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Adds balanced vanilla-style backpacks and an expandable scripted framework that allows backpacks to take damage from combat. Support other mods without the need for patches.

Permissions and credits
Better Balanced Backpacks
(or BBB, an acronym I'm certain has never been used before)
Honest Hearts
Lonesome Road
ShowOff NVSE Plugin (optional)


I've always liked the idea of backpacks in these sorts of games, but I've always disliked that: 1. the available backpack mods don't fit the aesthetics of the vanilla game, and 2. backpacks tend to be unbalanced, since they're essentially a free permanent carry weight boost.

Better Balanced Backpacks aims to fix that. It does several things:

  • Adds a set of craftable vanilla-friendly backpacks that can also be optionally distributed throughout the game.
  • Adds a framework that allows backpacks to take damage during combat, so that they need periodic repair.
  • Adds a framework to automatically work with backpacks added by other mods, optionally balancing and distributing those backpacks too.

More Information

New Backpacks

Backpack Damage

Mod Support


This mod requires the following:

Standard installation procedure: add the file to your data folder and check in the game launcher or your mod manager of choice. Load wherever.

If you are using a JSawyer mod, I strongly recommend you set both bLowCarryWeightMode and bSneakDebuff to 1 in the INI file for consistency with Sawyer's conventions.


This mod can be safety uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game. Just delete the file and you're good to go.


This mod changes no vanilla forms and is conflict-free.

For a mod to hook into the balance or distribution system, a simple JSON config file is required, which is placed in the data\config\Better Balanced Backpacks\ folder. When you launch the game, Better Balanced Backpacks will scan the folder and automatically add support for any items identified by formID in the file.

The QwibNewBackpacks.esp.json is the best example, and adds support for Canvas Backpacks - Remade by QwibQwib. The filename should be the same as the backpack mod's name. The JSON file contains a single object with the following possible properties:
  • size_vsmall: array of formIDs for very small backpacks (+15/+10 lbs)
  • size_small: array of formIDs for small backpacks (+25/+15 lbs)
  • size_med: array of formIDs for medium backpacks (+40/+20 lbs)
  • size_large: array of formIDs for large backpacks (+50/+25 lbs)
  • size_xlarge: array of formIDs for extra large backpacks (+75/+35 lbs)
  • size_pouch: array of formIDs for small pouches (+10/+5 lbs)
  • loot_generic: array of formIDs for backpacks that should be distributed to adventurers, mercenaries, and traders
  • loot_legion: array of formIDs for backpacks that should be distributed to Caesar's Legion
  • loot_khan: array of formIDs for backpacks that should be distributed to Great Khans
  • loot_ncr: array of formIDs for backpacks that should be distributed to NCR Troopers

Note that the formIDs are load order independent, so should have only six digits maximum (leading zeros can be omitted).

Future Plans

At present, the backpacks use the Strong Back perk icon. I'm quite literally hoping Jesus can deliver me some better icons, if he's out there.


dasmart88 for External Frame Backpack, from which the backpack models have been taken.
AngryKarakuri for Alex's Backpack Mod, from which the different backpack texture variants were taken.
Vegemit3 for the custom backpack icons.

My Mods

I spend a lot of time creating and supporting my mods, so any donations are gratefully received.