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Fixes the holes in the roofs in Sanctuary

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I decided to come back and fix the file path. I had changed it for my own convenience while working on it, but it most likely was the cause for much of the problems people had. It now uses the vanilla file path, and will overwrite or be overwritten if downloading another mod that uses the same files. I also got rid of my player home mesh. It didn't really add anything. The roof will still be repaired. If updating, make sure to uninstall the old mod.

I also decided to delete the pre-war meshes, and the fixed bridge mesh. There are other mods that are leaps and bounds better than what I had made, so go find those. In fact, I recommend

New Sanctuary Bridge by Cyanide23: It looks like a bridge cars could actually drive over.

 Easy Homebuilder and Working Double Beds
by Hozsa: His houses are very well done, and he got double beds working.

Weathered Sanctuary Home by tyler049: fixed up player home with post-war textures, overwrite mine.

Probably won't make it to XboxOne or PS4. I don't own them for the consoles, and don't know if it would even work, due to needing either a scrap mod or the ini edit. Honestly I just don't care enough, if someone wants to have a go of it to make for the consoles go for it.

Mod Description
This fixes the holes in the roofs on the houses in Sanctuary. The big holes in the roofs really bugged me, so I replaced all the roofs with their pre-war versions, while still maintaining the post-war textures.

To get this mod to work, I recommend Scrap Everything, make sure to load my esp after Scrap Everything.

Patch Job - Fill Those Holes to remove the "rusted through" texture of the roof and get a nice solid roof like in the screenshots, otherwise your roof will still look like Swiss cheese.

Use Paint That House to give your houses a nice touchup

If you don't wish to use Scrap Everything, you'll need to add this line to
Fallout.ini under the General header
(thanks to JackaL187Gaming for the fix)
This ini edit will cause a performance hit when traveling to high population or object dense areas, like central Boston.
Back Up Your Saves if using the ini edit, it may cause the cell reset bug

Extract the file into your Fallout 4 file.
I'll try to make it NMM compatible, I've never made one before so we'll see what happens...

Follow the path and delete the nif files.

These are just altered vanilla files, use them as you will.