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Simple, scripted mod makes it so that NPCs will either fight or flee you if you point a gun at them. Outcome is influenced by player strength and luck.

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A simple scripted mod that makes it so that aiming at an NPC via iron sights constitutes as a threat to said actor. I always found it strange that you could aim a loaded rifle at someone and only be mildly or sarcastically ticked off. With this mod, the NPC will either opt to fight or flee the player and the chance of each is based on a strength weighted calculation.

  1. If the player is aiming down their sights at a valid actor, within ~30 m and is detected.
  2. The NPC is checked against a list of excluded actors (Mostly companions) & weapons if they are on the list, the script is terminated.
  3. A small grace period occurs, the NPC may warn the player during this time with vanilla dialogue. The player can change their mind at this point.
  4. An invisible dice roll occurs to determine if the NPC is going to fight or flee in fear. The dice roll is weighted based on player strength.
  5. If the NPC chooses to fight, they will become immediately hostile & attack the player
  6. If the NPC chooses to flee, they will run from the player.
  7. If the player does not kill the NPC, they should return to their normal docile state within a few in game days and after the player has left the area.

This mod also has three optional features not enabled by default, these can be enabled in the included .ini file. Both can be used together if desired.

  1. Stalker Mode: Makes it so that a response can be incited by aiming at an NPC with just an unholstered weapon instead of requiring ADS.
  2. Ghost Mode [!Experimental!]: Makes it so that NPCs will refuse to enter into a conversation with the player with a weapon drawn.
  3. Debug Mode: Prints important runtime information from this mod to the console, generally you should leave it off - but I may request you switch it on should you have a problem you require assistance with.

First install the latest version of NVSE (xNVSE preferred) & the JIP LN Plugin. Next, simply Install and Uninstall using a mod manager of your choice, alternatively add or remove Point That Somewhere Else!.esp from the data folder as required. There are no particular load-order requirements for using this mod.

Navigate to the mod installation directory and edit PointThatSomewhereElse!.ini with a text editor of your choice to configure additional features. By default all are disabled.

Once installed, Simply aim down the sights with any equipped gun whilst at any humanoid NPC to start the fun!

I can be contacted / followed at the following - feel free to pass on any feedback or even give me a follow for new mods & content:

  • I can be contacted on NexusMods (I'm Semi-Active in checking messages or comments)
  •  Reach me on my Discord Server: https://discord.gg/7m7Hb3R38W
  • @LimeAyy on Twitter & Instagram (Follow me for mod updates!)

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