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Provides a bonus to all skills while in a dialogue based on Charisma score.

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Pretty much everyone agrees that Charisma is a dump stat. This mod attempts to fix the issue by adding a flat modifier to all skills while in a dialogue that is based on the player's Charisma:

 1 Charisma: -20
 2 Charisma: -15
 3 Charisma: -10
 4 Charisma:  -5
 5 Charisma:   0
 6 Charisma:  +5
 7 Charisma: +10
 8 Charisma: +15
 9 Charisma: +20
10 Charisma: +25

So, for example, with 7 Charisma and 35 Medicine, you'll be able to pass all Medicine checks up to 45. This provides a nice alternative to high Intelligence builds.

Keep in mind that these bonuses work in the dialogue menu exclusively and don't provide any benefit besides making various skill checks easier or harder. Only the permanent Charisma score is taken into account, so temporary buffs from chems and whatnot won’t work. Speech and Barter were already boosted by Charisma in the vanilla game and thus unaffected.

xNVSE, JIP LN NVSE Plugin, Improved Console (NVSE)
YUP is not a requirement but strongly recommended.