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The Dormies - Demorome and Trooper

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An NVSE plugin which adds new functions and engine-level tweaks.
For heathens who have forsaken the Vanilla-Style way.

Permissions and credits
ShowOff NVSE

Adds new scripting/condition functions, as well as some engine-level tweaks.

List of Tweaks:
-Prevent ShowRaceMenu from resetting Ability and temporary Actor Effects.

List of INI Tweaks:
-Not yet added, INI functionality has been pushed back till later.

Documentation is available here.

Source code is available here.


Requires xNVSE v6.06 or greater.


lStewieAl, c6, Luthien, TommInfinite, Jazzisparis, karut - for their invaluable help and the code I stole off all of them.

-Code taken from JohnnyGuitar NVSE.

-Code taken from JIP LN.

-Code taken from lStewieAl's Tweaks.

-Code taken from SUP NVSE.

This plugin wouldn't be possible without everyone who contributed to (x)NVSE, and who made the example plugin.
-xNVSE source code and the example plugin are both available here.
-The original NVSE is available here.

Brofield for SimpleINI.

AVeryUncreativeUsername / Trooper - for showing off his abilities,  coming up with the name, banner, and various functions, and for making some super seekret functions made specifically to show off.

Anro - motivating me to push this thing out.

Kormakur - for being a madlad.

See Also

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  • Geck Extender - essential utility for anyone working with the GECK, many bugfixes and new features
  • JIP LN NVSE - extends scripting capabilities far beyond limits of the vanilla game.
  • Johnny Guitar - same as the above, but with more PLAY THE GUITAR, PLAY IT AGAIN, MY JOHNNYYYYYYYYYYYY.
  • SUP NVSE - It's the same deal as the JIP and Johnny. Moar functions!
  • Hot Reload - lets you use external editors for scripting and reload scripts without restarting the game, a must-have for any scripter.
  • Improved Console - quite useful for quickly testing functions in console.
  • lStewieAl's Tweaks - fixes numerous engine bugs and provides many configurable new features and tweaks to the game.
  • Viva New Vegas - a great introductory guide for modding New Vegas which brought me back to this game.