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New gameplay mechanic - 3rd person cover system! Take cover behind objects and automatically lean out to shoot when you aim down sights. NEW: v1.1 BETA released - Dynamic Camera - you can now switch shoulders, double-tap forward key to enter cover/cover-vault, and transition smoothly from first-person to third for cover, then automatically back

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Bringing 3rd-person cover to Fallout 4!

(Pop out of cover by aiming down sights.)

★ About ★

Take cover behind objects and automatically lean out to shoot when you aim down sights!
I've always found taking cover to be inadequate in Fallout 4. In first person, if you tried to utilize cover tactically, you'd be staring at a blank wall most of the time. In third person, all you can do is crouch behind some rock or furniture, occasionally walk out, and hope enemy bullets don't hit you.

This mod hopes to give you a true cover mechanic.

Integrating third-person cover hasn't been a trivial task at all. Thank you for your patience and support!

★ How to Use ★

☢  With your weapon drawn, sprint into a wall to take cover behind it.
☢  [Beta version only] Double tap the forwards movement key to enter cover. 

☢  Activate assigned hotkey to enter cover mode. 

Both automatic mode and hotkey activation can be used interchangeably.

(Sprint into a wall to take cover behind it.)

★ Details ★

You have two cover options - a standing cover, and a crouching cover for low objects.
When entering cover,
☢ Point down (crosshair below eye level) to enter a crouching cover.
☢ Point up (crosshair above eye level) to enter a standing cover.

☢  Move backwards to exit cover. The activator also can be used to exit cover (default) or configured to swap between standing and crouching covers.

In crouching cover only,
☢  Hold forward and activate the hot-keyed Take Cover activator.
☢  [Beta version only] Double tap the forwards movement key. (Turn on this option in the Config)
Make sure Cover Vault is enabled in Configuration - it's off by default.


★ Installation ★

Install the mod with your mod manager or manually by copying the files in the archive into your Fallout 4 Data folder.

Once installed, on first load, you will see a message box saying that Take Cover is active. If you don't, then the mod was not installed correctly. See here for instructions on how to set up Fallout 4 for modding.

You will receive Take Cover and Take Cover Config in the AID section of your inventory.

At this point, the cover system is active. Sprint towards a wall with your weapon drawn to take cover.

You can also hotkey the Take Cover activator to a quick-key in your favorites to quickly enter and exit cover at any point in time, or use FO4 Hotkeys to bind it to any key on your keyboard or any extra mouse buttons you may have. I highly recommend binding Take Cover to Shift+Aim with FO4Hotkeys so that you have cover available at the touch of your mouse.

Use Take Cover Config to configure various aspects of the cover system, including whether sprint-to-cover is turned on and whether cover-vaulting is enabled.

★ Notes ★

☢ It wasn't easy to do, but yes - it works great with VATS! VATS traditionally roots you to the spot and gives you no movement control, but this mod lets you "pop-out" of cover even in VATS. After entering VATS, tap V (view-change key) to pop out of cover. You automatically re-enter cover when VATS ends!

☢ Did you know that Fallout 4 has first-person cover?

(Vanilla VS Mod)

★ Known Issues ★

☢  Weapons switched while in cover using a favorites hotkey will be invisible. Switch weapons with your Pip-Boy, or pop into VATS and back out.
☢  You cannot move directly rightwards in cover. To move right, you must move diagonally front-right or back-right, or you can face the right and move front.
☢  Not compatible with melee weapons, heavy weapons (miniguns) and sniper rifles that bring you into first person scope.

Without animation tools, it will be difficult to address the first and second issues as these are limitations in Bethesda's animation files.
If you are an animator and you'd like to help with the animations, please do get in touch!

Integrating third-person cover hasn't been a trivial task at all. Thank you for your patience and support!

★ Video Showcase ★

Thanks to Mudcups for being so amazingly quick to have a video up!

★ FAQ ★

Q: What's the best way to use cover?

A: Read Protips for Taking Cover! for some tips to enhance your cover experience.

Q: Does this work in first-person?

A: You have an option in the Config to set whether you want a first-person sprint to activate cover. It's off by default. If turned on, you will automatically enter third-person and go into cover when sprinting up against a wall in first-person. From 1.1 onwards, you'll also automatically return to first-person when leaving cover if you entered from it.

Q: Sprint-to-cover is not sensitive enough / too sensitive! (entering cover when you don't actually want to)

A: Every system is different, and you might want to tweak the sensitivity of cover-entering yourself! I've provided a couple of preset options in the Config - you have Default, High, and Very High to specify how still you have to be while sprinting before you enter cover.

You can tweak these values beyond the presets that I've given with this console command:
cqf cover setsensitivity <your desired value here>

The preset values in the Config are:
Default: 2
High: 10
Very High: 20

To make entering cover less sensitive, you can type cqf cover setsensitivity 0.5 to lower the sensitivity below the default.

Q: Blind-firing?

A: Yes! You can blind-fire around cover by just hitting the fire button without aiming down sights.

Q: How do I see if the mod is working for me?

A: Compare your cover experience with those in the linked video showcases! That's what you can expect from Take Cover.

Q: I want to uninstall Take Cover.

A: Run the console command cqf cover uninstall. This will unregister all events and prepare the mod for safe removal.

★ More Videos ★

Tyrannicon features Take Cover (beta) at 1:23.

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