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One of the main concerns from players of the "Nuka-World" DLC was
that as a good Player, there isn't much to do in Nuka-World after completing the quest, "open season". I
want to change that!

Permissions and credits

One of the main concerns from players of the "Nuka-World" DLC was that as a good Player, there isn't much to do in Nuka-World after completing the quest, "open season". I want to change that! I plan to add a bunch of new mechanics for Nuka World, like defending Nuka-Town USA from the surviving Nuka World Raiders and vanilla enemy factions, claiming Nuka-Town USA for your chosen faction (Minutemen, Bos, Railroad, the Institute).

There will be a unique questline for each faction to stop the the Raider attacks on Nuka-Town USA, One (or more) new interior for the questline, And much more content!

After using the signal Flag, your chosen faction will need 1 ingame day to reach Nuka World. If you change the flag,
the chosen faction will need 1 1/2 ingame day to appear, giving the current faction 12 hours to leave Nuka World.

If you like the concept of the mod feel free to join the Discord server to report bugs and tell me your ideas for new content! You can also find some other mods for Skyrim and read news for any of the projects!

NOTE: Don't forget to create a clean save if you update the mod to the latest version so if you used my mod before already follow those steps: Disable my mod, load your savegame, Save your game, install the new version, enable the new version load your latest save!

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Q: What kind of mod is Nuka World Plus?
A: Nuka World Plus is an expansion mod meant to flesh out the Nuka World storyline in general with new characters,
quests and items.

Q: Will I be able to play Nuka World Plus if I've already completed Nuka World's Story?
: Of course!

Q: is Nuka World Plus be compatible with my other mods?
: In most cases, Yes! As long as it doesn't modify too much of the Nuka Town USA Exterior Cell.


"Defense Overhaul" - V

  • An overhaul for the assault System -> In previous versions the raiders conquered Nuka Town USA by standing at a certain location for a specific amount of time how it is known in most of other shooters, however I decided to replace that system by a new system in which the player has to defend 3 "defense leaders" who are spread across the whole park to maintain control over Nuka-Town USA. The "defense leaders" are marked on the map and also are pretty strong units so they are also pretty helpful for the defense as well.
  • A new faction got added to the mod -> the ex-slaves; After the "open season" quest is completed some traders pick up weapons and patrol around Nuka-Town USA to give the player the opportunity to play with a "neutral faction". Though keep in mind that the ex-slaves are weaker compared to the vanilla game factions so it is recommendated to select one of the four factions.
  • A new interior which represents a "clean" version of "the Parlor".
  • Moved Flagpole on the top of the FizzTop-Mountain.
  • Added the "Assault Config" to the "Nuka Town USA administration" Holotape which lets the player decide how frequently assaults on Nuka Town USA should happen by the raiders.


  • When the player gets below 15% of his total health there is the opportunity now to surrender OR fight to death via a messagebox
  • When the player gets enslaved then there will not be endless notifications of all removed items
  • Fixed a few spelling mistakes
  • Reworked the stats of all existing units
  • If the player hoist the flag the faction will take 12 hours instead of 24 to arrive
  • When the player gets enslaved all aid, misc, junk items remain while Weapons, armor, ammo get removed and locked away

  • Deleted unused Scripts and records from the esp
  • Reworked "ObjectReference" Scripts to "ReferenceAlias" scripts
  • Moved multiple different Scripts together into one script

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed remaining issues related to factions (Harvey, Nira, railroad etc.)
  • Fixed a bug which made it possible for the AI to get under the worldspace

