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Selectively detonate your C-4 charges by aiming your Detonator, and make other explosive weapons able to be remotely detonated.

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Detonator Overhaul

A mod that makes the usage of the campy radio-frequency detonator a bit more dynamic and strategic. I hope.

Basically, when pressing the detonator to blow up C-4 charges (or other, see later), you have the option of aiming before to detonate a single charge, instead of blowing them all at once. You'll detonate the charge nearest to where you AIM (zooming in w/ the blocking control/trigger), or the nearest to your position if aiming to the sky or too far away.

The script on the detonator no longer uses DetonatePlacedExplosives (the only instance of that command in the entire vanilla game!). Instead, it now funnels the detonation process through a new custom function that allows quite a bit of magic to happen. Long story short, It Just Works™.

You'll get a tutorial message upon equipping a detonator for the first time with this mod installed, for good or ill.

And of course, there's more! Remote detonation is no longer exclusive to C-4 charges. The keyword DetonateRemote can extend this capability to any explosive weapon or projectile, of which these are included in an ini file:
  • Demolition Charges from DM (I doubt the construction workers were triggering them by pressure?)
  • Satchel Charges from LR (come on, they just work that way IRL!)
  • Fat Mines from GRA (such an expensive weapon ought to be more strategic)
  • MFC Cluster (for shits n' giggles)

Any weapon or projectile with this keyword retains its previous workings, as well as gaining the ability to be remotely detonated and a dummy effect to inform of this in the pipboy. This means that, since the ones included by default are mines, they can still trigger by an enemy's proximity.
How to avoid this? Easy, disarm them and leave them in place after placing them, and you will still be able to detonate them! It's just so simple.

You can install and uninstall at leisure. Not compatible with mods altering the Detonator's script