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Turns the Archimedes II orbital laser into the beefy version that is shown if the player chooses to test fire the thing, instead of the wimpy laser the player actually gets.

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Pretty much all this mod does is revamp the Euclid C-Finder/Archimedes II firing sequence, to the point where it becomes an actually useful weapon against anything tougher than a standard fiend. The new Archimedes II beam uses the special effect that's only seen should the player test fire it at Helios One, it has a much larger blast radius, and will instantly disintegrate anything caught in the blast. Experience is properly rewarded for any kills made by the device, and other NPCs will appropriately react to their friends being blasted.

In addition, the C-Finder itself now weighs less and has more item health, plus once acquired you will generate one Archimedes II charge once per day so long as you keep the C-Finder in your inventory and have actually sent power to Archimedes II.

Here's a video of it in action, just note that this video is ever so slightly out of date, the impact effect was somewhat tweaked since this video but otherwise everything else is the same.


Just base New Vegas!


Weijiesen for separating the massive Archimedes II beam laser from its original combined mesh.