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A little UI widget to satisfy your need to see what you just looted

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Do you like looting stuff? How about cool little UI feedback widgets?
Would you like to see what you just looted, in a cool little UI widget?!
You've came to the right place! This ESPless mod does exactly that!!

● ESPless. ScriptRunner. No ESP - no problems. You can poke the script too
● Category merging when you loot big time, so it doesn't clutter your screen
● Special Items Coloring! Never miss quest items, caps or something stolen
● Supports trade, crafting, and removal, you won't see dupes or wrong count
● Fancy icons! With, I guess, okayish auto assignment. Could've been worse
 ● Fully configurable! Just head to Data\Config\XRCLoot folder and tweak all
 ● Blacklist! Don't want some item to show up? Just follow included example.
  ● There's no hidden message, stop searching for it. I did not bother this time.

xNVSE version 6.2.9 or higher
JIP LN NVSE version 56.78 or higher
JohnnyGuitar NVSE version 4.93 or higher
ShowOff NVSE version 1.55 or higher
UI Organizer Plugin version 2.30 or higher

As promised, here's another little mod!

          Yet another mod made at Hitman request. As I was working on Notifications, he goes
"What if you use this for loot log? You know, like in that Skyrim mod?" I giggled but agreed
because why not. System was already in place, ready to go, change few things and done.     

          What could possibly go wrong, amirite guys? Right?. Oh boy.  How about everything?
And go wrong it did. If there was even a slightest chance for something to break - it broke.
Let's say, this was a bit of a nightmare mod to make. Got to the point where I was ready to
drop it, Shift+Del and forget, but I've promised Hit to give it one last chance.                       

         So there it is. It works, but I am not exactly sure if it's bugfree, time will tell. But even
if it breaks, it won't drag other mods down with it, or crash the game or whatever. So at the
very least it's safe. And of course it's Script Runner, so it still to be treated as experimental.

Install all required mods first, then this one.
Uninstallation - do the same, but in reverse. 

Hitman47101, for requesting this mod, lol
Demorome, for going extra mile for me <3
Game-Icons.net, icons (full cred in perms)
Bethesda, for extremely moddable engine
Obsidian, for Fallout New Vegas of course

Armed Forces of Ukraine, for keeping me alive and safe

Слава Україні!