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Adds balanced vanilla-style backpacks and an expandable scripted framework that allows backpacks to take damage from combat.

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Better Balanced Backpacks
(or BBB, an acronym I'm certain has never been used before, especially for Oblivion)
Honest Hearts
Lonesome Road
New Vegas Script Extender


I've always liked the idea of backpacks in these sorts of games, but I've always disliked that: 1. the available backpack mods don't fit the aesthetics of the vanilla game, and 2. backpacks tend to be unbalanced, since they're essentially a free permanent carryweight boost.

This mod aims to fix that.

Better Balanced Backpacks adds some vanilla-friendly backpacks based on the existing slave backpack. That's nothing special, but a new scripted framework is also added that allows backpacks to take damage in combat, so that they need to be maintained to avoid breaking. This feature is compatible with any other mods that add backpacks, provided someone does a quick bit of FNVEdit'ing to allow this mod to recognise the new backpacks.

The above paragraph explains most of what this mod does, but here's some extra detail. In the vanilla game, only armour in the main equipment slots takes damage. Therefore, even though backpacks have condition assigned, there's no way they can ever take damage and they can never break. To solve that, I've reverse-engineered the vanilla condition damage formulas and reimplemented them through a script. This script uses an NVSE handler to pick up when the player is hit in the torso area, and then exactly replicates the vanilla damage formulas to apply damage to any equipped backpack. The backpack can be maintained using a variety of scrap items, but mostly animal pelts and hides.

Backpacks can be obtained by crafting them at the campfire. They require Leather Belts, Tanned Gecko Hides, and Scrap Metal. Tanned Gecko Hides are required to add some sort of barrier-to-entry, and also get some more use out of the underused vanilla recipe. You can craft the different coloured versions by also having a Paint Gun. The backpacks are a smaller versions of the vanilla slave backpacks, and fit the game's desert/tribal subtheme quite well.

All backpacks have a carry weight bonus and a debuff (either Agility or Sneak, depending on the version you use).


Backpacks can be given to followers, but they will not receive damage in combat. This feature is for the player only.


This mod requires the following:

There are two versions of the main file. The Vanilla version is balanced for the vanilla game's carry weight, and the JSawyer version is balanced for any mod that lowers carry weight (JSawyer is not required). Obviously, I'm hinting that users of JSawyer Ultimate Edition should use the JSawyer version. Use only one download, not both.

Standard installation procedure: add the file to your data folder and check in the game launcher or your mod manager of choice. Load wherever.


This mod can be safety uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game. Just delete the file and you're good to go.


This mod changes no vanilla forms and is conflict-free.

If you want backpacks from other mods to be affected by the damage mechanic, you need to add them to the form list BBBxBackpackLIST [FormID xx000801], which can be easily done with basic FNVEdit skills. It would also help to set their repair list to BBBxBackpackRepairLIST [FormID xx000800] so that they can be repaired with the relevant scrap items. Finally, if you want the backpack effects to be consistent with this mod's balance, you can change the object effect to BBBxEnchBackpack [FormID xx00080D].

Future Plans

At present, the backpacks use the Strong Back perk icon. I'm quite literally hoping Jesus can deliver me some better icons, if he's out there.


dasmart88 for External Frame Backpack, from which the backpack models have been taken.
AngryKarakuri for Alex's Backpack Mod, from which the different backpack texture variants were taken.

My Mods

I spend a lot of time creating and supporting my mods, so any donations are gratefully received.