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Automatically gives names to new settlers

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Immersive Settlers

This mod does one simple thing: gives name to the settlers. How does it work?
Every settler(new and old one) will get a random name picked from a list of 200 of the most popular names of Boston.

How to use

Install with NMM or Manually and that's all :).
The "Immersive Settlers Holotape" is meant to be used ONLY if you still see Settlers Named Settler.

Can I change the name of the settler again?

Names added with scripts cannot be changed once given.


None known.

How can I change names of settlers that didn't change name automatically in my game?

The script runs only once every time you go near a settlement; it means that if you are staying for a long time in it and new settlers come in the meanwhile they don't get the name changed immediately. The easy way to fix it is to fast travel to another location and come back. If the settler still doesn't change his name, I added a couple of tools. 

First method
 1)Craft the "Immersive Settlers Holotape" in the chemistry station, under the utility menu.
 2)Open it and choose the second option, the manual rename script.

Did it work? Good. Didn't work?

Second method
 1)Open the "immersive Settlers Holotape", Select the option to craft "Settler Rename Syringe"
 2)(Optional)If you don't have a Pipe Syringer Select the option to craft one
 3)Use the "Settler Rename Syringe" and check if it gets the name

Did it work? If yes you are ok, can happen over your gameplay to have few settlers with wich you will use the gun(happened on 4 settlers for me)
Didn't work or the settler turns hostile?

Third method
Try to use the console command:
Open the console command, select the settler you wish to give a name and use:
SetActorFullName FormID <---FormID of the name you wish to change. How can you find the FormID?
Ingame on the console command write:
Help Jack 0  MESG <---Jack is one of the 200 names I added ingame. 
How do you know wich name you can search?
I uploaded 3 images(see images section)with all the names.

Still not working? 
Try to write in the bug forum

How to report a bug

Follow the guide above and check if:
1)The first method works
2)The second method works
3)The third method works

Load a save before you used the Syringe on the Settler that doesn't want to change his name.
1)Craft the "Immersive Settlers Holotape" in the chemistry station, under the utility menu
2)Open it and choose the second option, the manual rename script
2)Open it again and select the option to craft "Settler Rename Syringe" and "Settler Target Syringe" (and Pipe Syringer if you haven't got one)
3)Use "Settler Target Syringe" and check if he gets a red dot on his head
4)Use the "Settler Rename Syringe" (he should still not get the name)
5)Use "Settler Target Syringe" and check if he gets a red dot on his head

Post in the bug section your mod list and if:
1)The first method worked and it shows a message with "manual naming activated"
2)The second method worked
3)The third method worked
4)If you got the red dot before or after the use of "Settler Rename Syringe".
This will help me find possible conflict with other mods

If you are interested in Power Armor mods, check this:


I wish to thank kinggath for all the help he kindly offered.