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Build assignable microphone to your settlement and enjoy a good song.

Permissions and credits

  • Adds 2 assignable Singer's Microphones.
  • Adds 2 Karaoke Microphones.
  • Adds 3 Speakers (aesthetic).
  • Adds 3 Active Speakers that relay the sound though your settlement.
  • Adds 1 Song Configurator that allows you to choose which song you want to listen at each settlement with a linked terminal.
  • Adds 1 Highly configurable tracking spotlight.
  • Adds 1 multipurpose power switch that emulate the basic behavior of the spotlight for any powered furniture.
  • Adds 2 Mixing Tables (Aesthetic only for now).
  • Adds 2 Trophies.
  • Adds 26 Snap-able scene rugs (9 256x256 & 9 128x128).
  • Adds 3 Custom chairs for you singer.
  • The microphone & the speakers bring happiness.
  • Works for male and female settler.
  • Female settlers have 13 songs available :
    • I'm the one you're looking for. (with dancing animation)
    • Baby it's just you. (with dancing animation)
    • Goodneighbor. (with dancing animation)
    • Man enough. (with dancing animation)
    • Train train. (with 2 dancing animation)
    • I's a man.
    • He's a demon.
    • Undecided.
    • The end of the world.
    • A wonderful guy.
    • Crazy he calls me.
    • Easy living.
    • One more tomorrow.
  • Male settlers have 22 songs available :
    • Sixty minute men.
    • Uranium fever.
    • Orange colored sky.
    • Right behind you baby.
    • Crawl out through the fallout.
    • Atom bomb baby.
    • Accentuate the positive.
    • Dear heats and gentle people.
    • Happy times.
    • Way back home.
    • Anything goes.
    • The wanderer.
    • Personality.
    • Keep a knockin'.
    • Good rockin' tonight.
    • Mighty mighty man.
    • I don't want to set.
    • It's all over but crying.
    • Maybe.
    • Worry worry worry.
    • Uranium rock.
    • Grandma plays the numbers.
  • Works with any assignable npc.

  • The mod's items are located under Furniture >> Singing Settler.
  • When loading your game with the mod for the first time (or when you exit Vault 111 on new games) you will receive an holotape named [Settings] Singing Settler. This holotape will allows you to set the template and time-table of your singer.
  • You can have only one active microphone (karaoke or singer's) by settlements.
  • Build the Singer's Microphone found under Furniture >> Singing Settler (Requires 1 Power Relay Coil, 1 Cloth, 2 Steels, 1 Copper).
  • Assign a Settler to it.
  • Your settler will sing a random song picked in he's available song list.
  • Build a Song Configurator and wire it to a Terminal to configure which songs will be available at the settlement. If you don't build a Song Configurator to a settlement all available song (less the custom ones) will play by default.
  • Unless your settler have only one song available he will never sing the same song twice in a row.
  • Tracking spotlight configuration :
    • you can configure each spotlight by activating it it will bring a Pip-Boy menu or with a linked terminal (for global configuration).
    • You can change the colors, tracking target, and various animations.
    • You can set different spotlight behavior depending of the singer's state (going to mic, singing, taking a break) and song templates.
    • with the configuration holotape you can assign a song to a template (3 templates available) it will affect the behavior of the spotlight.
  • Singer's time-table configuration :
    • [Sleep start] is the hour when the singer is going to bed.
    • [Relax start] is the hour when he just wander around.
    • [Work start] is the hour when he he start to work.
    • As example: If you set [Sleep start] at 1am, [Work start] at 11am and [Relax Start] at 6pm, your singer will sleep from 1am to 11am, work from 11am to 6pm and wander from 6pm to 1am

  • 1) Convert your favorite mp3 to wav with an audio converter tool (there are plenty on the web just google it)
  • 2) Rename your file according this list :
    • Custom Song 1 >> 00014853_1.wav
    • Custom Song 2 >> 000157A5_1.wav
    • Custom Song 3 >> 000157A6_1.wav
    • Custom Song 4 >> 000157A7_1.wav
    • Custom Song 5 >> 000157A8_1.wav
    • Custom Song 6 >> 000157A9_1.wav
    • Custom Song 7 >> 000157AA_1.wav
    • Custom Song 8 >> 000157AB_1.wav
    • Custom Song 9 >> 000157AC_1.wav
    • Custom Song 10 >> 000157AD_1.wav
  • 3) Copy your renamed song to the directory [GAME FOLDER]>>Data>>Sound>>Voice>>AkaSinger.esp>>NPCFMagnolia
  • 4) Build a Song Configurator to your settlement and wire it to a terminal.
  • 4) Use the terminal to enable the song for the singer's gender of your choice.
  • 5) you're good to go :)
The settlers won't have any lip animations for custom songs, if it bugs you too much you can follow this great tutorial on how to make lips animation.

How to update
  • Unless stated in the version info, there is no need to uninstall previous version before upgrading. The way I build my updates you simply need to over-write the old files.

