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A fully customisable engine plugin providing a collection of bugfixes, tweaks and new features to the game at no performance cost.
Includes Inventory Searching, Cookable Grenades, Smooth Aiming, WASD Menu Support and more. Fully compatible with TTW and The Frontier.

Permissions and credits
An esp-less collection of Quality-of-Life improvements in one file with INI settings to enable tweaks.

All features are optional and disabled by default
and can be enabled by launching the game to fill the INI and then modifying the relevant line under the [Tweaks] section to be ‘= 1’ instead of ‘= 0’. For hotkey options, change the value under [Hotkeys] to the desired key.

It is safe to install, update or uninstall mid-playthrough (a new save is not required).

When updating, the mod's INI will be automatically filled with any new settings after launching the game - you do not need to reconfigure settings when updating.

New in 5.00+

For a full changelog see here.

Quality Of Life
2 Hotkey Restored - replaces the 'Ammo Swap' icon with a functional weapon slot '2' (rebinding the Ammo Swap Key may be required)
AddItem Console Commands Need No Count - add/removeitem default to 1 item when no count is specified, and update inventory if called on the player
Allow Activate While Animation Plays - allow activating objects while firing, reloading, jumping etc.
Allow Sleep Wait With Reduced Max Health - allow sleeping while max health is temporarily reduced
Better AutoWalk - moving left/right does not cancel autowalk and add backwards movement support
Better Pickup Prompt - show the value and weight for a whole stack of items while looting and indicate the weight in red if it would overencumber you
Center On Cell Accepts Form IDs - make the COC command accept form IDs
Clicking Shows Rest Of Terminal Note Page - make clicking in terminals only skip to next page if the whole page is shown already
Console Background - add a background to the console
Decrease Dialogue And Start Menu Click Delay - half the delay between clicking on menu items (500ms->250ms)
Delay Post Combat LevelUp - add a 3s delay after combat before the LevelUp menu will show
Delay Post Combat Reputation Message Box - add a 3s delay after combat the reputation changed message box will show
Deselect Quests - allow un-setting of the active quest
Don't Save Duplicate Commands To Console History - prevent consecutive duplicate commands being stored in the sent history
Extra Selected Console Ref Details - include the name of the last mod that modified the selected console ref
Faster Save Menu Close - remove a hard-coded 3 second delay when saving with the save menu
Faster Sleep Wait - add a configurable delay between hours while waiting or sleeping
Faster Terminal Hacking Transition - decrease the delay after successfully hacking from 3 seconds to 0.5 seconds
Faster Title Screen - remove the wait for the Fallout New Vegas logo to be at full alpha
Faster Quest And Note Menu - only redraw the menus when gaining new notes/quests
Godmode Needs No Ammo - allow firing with 0 ammo in godmode (in vanilla you need at least 1 bullet)
Godmode Prevents Crippled Head Effect - prevent the concussion effect in godmode
Godmode Prevents Landing Pain Sound - prevent the hit shader and landing sound when falling in godmode
Hide Grenade Indicator If Explosion Does No Damage - hide the HUD grenade indicator for projectiles whose explosions do no damage
Improved Flycam Controls - add AutoMove, flying up and down using Jump and Crouch, rotating pressing Z and C, and scroll wheel to change flight speed. Additionally pressing Reload enables a smooth camera
Improved Hacking - prevent single character attempts, i.e. clicking on "/" won't use an attempt; prevent duplicate guesses; remove a dud instead of replenishing allowance if allowance is already full; don't print the clicked on characters with the "Dud removed" and "Allowance replenished" messages
Include Plugin Name In Console Prints - prepend [Modname.esp] to debug prints from scripts
Keep Quest Text Visible While Aiming - don't hide the quest/location text when aiming
Keep Roulette Bet Amount - don't reset the bet amount to 1 after playing roulette
Less Restrictive VATS Menu Exiting - allow dequeuing actions or exiting vats while zooming in/out
Level Up Menu Scrollwheel Support - allow use of the scrollwheel to increase/decrease skills in the Level Up Menu
List Missing Mods On Load - add the list of missing mods to the "Content is Missing" prompt when loading a save
Lockpick Click To Rotate - add left click to rotate during lockpick
Lower Ambient Music Volume During Dialogue - scale the volume of background music during dialogue
Lower Radio Song Volume During Dialogue - lower the volume of radio songs while speaking to an NPC
Marker Added Popup Name - include the cell name in the "Map marker added." popup
Menu Numpad Support - allow use of numpad in menus and the console
No Interior Black Post-Loading Screen - remove the hardcoded 1 second of black screen after entering all interiors
No Loading DLC Popup at Start Menu - remove the "Loading extra content" popup at the start menu
No Minimum Companion Map Distance - remove the minimum distance for showing a companion on the world map
No PipBoy On Alt Tab - stop the PipBoy from opening/closing when you ALT-TAB
No Place Marker Popup - don't show the 'Place/Remove marker' popup when placing markers on the map
No Screenshot Popup - print the "Screenshot Created" message to console instead of showing a popup
Non-Selectable Player In Console - prevent the player being selected when clicking in console (happens frequently with Enhanced Camera)
Persistent Console History - store/restore sent console commands to a text file between sessions
Queue Holster Weapons While Anims Play - pressing holster weapon while animations play will holster the weapon when they are finished
Rebind 1/3-9 Hotkeys - allow rebinding the 1/3-9 weapon hotkeys in the settings menu
Remember Ammo Count On Load - fix a vanilla bug that reloaded the player weapon when loading a save
Remember Selected Ammo Type - restore the last selected ammo type when loading a save
Remember Selected Console Ref - remember the selected reference when closing the console
Save PipBoy Scroll Positions - store the scroll height of each inventory page in the cosave
Scope Visibility Delay - delay visibility of scope overlay when zooming in, and optionally stopping aiming while reloading
Show Currency In Misc Containers And Caps In PipBoy - unhide faction currency in the misc tab of containers, and caps in the PipBoy
Show Quest And Non DR/DT Items In Vendor Repair Menu - unhide quest items and armors with no DR/DT in the vendor repair menu
Show Unconscious Companions on Map - show unconscious companions on the local/world maps (in red)
Skip Continue Game Prompt - skip the "Continue from your last saved game?" prompt when clicking continue game in the main menu
Skip Deathcam Hotkey - add hotkey 'left-alt' to instantly end the player deathcam
Skip Main Menu Loading Video - automatically skip the loading video when entering the main menu
Skip To Perk Screen If No Skill Points To Assign - skip the skillpoint screen if all skills are already maxed out
Slot Machine Continual Spin Hotkey - add a hotkey 'W' to continually spin the slot machine
Smooth True Iron Sights Camera - aim down sights without the camera snapping to place!
TCL Prevents Player Position Reset - stop the player's position being reset if flying out of bounds with Collision Disabled
Use Hip Fire Anims While Scoped - use hip fire animations and recoil patterns while scoped to prevent weapons lingering in your face when unscoping
VATS Dpad Changes Body Part - add controller dpad support to scroll through all VATS bodyparts
VATS Ignores Teammates - stop VATS targeting companions
VATS Target Head By Default - target the head instead of torso when entering VATS