"Stability update"  - V 0.99
  • If you lose an assault, and get below 50% health, you will get enslaved! As long as you are enslaved, you're not able to leave Nuka World, unless you want your head to POP.
  • After you killed the three "Assault leaders" the remaining raiders will flee in terror now.
  • Added propaganda posters for each faction through Nuka-Town USA
  • An updated holotape which will allow you to activate the WIP Radio. This holotape also enables you to remove corpses and raider clutter from
  • Nuka Town USA. Bare in mind all of this is under the EXPEREIMENTAL STUFF category!
    -- WARNING ---
    Everything that is in the Experimental Stuff Category is not finished, and is still an WIP. This means use it at your own risk, although it shouldn't affect anything severely, I want to make sure you keep this in mind, if you enable it and come across anything that seems out of the ordinary!
  • Added tutorial messages which will explain how the system works more if they occur for the first time.
  • fixed grammer and spelling mistakes in all objectives and notifications.
  • Added a cap to the amount of raiders that can be in the fight (20), there won't be new waves until you killed enough raiders - that is for balance and performance purposes.
  • Heavily improved performance, for assaults on Nuka-Town USA by replacing all timers and while loops with Custom events.
  • Removed all while loops in general and made all functions recursive which will increase performance in overhaul
  • Removed scripts and sorted the functions into other scripts so less scripts are used in total
  • Removed all unecessary edits in FO4Edit.
Bug Fixes
  • added reworked Ai packages to the Brotherhood of Steel so they shouldn't exit their powerarmor anymore.
  • NIRA is a protected Actor now.
  • Fixed some issues which could lead the game to crash by replacing Xmarkers with XmarkerHeadings.


"Nuka-Town defense overhaul"  - V 0.9


  • Assault system rework
  • Changed the wave cap to 15
  • Overworked AI packages
  • If the player kills all 3 assault-leaders the quest is completed + the remaining raiders flee
  • After wave 15 the objective to kill the assault-leaders fails and the new objective is to kill the remaining enemies
  • If you are still fighting in NT USA and wave 15 is reached, time will skip and the player is moved to the Nuka World Market
  • waves come faster so the assaults are a lot faster but more dangerous on the other hand
  • Replaced the "Debug.Notification()" with messages so players should understand more what is happening in the game
  • Text fixes
  • Minutemen have stronger gate-guards and more units
  • Brotherhood of Steel have less units but stronger units
  • Railroad have stronger gate-guards and stronger normal units, but overall less units
  • Institute have weak units but more units
  • The pack Gatorclaws received a buff and the assault-leaders a debuff
  • Disciples assault-leaders received a buff
  • optimized all scripts
  • because of the 15 waves the RefcollectionAlias owns 225 less actors in total
  • Added some faction guards to entrance of NW in the commonwealth
  • Fixed all issues related to factions
  • Misc. bug fixes

"Mission control" V 0.8
  • Holotape for mod control added
  • Esp from "NukaWorldReborn.esp" renamed to -> "NukaWorldPlus.esp"
  • Some balance improvements
  • Added Clutter for raiders after they reclaimed Nuka Town USA
  • Rework of some AIpackages
  • Added waves cap for the assaults (now 30, might be changed in the future)
  • The Brotherhood is now wearing helmets
  • Now the minutemen will use the "minutemen-paintjob" on their Power armor
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements

Update 0.5
NOTE: If you are updating to this version you must disable the previous version, load your
game, make a new save.
exit the game and enable the mod. Have fun!

  • New assaults from the raider gangs
  • Quest markers for the flagpole
  • Vault-boy quest animations
  • 4 new trader outfits based on the controlling faction
  • Balance overhaul
  • Nuka-World raiders can re-conquer Nuka-Town USA now!
  • You get different loot Based on your faction!
  • An easter egg if you choose the Institute
  • Added some faction clutter
  • When you complete "open season" there will be some travelers in Nuka-Town USA
  • more Immersion!

 you can watch a review of the mod by The White Collar Players:

Thank you for the great review!
And have fun to check out the other great mods that are featured in his video as well!

I wish you a lots of fun and hope you enjoy my take on Nuka-World!
Please do report as many bugs as possible, so I can make it as best as possible!

(Version 0.9)

Thank you for the great review!
And have fun to check out the other great mods that are featured in his video as well!