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AIO movement expansion - featuring movement bug fixes, 1st person diagonal movement, enhanced sprint, enhanced sneak, enhanced leaning, animated prone framework, new animations, and more.

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  • Mandarin

Enhanced Movement
is an all-in-one movement and animation expansion for both 1st and 3rd person modes. With high customizability and compatibility, it can be used to either compliment the vanilla+ experience or open the game up to a more modded style gameplay.

- All features are toggleable and configurable in MCM or INI. Latest INI version: 1.20.

Movement Bug Fixes
- Building off of 1st Person Sliding Fix, now improved and customizable ingame, with additional movement fixes.

1st Person Diagonal Movement - Diagonal movement for 1st person. This gives the character subtle tilting animations to simulate the feeling of moving diagonally, so it doesn't just look the same as moving straight forward or backward.

Enhanced Sprint - A new sprint mod written from ground up, with a brand new set of 1st and 3rd person sprint animations. Instead of using special idles like the original JVS or 50/50 hybrid like JSP, Enhanced Sprint is fully powered by kNVSE animation overrides for both 1st and 3rd person perspectives. Now both modes are 100% synced and able to transition seamlessly, with complete freedom of action, high responsiveness, and none of the long standing animation issues that plagued both JVS and JSP. Moreover, all features of the original JSP like companion sprint (max 10 slots) and extra customization options are carried over.

Dedicated Weapon Sprint Animations - Built-in dedicated weapon sprint animation framework that allows the addition of custom sprint animations for specific weapons, for both 1st and 3rd person views, without any scripting, just plug and play. An example file is available, with 1st person sprint for Hit - Hunting Shotgun, and some (scraped) 3rd person sprint animations for the hunting rifle.

Enhanced Sneak - 100% foolproof revised sneak animation system that eliminates ALL abrupt camera pops when entering in and out of sneak mode. Camera height and transition speed are now customizable.

Prone Framework - A fully functional, secondary sneak mode that takes on the prone position. 3rd person animations support all pistols and rifles (both 2HA and 2HR weapons).

Enhanced Leaning - Leaning system that offers more natural movements and weapon tilting, and is animated in both 1st and 3rd person. In 3rd person, it can hook into 3rd Person Camera Overhaul and swap camera positions when leaning. It also features a smart key system when the lean right key is bound to the same key as the use key (usually E), so the key automatically switches in function, depending on whether or not an interactable object is being targeted.

JohnnyGuitar NVSE
kNVSE Animation Plugin
The Mod Configuration Menu (Optional: The mod can be configured through the INI file without MCM)

Load Order
If using 360 movement, load 360 esp after EM esp.

After that, it doesn't matter. On the rare occasions where there are loose file conflicts, just let this mod overwrite.

JVS - Just Vanilla Sprint - Not Compatible
EM has its own sprint mod and all of EM's features are written for it, not JVS.

JAM - Just Assorted Mods - Compatible
Fully compatible but JVS has to be disabled.

Just Sprint Plus - Expansion for JAM and JVS - Not Compatible
Redundant and obsolete. All of JSP's features are already included and improved upon in EM.

1st Person Sliding Fix - Not Compatible
Already part of EM. DO NOT load 1stPSF with EM or it will cause problems.

NV Compatibility Skeleton - Compatible With The 3rd Person Skeleton (But Not With The 1st Person Skeleton)
Quick explanation: There are two skeletons used in the game - one for 1st person and one for 3rd person. The two skeletons are separate and required for different animations.

The EM 1st person skeleton has node renames, so it cannot be merged. That being said, it's already patched for B42 Inertia, B42 Bows, and B42 Quickthrow, I'm open to patching the skeleton for more mods as long as the content they're for is not questionable.

Load order here doesn't matter. EM will automatically overwrite any 1st person skeleton.

B42 Quickthrow - Mostly Compatible
No quickthrow animations while prone in 3rd person.

Titans of The New West 2.0 - Compatible
No 3rd person prone animations.

360 Movement - Compatible
Patched for Enhanced Sprint. Load the 360 esp file after EM esp. Error messages will print one time in the console when switching to 1st person mode. These messages are harmless and won't occur enough to cause any bloat to the log file. This is as far as I can go with compatibility on my end, without touching any of the files in 360.

FPS Leaning - Not Compatible
FPS Leaning doesn't function if EM is installed. EM also comes with its own leaning mod.

FPS Weapon Lowering - Compatible
Patch carried over from 1st Person Sliding Fix. Please note that sliding fix won't function while weapon is lowered.

Animation Mods - Compatible
I've tested a couple of the Hit animation mods myself and have found no issues.

"I'm frozen in place and can't move unless I draw my weapon."
Disable 1st Person Sliding Fix. It is redundant and already a part of EM.

"When I attack with the flamer mid sprint in 1st person, the flame shoots sideways."
Disable bIncludeHeavyWeapons in lStewieAl's Tweaks.

"I'm having frequent crashes."
Some of these crashes are linked to the bEnable3rdPersonSkeletonNode setting in the EM ini. I've decided to disable the 3rd person leaning animations as of 1.20b, so this should no longer be a problem. If you're interested in the feature still, you can override this by setting bEnable3rdPersonSkeletonNode=2.

"Footstep sounds are gone when I do different things like jumping, switching weapons, crouching, etc."
Caused by kNVSE beta.

"I'm using Enhanced Camera and I get four arms when I sprint."
Set bVisibleArmsWeaponHolstered to 0 in Enhanced Camera's INI.

"I'm using Enhanced Camera and when I go into 1st person mode, my body is tilted sideways."
Make sure the 360Movement.esp is loaded after the EnhancedMovement.esp.

Known Issues & Limitations
In 1st person, drawing/holstering an unarmed weapon will stop sprinting while the animation plays twice.

In 3rd person, with "Sprint + Holster" option enabled, starting a sprint at the same time as holstering/drawing the weapon will cause the animation to glitch out one time before going back to normal.

In 3rd person, while in prone position and stationary, the character will reload facing down. This is because it's reusing vanilla reload animations. I'm not going to reanimate hundreds of full body reload animations. It'll look fine when moving.

In 3rd person, when using Titans 2.0, drawing/holstering weapon while sprinting will cause sprinting to stop even if the option is enabled.

In 3rd person prone mode, the animation will snap and freeze for a split second when holstering weapon while moving. A placeholder fix has already been put in place to reset the animation, otherwise the character would become completely frozen.

3rd Person Animation Fixpack for fixing gliding in 3rd person to get rid of it for good.

One may access the character states by checking the following quest/auxiliary variables. All auxiliary variables are stored on PlayerRef:
  • EMSprint.iSprint / *_EMSprint (0/1)
  • EMSprint.iSprintStop / *_EMSprintStop (set to 1 to disable sprinting, 0 to reenable)
  • EMSneak.iProne / *_EMProne (0/1)
  • EMLean.iLeanDirection / *_EMLean (-1/0/1 where -1=left, 0=center, 1=right)
For dedicated weapon sprint animations, check out the example file for reference. It's fine to just make animations for one perspective view.

To add a new 1st person sprint animation, put the file in "meshes\characters\_male\EM_Sprint_Dedicated_1stPerson\[WeaponEditorID]".

To add a new 3rd person sprint animation, put the file in "meshes\characters\_male\EM_Sprint_Dedicated_3rdPerson\[WeaponEditorID]\Male". If there are no female variant, put a copy in the Female folder. If there are no jumping animations, just copy a set of existing ones to the Male and Female folders.

Make sure to factor in the speed bonus. The default setting is set to +80% speed, so the resulting animation by default would end up playing faster by that amount in the game.