12 Hour PipBoy Clock - show the time in 12 hour format in the PipBoy MapMenu
24 Hour Sleep/Wait Clock - show the time in 24 hour format in the Sleep/Wait menu
AP and HP Visible While Using Scope - show the AP and HP bars while using a scope
Clicking Current Pipboy Tab Sorts/Filters Inventory - clicking on the current pipboy tab sorts/filters the inventory
Color New Map Markers - color newly added map markers in red (till the save is reloaded)
Colored HUD Bars - color the HP and AP bars red when they are low
Compare Armor Stats - add - or + next to armor DT and DR in inventories compared to the current equipped armors
Compare Weapon Stats - add - or + next to weapon damage and DPS in inventories compared to the current equipped weapon
Compass Height Indicator - show whether an NPC is above or below the player on the compass as in Fallout 4
Custom Add To Inventory Message Timer - customise the length of time the 'Added to inventory' message is shown
Custom Companion HUD Color - customize the color for companions on the compass
Custom Max HUD NPC Compass Ticks - allows a custom max number of compass ticks above the vanilla maximum of 10
DD.MM.YY Date Format - use a custom date format in the Sleep/Wait and PipBoy menus
Dialog Number Hotkeys - add hotkeys to press dialog options (pairs well with VUI+'s numbered topics setting)
Disable Compass Edge Alpha - remove the hardcoded fade from NPCs, locations and player placed marker on the right side of the compass
Disable Grenade Indicator - hide the nearby grenade indicator
Disable HUD Hotkey Wheel - prevent the hotkey wheel showing when holding a hotkey
Disable Hard-coded Tutorial Messages - disable hard-coded one-time tutorial menu messages
Disable Hardcore/RADS Needs Messages - prevent the "... increased" and "You are now sick with ..." messages, toggle each individually
Distance Based Compass Alpha - scale the alpha of compass locations and NPCs based on distance from the player
Distance Based Quest Marker Visibility - hide the quest marker if it is further than some distance from the player (separate value for interiors/exteriors)
Disable Show Quest Location - disable the "Show Location" button functionality in the quests tab
Don't Multiply Item Stats By Stack Size - show the stats of an individual item instead of the entire stack in inventories
Drop Item Hotkey - add a key 'Q' to drop items in the PipBoy
Extended Menu WASD Supportallow WASD for movement and e and spacebar for interaction in menus. Moving left/right will jump down a page in listboxes. TAB goes back or closes any menu. Scale scroll speed in menus while Shift is held (optional). Navigate the Map Menu by holding alt and using WASD and zoom in and out with W/S if alt isn't held
HUD Color Sliders - add color sliders for the main HUD in the settings menu - note DUI doesn't support the extra options
HUD Show Region Names - show interior cell names or the closest marker name in the HUD region text (the bottom left 'Mojave Wasteland' text)
Hide Ammo Label - hide the ammo label from the main HUD, optionally showing total ammo
Hide Completed Quests - hide completed quests in the PipBoy
Hide Crosshair In First Person - hide the crosshair while in first person
Hide Cursor In Dialog - hide the cursor during dialog
Hide Equipped Items In Barter/Containers - don't display player equipped items in the barter menu and containers
Hide Exterior Load Screen Backgrounds - remove the background image and tip text when changing cells (excludes loading a save)
Hide Food Worn Off Message - prevent the 'X worn off' message for food items
Hide HUD Crippled Limb Indicator - prevent the vaultboy showing when you injure a limb
Hide Loading Screen Tips - hide the tips shown during load screens
Hide Location Popup - stop the 'Location Discovered' text
Hide Main Menu Downloads Button - remove the downloads button from the main menu
