Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Small Mods Merged/Little Mods Merged is a compilation of 24 small mods that enhance gameplay without disrupting balance while remaining true to the game's universe (lore-friendly).

Small Mods Merged/Little Mods Merged est une compilation de 24 petits mods qui améliorent le gameplay sans perturber l'équilibre, tout en respectant l'unive

Permissions and credits
The purpose of this mod is to enhance the overall game experience with small mods, without compromising the balance and without altering the lore.
Take a look at the images and their descriptions to discover all the mod's details.
I recommend using it in combination with Essential Vanilla Enhancements Merged and Essential DLC Enhancements Merged, which also improve the game in a light and immersive way.

Le but de ce mod est d'améliorer l'expérience globale du jeu grâce à de petits mods, sans compromettre l'équilibrage et sans altérer le lore.
Regardez les images et leur description pour découvrir tous les détails du mod.

Je vous recommande de l'utiliser avec Essential VanillaEnhancements Merged et Essential DLCEnhancements Merged, qui améliorent également le jeu de manière légère tout en préservant l'immersion.


If you like this compilation, remember to download, and approve the original mods.
Below is a list of other mods included in this collection, for which permissions were either open or have been received from the original authors

Loot All Cars Trucks Golf Carts Vehicles, by hairylegs222 and Tommy aka hairylegs222
Equip Slots Changer, by Zebumper
Skip DLC Intro Slides, by coocoo19
Save Perks for Later,by LivewareCascade
Twice As Fast VATS, by Bunslinger
Patchy's Assassin Outclassin' Disabler, by JamesiaInc
Invisibility for no Reputation, bySagittarius22
Invisibility for no Reputation French version, translateby Corax
I Know I'm Wearing Faction Armor, by pommymax
Jet Effect From Fallout 4, by Taboo15
NPCs Sprint In Combat, by korri123
Powder Ganger Reputation Workaround, by Malinthebeast
Powder Ganger Reputation Workaround French version, translateby hinageshi
Fucking Scary Fiends,by PlatinumShad0w
God can use Weapons - Dead Money, by CarlZee
Lonesome Road - Heavier Reputation Loss,by memesnotbullets
Stronger Traveling Merchants, by TheScout201and lobosolitario12345
Take Chems Make Fiends, by mastahbossu
Take Chems Make Fiends (1.6) - version francaise, by Zebumper
Take Chems Make Fiends - HD Icon, by mastahbossuand dasbadman
Primm Trooper Approaches You, by nolace and n_nolace
Eat Ghost People from Dead Money (and other abominations), by guirigeez and Guiri
Raiders Aren't Shirtless Dweebs - Replacer, by CarlZee
Fiends With Style, by TheTalkieToaster
Fiends with Style -- Fixed, by Manan6619
Fallout 4 Jet, by TribunalTastic
Chems Dehydrate - Fallout 4 Jet Patches, by TribunalTastic