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A fork of Autumn Leaves that fixes some bugs.

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An unofficial update to Autumn Leaves (made with permission from the original author) that aims to fix bugs and oversights with the original mod, as well as other tweaks and improvements. 

I plan to fix other issues as I find them. You are also welcome to post bug reports and I will investigate them when I have time. Make sure to include editor IDs, and form IDs, quest names, etc.

  • Added new misc stats for Blue Books and Printing Cards found.
  • Cleaned out ITMs, deleted records, and a couple of dirty edits in vanilla cells. 
  • Decompressed plugin.
  • Fixed Hypatia map marker not having library reputation (requires Stewie Tweaks). 
  • Fixed being able to travel to Hypatia right away. You will now need to discover the location.
  • Fixed bug in ALPlayerBookSCRIPT where it used Deputy Beagle's baseform to check if he was dead instead of his reference.
  • Fixed dead Mr. Handys despawning in Hypatia cave.
  • Fixed library faction not having its associated reputation. 
  • Fixed misaligned light in central library cell
  • Made Blue Spined Books and Printing Cards quest items so they can't be dropped and picked up again to cheese their respective challenges.
  • Mod is esmified meaning it will take up less memory and navmeshing won't break. 
  • Modified companion wait script to account for unlimited companion mods such as JIP CC&C.
  • Navmesh improvements and tweaks
  • Recompiled scripts and indented them for better readability.
  • Refinalized Navmeshes
  • Removed unneeded and unused screenshot/preview cells.
  • Removed value from Blue Spined Books since they can no longer be sold.
  • Resolved a YUP conflict with Cateye.
  • Short circuited scripts with && statements.

  • Fixed bug where you could get inifnite engine room keys from James.
  • Added door control terminal so you can close the vault door.