Hide Map Marker Added Popup - remove the "Map Marker Added" popup
Hide Map Marker Faction Reputation - hide the faction reputation on locations in the world map
Hide Misc Quest Items - hide quest items in the misc PipBoy tab
Hide Quest Failed Popup - hide the quest failed text (optionally only if the quest was started)
Hide Quest Objective Text - hide the quest added text when objectives are added, or a save is loaded - optionally hide completed objectives
Hide Ranks In Trait Description - hide the 'Ranks' from the description of traits in the Trait menu
Hide Red Crosshair On Distant Invisible NPCs - prevent the red crosshair when mousing over invisible enemies in the distance
Hide Reputation Messages - disable the reputation gain/loss messages and popups (optionally only hide them if you're already at min/max rep)
Hide Skill Tags - hide the [Speech] etc. tags in dialogue, and [FAILED] and [SUCCESS] in responses
Hide Unavailable Radios - don't show unavailable radio stations in the PipBoy radios tab
Hide Unconscious Message - remove the "... is now unconscious" message when an actor is knocked out
Hide Unmarked Compass Locations - show unvisited locations on the compass only if they are marked on the map
Hide Unspoken NPC Names - hide the names of NPCs that haven't spoken to the player from the HUD prompt
Invert Pipboy Repair Condition Sorting - sort low condition items to the top of the pipboy repairs list
Keep Crosshair When Aiming - keep the crosshair visible when aiming with non-scoped weapons
Location Discovered Corner Message - show the location discovered text as a corner message
Menu Hide Weightless/Sort By Weight Button - add a UI element to the PipBoy, Inventory and Barter menus that toggles visibility of weightless items, or sorts by weight
Menu Search - add Ctrl-F to search in PipBoy, Container, Barter, Recipe and Levelup Perks menus
No Capitalised Container Categories - don't capitalise the container category titles (Aid, Weapons, Armor etc.)
No Cripple/Critical Messages - disable the messages when crippling or critical hitting an NPC
No Karma Messages - disable the good/bad karma messages and sounds, or stop bad karma sounds repeating within an interval
No Red Crosshair on Enemies - stop the crosshair turning red when hovering over an enemy
No XP Popup - hide the XP bar and sound
PipBoy Shows Weapon Poison Effects - show melee weapon poison effects when viewing weapons in the PipBoy
Quest Compass Height Indicator - indicate whether a quest marker is above or below the player on the compass
Recurring Challenge Indicator - show (Recurring) beside the progress indicator for recurring challenges
Remove Sneak Label - remove the [HIDDEN] etc. label
Show Note Menu in PipBoy - show the Scroll menu when opening notes from the PipBoy
Show Sneak Label While Standing - show the [HIDDEN] etc. label while standing
Show Weapon Ammo Use In Menus - show the ammo used per shot when viewing a weapon in the inventory
Sort Level Up Perks - sort the levelup perk menu alphabetically
Sort Pipboy Notes - sort the Pipboy Notes tab alphabetically or move unread notes to the top
Sort PipBoy Quests - sort the PipBoy Quests tab alphabetically or by completion
Sort Repair Services Menu Alphabetically - sort the RepairServicesMenu by worn/alphabetically/condition
Start Menu Back Key - add hotkey TAB to go back in the start/pause menu
Stats Effects Menu Show Time Remaining - show the time remaining beside temporary effects in the Stats Menu
Stats Menu Percentage XP - show the XP bar as a percentage in the Stats Menu
Terminal Exit Key - pressing TAB exits the current terminal
Terminal Instant Display Hotkeys - add hotkeys Shift and Right Mouse Button to instantly display the current terminal text
Unvisited Cell Indicator - show a * in the door activation prompt for unvisited interior cells

