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Dynamic quest markers that highlights nearby skill books, anywhere, anytime

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This mod adds a quest that dynamically adds quest markers for nearby skill books placed in the world or in containers.

I considered creating a static quest mod like my various TTW Collectibles mods, but there are a few problems applying that model to skill books:
There are a few hundred skill books between both wastelands in TTW, and that's a bit of an overload of quest markers. I don't actually know if I could make a quest with that many in the first place, I didn't bother trying. An alternative to a quest with a few hundred objective markers is 13 quests that still have a few dozen markers each, which is an immense amount of clutter in the quests tab. Ultimately, skill books aren't very important. Compared to TTW Bobbleheads, which grant unique stat-related perks, skill books only grant a point or two for their related skill, and once you hit 100 in any of those skills, they become nothing but barter fodder. There's no need to collect all of them that exist, or any reason that you should have a marker pointing to one on the other side of the map (or other side of the country) when the reward for collecting it is somewhere between a tiny skill bonus and about 50 caps.

Because of these factors, I came up with this mod as what I believe to be a better alternative. It notifies you when you're *near* a skill book so that you don't potentially walk past it and miss it, but also doesn't make collecting every skill book a major priority. It also maintains the original intention of skill books as a reward for exploration, rather than making them a checklist to complete.

With version 3.0, the mod has also been greatly expanded with MCM providing new options for how notifications are sent to the player, more granular filtering of which books get marked, and the option to make marked references glow, to provide feedback without the need to set the quest active.

The mod can also be safely installed on a save in-progress, and should be compatible with everything.