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Sharpness and contrast and other things added to textures to make the game look better.

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GraFix Texture Overhaul 3a

UPDATE 3a- sharpness and contrast is more subtle and now only 2 downloads

GraFix is a quick fix.  I simply added sharpness and contrast to all the texture files I could find.
(this is not a Shader preset or ENB.  This is almost all the textures in the game, edited, and uploaded)

GraFix is a good base mod to install FIRST, then install other mods and overwrite my files.

Thanks to the texture guys/gals who worked on Fallout 4, because the detail is there.  I just had to pull it out.

I added sharpness and contrast to individual texture files in 98% of the game.  You will know when you see something I didn't mess with.

So you get contrast and sharpness without effecting the lighting in the game like an ENB might.  

I have enclosed my Texture files. 

Almost the entire game!

So I spent 23 hours straight and 5,550+ files later I think we have something.

I basically touched up everything except the sky and human flesh.

No way I could test everything on my own so play the game and let me know if something is wonky.

Thanks for your support and patience! 


NOTE: System performance

Everything works fine on my system (4790k @ 4.6Ghz, 32Gb ram, 2x GTX 980)
BUT if you are having issues you might have to pick and choose files from the folder to install and try to see what is stable for your system.



Use Nexus Mod Manager


Special thanks to my buddy Ramen for helping me figure out the issues with some of the files.


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