Gameplay/Balance Features
Agility Scales Movement Speed - movement speed is affected by the agility stat (affects player and all NPCs)
Ammo Count/Type Memory Per Weapon Ref - remember ammo type and count for all player weapons - replaces a vanilla feature where looting an NPC's weapon would also give some ammo
Automatically Unequip Broken Armor - automatically unequip armor when it breaks (affects player and all NPCs)
Charged Attacks Cost AP - require action points for unarmed/melee power attacks
Cookable Grenades - holding a grenade before throwing it decreases its fuse
Detected By Whom - show the names of all actors detecting the player (excluding teammates)
Entering VATS Costs AP - require Action Points to enter VATS, optionally only allow VATS if you have enough AP to fire the weapon
Fallout 76 Encumbrance - allow running and jumping while over-encumbered using action points
Fast Travel Requires Nuka Cola - make fast travel consume an Ice Cold Nuka or Nuka Quantum/Quartz/Victory
Hold And Release Throwables - allows click and holding throwable weapons before throwing them
Instant End VATS Hotkey - add hotkey MenuMode (the PipBoy key) to instantly exit a VATS killcam
Jumping Costs Action Points - add an Action Points cost when jumping
Jump While Aiming - remove the block on jumping while aiming
Kills Reward AP - earn Action Points when killing outside of VATS
Level Difference Based Combat XP - make XP based on the level difference between the player and killed actor
Manual Reload - stop the game automatically reloading when a clip is emptied
Move During VATS Playback - allow movement during VATS killcams
No Healing Items In Combat - prevent use of healing items while in combat
Pickpocket Overhaul - modify the pickpocket formula to take into account item weight, target perception and detection. Optionally show success chance
Power Armor Scales Fall Damage - add a multiplier to the damage attained when falling with a power armor torso equipped (affects all NPCs)
Prevent Reloading Without Empty Clip - only allow reloading if the clip is empty
Quick Use - holding shift and activating the crosshair item will equip it (Aid, Armors and Weapons), or the Book Menu when activating notes (requires Book Menu Restored). Show item stats while shift is held (DAM/DPS for weapons, DT/DR for armors)
Remember Bobby Pin Health - keep bobby pin damage between lockpick attempts
Repairs Reward XP - earn XP when repairing items
Robotic Companions Heal With Scrap Metal - heal companions using scrap metal + repair skill instead of stimpaks + medicine skill
Run While Aiming - remove the movement penalty while aiming
Running Costs Action Points - add an AP cost for running
Scope Hold Breath - decrease scope wobble at the cost of Action Points while shift or Activate are held
Slow Breath Regen - slowly regenerate breath when not underwater (vanilla is instant)
Supported Power Armor - make power armor weightless when worn
Unequip Weapon Mods - allow unequipping weapon mods, and hides duplicates from the mod menu
Vendors Obey Their Buy/Sell Flags - make vendors obey their Buy/Sell flags, hiding items they don't accept
Weapon Requirements Matter - disallow the player equipping items without the prerequisite strength and weapon skill levels

