOne. This material is not made, guaranteed or supported by Zenimax or its affiliates.

A number of the fonts used in this mod are licensed to me by their creators for non-commercial use only. If anyone is interested, a list of the fonts used, their creators, and the licenses under which I am using them is available as a separate file is available in the files section. This is not a condition on your use of this mod, it is a condition on my use of those fonts to make this mod.