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Based on the "Fight - Flight - Freeze " stress response. Now the Courier can trigger a survival mode to stand and resist enemies (Fight), run away as fast as he can (Flight) or surrender (Freeze) in battle and hope for the best.

Permissions and credits
Now the Courier can react accordigly to one evolutionary response to danger detected in most animals (Humans and Chimpazees specially). This mod is designed to be used in life-or-death situations.

New Freeze response: When you are unable to fight or run from perceived danger, it incites a panic response, making you numb or immobile in the face of the enemy. By showing yourself completely harmless (even playing death) your survival chance increases.

Surrender stands were taken from the awesome mod Slave In Pose, made by LostRider so please endorse it. 

If you want to change the trigger key/button, just set a differente Auto-Move key in the vanilla config.

FIGHT mode:

While in combat, face the enemy at close distance and point right to him. Press Forward+Auto move  (usually Q+W keys). You need to have below 50% health

Physiological effects:
- Breathing gets faster as smooth muscles in your lungs relax for greater oxygen intake.
  • Increase damage resistance
  • Increase damage threshold
- Brain reduces focus on small tasks to concentrate on the threat.
  • Sharp reflexes: Turbo mode.
  • Critical Chance boost.
- Heart rate and blood pressure increase:
  • Strenght boost.
  • Melee damage boost.
  • Unarmed damage boost.
-Veins in your skin constrict to send more blood to your muscles.
  • Poison resistance boost.
  • Fire resistance boost.

Trade Offs:
  • Can't acces to your pip-boy while in fight mode. You can only think on attack.
  • Can't run. Only walk.
  • Shared 5 minutes stress response cooldown after use.

FLIGHT mode:

While in combat, press Forward+Auto move (usually Q+W keys) without pointing anyone and hold for one second.

Physiological effects:
- Pupils dilate to take in more light.
  • Night vision effect if its dark.
- Blood-glucose levels increase to boost energy level
  • ~40% speed gain.
- Crippled legs? You'll still be able tu run away, but slower and you'll damage yourself while doing it (still better than dying).

Trade Offs:
  • Once you start running you better keep doing it. Once you stop, you'll fall exhausted.
  • Can't acces to your pip-boy. 
  • When running, you can't use any weapon.
  • No one likes cowards so you'll have a long lasting charisma penality. The more you run away from battles, the worst it will be.
  • You'll drop your weapon if it's not holstered.
  • Shared 5 minutes stress response cooldown after use.

FREEZE mode:

While in combat,  face the enemy at medium distance, point right to him and press Backwards+Auto move (usually Q+S keys).

Physiological effects:

- Body dissociation allows you tu endure physical, mental, and emotional trauma. 
  • You'll be completely frozen for ~4 seconds.
  • Increase Endurance.
  • Being harmless, the person or animal aggressing against you might lose interest in continuing his attack. Some Perks increase the chance of mercy from NPCs (Humans, Animals, Mutants etc).
  • The more harmless you look, the more chances you have to be forgiven/ignored.
  • (Factors that affect your harm projection: Crippled limbs, health, armor, weapon, Charisma, Luck and others)

- Brain secretes endorphins, so the pain of injury is experienced with far less intensity.
  • Increase damage resistance
  • Increase damage threshold
  • You can stay surrendered as long as you don't perform any other action.

Trade Offs:
  • You'll be at complete mercy of your combat targets.
  • Even if your rendition succeeds, your enemies might still bully you, just for fun (only if you also have the Agonize Mod).
  • Can't acces to your pip-boy, move, etc without being a target again. 
  • Your combat allies can demoralize and try to flee (when using Agonize they might surrender as well).
  • No one likes cowards so you'll have a long lasting charisma penality. The more you surrender, the worst it will be.
  • Shared 5 minutes stress response cooldown after use.

Also check out my other mods: Agonize,  Humanize-Brutalize and Mortalize.

Suggestions and bug reports are welcome.

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