Version 2.32
  • Before updating, please remove all your Special Power Switches (if you don't you might be stuck with floating wires). If you have custom songs, please make a backup before removing the previous version.
  • All in one FOMOD Installer.
  • The Singing Settler menu is in the root of the workshop menu.
  • Singer's chairs: If built the singer will sit on the chair during he's break between songs.
  • If the singer is asexual (like gen 1 & 2 synths) he will sing male songs.
  • Change in the schedule configuration now displays the current settings when configuring.
  • Add a black & 3 wood flooring variations of the carpets.
  • Changes the special switches to a multipurpose switch configurable at a local terminal (new meshes).
  • Add cheering option (disabled by default, enable it with the config holotape).
  • You can now configure the spotlight brightness.
  • [Settings] Singing Settler holotape is now craftable at chemistry station (you'll still receive one copy automatically when you enable the mod for the first time).
  • Singer's Wardrobe plugin.
    • Build a outfit container in your settlement under Singing Settler >> Furniture (you can build them only if a singer's microphone is present in the settlement).
    • Fill the container with a full outfit (note that if you place items that uses the sames biped slots only the last addition will be equipped)
    • you can build as many container as you want, if there is more than of container for a phase (scene, casual, sleep) the singer will randomly pick a container and equip its content.
    • By default the containers are filled with custom textured clothes. If a container is empty the singer will go naked during the corresponding phase.
    • If a container isn't built the singer will keep what he's was wearing when the corresponding phase begins (with the exception of the sleep outfit container, if it isn't built the singer will try to wear the content of the casual outfit container instead).
    • You can configure the Scene Outfit container to be used with specific song templates.

Version 2.24
  • Adds a Song Configurator that allows you to set different available song on different settlements.
  • Adds a terminal configuration to the Tracking Spotlights for global settings (you must reconnect at least one spotlight by settlements to enable this functionality).
  • Adds 3 Active Speakers that relay the song through your settlement (Note that if you place the Active Speaker when a song it played, it will not relay the songs until the next song start).
  • Adds 9 1/4 Snap-able scene rugs.
  • Adds animations for all Magnolia songs + 1 extra animation for Train train (when performing Train train, your singer will have a 50% chance to use the "new" animation).
  • Removed the song configuration from the holotape, if you don't build a Song Configurator to your settlement, all available song (less the custom ones) will play by default.
  • Fixes most bugs and glitches, and added some safeguards.

Version 2.1
  • Please remove all your placed Tracking spotlights before upgrading, it is not required but highly recommended.
  • You can now set the singer time-table with the [Settings] Singing Settler holotape.
  • Rewrote the spotlight script, should be more stable.
  • On a new game, the holotape is now given to player once he exit the cryopod.
  • Bug fixes.
Version 2.01
  • The mod's items are now located under a new menu : Furniture >> Singing Settler.
  • Adds 2 karaoke microphone (Non-assignable, settlers will use them randomly during their free time).
  • Adds 1 Singer microphone.
  • Adds 1 Highly configurable tracking spotlight.
  • Adds 3 Special power switch that turn on on scene, song and singer's  off-time.
  • Adds 2 Mixing Tables (Aesthetic only).
  • Adds 2 Trophies.
  • Adds 9 Snap-able scene rugs.
  • Adds 1 Speaker.
  • Adds 4 Female songs.
  • Adds 16 Male songs.
  • Adds 10 Customizable songs.
  • Updated the config holotape.
  • Fixes some bugs.
  • Changed the crafting requirement of the speakers and microphones (replaced the high-powered magnet by a power relay coil).
  • Renamed the config holotape to [Settings] Singing Settler.

  • In order to uninstall the mod you must run the [Settings] Singing Settler holotape and run the option [Uninstall]. You'll get a confirmation message telling you that it is safe to uninstall the mod.
  • If you don't follow this step, you will mess up your workshop menu really bad.

  • Decrease of alcohol consumption : settlers will tend to spend more time near the singer than at bar. This is due to singer's microphone generating more happiness than the bar. if its bugs you too much you can download the Less Happiness patch (under optional).
  • The carpets won't snap if all the edges of surface you want it to snap on are occupied (they behave like walls regarding that matter).
  • With safeguards added in v2.1 and higher the mics won't work with custom settlements if those settlement miss a Location (Location as form type)
  • Won't work with mods like New Dialogs.

Q - Can you port your mod on console ?
A - I'm not against console port, I'm against, If there is a way to make the mods available on console without using, let me know and I'll be more than happy to do it.

Q - Any chance to have the female in the Screenshots to go along with the mod ?
A - I won't integrate her into the mod, however I uploaded the body preset I use under miscellaneous.

Q - What mod did you use for your screenshots ?
A - I used those mods :

Q - Can you add more animations ?
A - I'm no animator the dance animation for "Train train" is part of the base game assets.

Q - This mod / screenshot / video is [insert degrading comment here], don't you be ashamed ?
A - "ah chat mais deux" ? what's that ? is that edible ?

Presentation Video

A Nice video by Oxhorn

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