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Have Dr Henry or Calamity swap between different dog brains for Rex, and improvements to their different effects on your good ol' mecha-doggy.

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Rex Brain Swap and Overhaul

The Nothin' But a Hound Dog quest seemed a bit like an excuse to learn about Jacobstown, and the effects it granted Rex where a bit underwhelming. Not to mention you were locked into one brain transplant for Rex. If Dr Henry and Calamity can carry out the procedure in just a few hours without a hitch, why not have them repeat it if you want to try out the different dog brains?

This mod changes the outcome of Nothin' But a Hound Dog so that your spare brains are not removed from your inventory. Instead, you can revisit whoever is manning the medical station at Jacobstown and have him/her swap Rex's brain with a different one, as many times as you like.
Plus, the different boons that Rex gets from each different brain have been changed a bit:
  • Rey's brain will make his bites cause twice as much damage, and even ignore the target's DT.
  • Lupa's brain will give him not just +10 DT, but also +35% resistance to fire and energy attacks, and a regeneration effect making Rex much harder to knock out (or kill) in combat.
  • Violetta's brain will increase his movement speed by 50%, but while in combat Rex will also be under the effects of Turbo: he will both move and attack blindingly fast.

The old script for Rex's bites to knock down the target has been deprecated. Rex can now only cause knockdowns once Nothin' But a Hound Dog is completed and he receives a new brain, but this is now done from his companion perk, which does away with the need for a buggy unarmed effect in his attacks.

And finally, completing the quest also grants Rex a Sonic Bark attack, like the ones from the OWB cyberdogs. You can make him toggle between biting and shooting his bark, for the fun of it. And more than fun.
Once you have unlocked different Sonic Emitter versions with Blind Diode Jefferson in The Sink, you can install those same versions on Rex. To do so, go into dialogue with him, select the topic to discuss his tactics, and you'll see which versions you can swap between. They use the same graphic and critical effects as the hand held versions, making for quite the ultimate mecha-doggo.

You can install this mod even if you had completed Nothin' But a Hound Dog already. You should receive any spare brains that the quest originally removed when it was completed, and can swap them at Jacobstown as usual. Though note Dr Henry or Calamity must be alive and in your good graces of course.
This mod is compatible with other mods altering Rex directly, but not with those changing the Jacobstown dialog topics to change Rex's brain. Fixes by YUP are carried forward.

Have fun.