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One of the main concerns from players of the "Nuka-World" DLC was
that as a good Player, there isn't much to do in Nuka-World after completing the quest, "open season". I
want to change that!

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One of the main concerns from players of the "Nuka-World" DLC was that as a good Player, there isn't much to do in Nuka-World after completing the quest, "open season". I want to change that! I plan to add a bunch of new mechanics for Nuka World, like defending Nuka-Town USA from the surviving Nuka World Raiders and vanilla enemy factions, and claiming Nuka-Town USA for your chosen faction (Minutemen, Bos, Railroad, the Institute). Now the mod also offers the option to claim the park with the help of your favorite faction. After you start the Open Season quest, just wait a bit on the Market of Nuka-Town and you will see what will happen. When you play through the new Questline, you will now be able to claim the other parks for your chosen faction. This offers various different economy boosts added to the overboss chest.
Finding blueprints to upgrade the park (which you will be introduced to in the questline of the mod), offer a new way to make Nuka-Town U.S.A. a place to live in. At the moment the mod allows to build 19 different upgrades that improve the looks and economy of the park. From a new waterpurifier to a farm or even a clean up of various vanilla interiors, you find everything important to rebuild Nuka-Town U.S.A. to a truly impressive town.

After using the signal Flag, your chosen faction will need 1 ingame day to reach Nuka World. If you change the flag,
the chosen faction will need 1 1/2 ingame day to appear, giving the current faction 12 hours to leave Nuka World.

If you like the concept of the mod feel free to join the Discord server to report bugs and tell me your ideas for new content!
NOTE: Don't forget to create a clean save if you update the mod to the latest version so if you used my mod before already follow those steps: Disable my mod, load your savegame, Save your game, install the new version, enable the new version load your latest save!

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Q: What kind of mod is Nuka World Plus?
A: Nuka World Plus is an expansion mod meant to flesh out the Nuka World storyline in general with new characters,
quests and items.

Q: Will I be able to play Nuka World Plus if I've already completed Nuka World's Story?
: Of course!

Q: is Nuka World Plus be compatible with my other mods?
: In most cases, Yes! As long as it doesn't modify too much of the Nuka Town USA Exterior Cell.

Project Lead:
Simon Grunwald (Systoliker)
Level Design + Textures and 3D Art:
Trey Ramm
Brandon LeeBorg
Enrico Dal Bosco
Voice Actors:
James Coward -> Dizzy
Luna Baker-> RioZe
Jason Hill  -> White Collar
Johnson    -> Martin Laston
Norman     -> Robot Rob
Sheren       -> Laura P.L. Bordowitz 
Elaine-> Vivivacious
Frank -> Afrobum
Henry-> Isaac Gross
Slave Male 01  -> Dizzy
Slave Male 02  -> SpymasterJimmy
Slave Female01 -> Astra Orion
Slave Female02 -> Lou Whiting
Brotherbone     -> Burn The Night
Additional Assistance:
Loaf helping with implementation and textures
DanRuta for creating the awesome xVASynth Tool used in the mod


"Polish and Comfort" - V 1.1

  • Added an option to teleport to the planning table of Nuka Town via Holotape
  • Added an option to teleport to the QASmoke room of the mod with all blueprints and resources needed to complete all projects
  • Added an option to add more builders to complete projects (will be unlocked after "Much effort, much prosperity" is completed)
  • Added an option to finish projects after an hour of building
  • Added an option to finish projects instantly if the player carries the blueprints in their inventory
  • Added an option to complete all Main quests in their different outcomes in the holotape as well

  • Reworked some quest objectives to make the tasks more understandable for the player
  • Expanded the "Some Support" Quest until the faction arrived to make it clearer to the player that everything is proceeding as intended

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that made it possible for pack members to respawn (Vanilla)
  • Fixed Upgrades not completing if the player loaded a save file after crafting the project
  • Fixed Jason not properly branching into the intended dialogue if the player had already liberated all other parks, before completing the main quest
  • Fixed Cappy's Cafe missing Actors
  • Fixed an issue that the player was able to recruit more builders as intended (the player should have 15 max)

"Nuka-World Plus" - V 1.0

  • New main quest line for each Faction -> For the Minutemen, the Brotherhood, the Railroad, the Institute
  • New option to reclaim the park for your chosen faction after finishing the main quest line
  • Alternate start of the mod for claiming Nuka-Town U.S.A. with your favorite faction: How that works exactly can be found here
  • New radio station (part of the main quest) -> over 50 voice lines and 7 selfmade piano songs that all fit into the Fallout lore.
  • Several new unique actors.
  • Over 300 new voice lines
  • Thanks to xVASynth voiced Player (both Genders)
  • Assault System 3.0 -> To make the defenses more intense and faster I lowered the cap to 10, also each wave spawns faster and more units. As long as an Assault leader is alive and fighting alongside his attackers, no new wave will spawn. When the player hits the wave cap it counts as instant victory. Each faction has a new type of allies who will spawn at the barracks for each upcoming wave. The amount of allies that can spawn in total can be incresed by the new upgrade System. A complete Rebalance should ensure more engagement within those assasults.
  • Open Season Again 2.0 -> When the player gets captured he will now keep his caps to even the odds a bit more. Lots of traps got removed. Here there has been a complete rebalance made through all units to have a more fun and fair experince.
  • Upgrade System -> Within the main quest the player will get introduced to the new upgrade system of the mod. The player can find and unlock a total amount of 19 upgrades in form of blueprints to upgrade the Defense, Economy, Moral, Supplies of Nuka-Town U.S.A., I will not go into further detail of each upgrade to avoid spoilers. Although as one example there are certain upgrades to clean up the park and it's interiors as well.
  • New interiors and reworked interios -> A total amount of 7 new or cleaned up interiors.
  • Several new Meshes and textures, mostly used in the upgrade system
  • More populated Nuka-World
  • New outfits for traders (Minutemen, Brotherhood, Railroad, Institute)
  • Multiple new loading screens
  • A lot of new decoration for Nuka-Town U.S.A. faction based or upgrade based
  • Many crafting benches in Nuka-Town U.S.A. are now linked and have shared Storage with the new "Overboss chest", which is renamed to "Nuka-Town Storage", when the player completed open season
  • Lots of quality of life improvements


  • Fixed a few spelling mistakes
  • reworked all messageboxes and notifications


  • Reworked the stats of all existing units
  • New Leveled Lists for weapons for Minutemen and Railroad (combined with Vanilla leveled lists to ensure compatibility with faction overhaul mods)

  • Created combined meshes for Nuka-Town U.S.A.
  • Cleaned all dirty edits from not used cells
  • More remote events instead of timers
  • Optimized all existing scripts within in the mod

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the North east gate (Vanilla bug)
  • Fixed stuttering and performance issues
  • Fixed missing objects in certain cells
  • Fixed missing tutorial messages after faction change
  • Fixed a situation where certain traders do not receive their new outfits
  • Fixed a problem where after the player got captured by the raiders some items went missing

 you can watch a review of the mod by The White Collar Players:

Thank you for the great review!
And have fun to check out the other great mods that are featured in his video as well!

I wish you a lots of fun and hope you enjoy my take on Nuka-World!
Please do report as many bugs as possible, so I can make it as best as possible!

(Version 0.9)

Thank you for the great review!
And have fun to check out the other great mods that are featured in his video as well!