Misc Features
Adjustable Scope Zoom - add scroll-wheel to zoom while aiming
Combined Combat XP - delay XP popups till the end of combat
Container Respawns Message - show a warning in the bottom bar in a container if the container is set to respawn
Continue Game Hotkey - add hotkey 'R' to load the last save from the Start Menu (for devs only)
Convert Screenshot Format - automatically convert screenshots to jpg, tiff or png (thanks iranrmrf)
Custom Gamesettings Section - add a section [GameSettings], under which gamesettings can be added to be loaded after esps. Also read ini files from NVSE/Plugins/Tweaks/Gamesettings folder
Double Tapping Reload Changes Ammo Type - double tapping reload changes ammo types
Equip Last Weapon Hotkey - add a hotkey to equip the last equipped weapon
Exit Game Hotkey - add a hotkey to exit the game
Exit to Main Menu Hotkey - add a hotkey to exit to main menu
Fire While Aiming In/Out - allow firing weapons while aiming in/out
Fire While Landing - allow firing weapons while lower body animations play
HUD Fatigue Indicator - add a fatigue indicator similar to the H20, FOD and SLP indicators from hardcore mode
Hide HUD Key - add a key to hide the compass/HP and ammo/AP
Hold To Activate - require holding the activate key for some period to use crafting, containers, furniture, terminals, water, or to steal items
Holster Weapon Key - replace 'hold reload to holster' with a hotkey - not compatible with controllers
Interior Fog Remover - remove non-static fog from interiors
Local Map Respawned Cell Indicator - show respawned cells as red and visited cells as white on the local map
No Lockpick Activate - stop the container menu showing after opening a container with lockpick or key
Numbered Dialog Topics - add the index to the start of dialog options in conversations
Pause on Load Game - automatically pause the game when a save is loaded
Pick Locks And Hack Terminals With Key Or Password - holding shift allows picking locks/hacking terminals even if the key/password is held
PipBoy Local Map Hotkey - add a hotkey for opening the local map
PipBoy Map Hotkey - add a hotkey for opening the PipBoy Map
PipBoy Quest Hotkey - add a hotkey for opening the PipBoy quests tab
PipBoy Radio Hotkey - add a hotkey for opening the PipBoy radios tab
Print Vanilla Errors To Console - enable debug logging left in the game
Radio Volume Up/Down Keys - add hotkeys to increase/decrease the PipBoy radio volume outside of menus
Recently Dead Unlooted NPC Indicator - shows recently killed NPCs on the compass until they have been moused over
Reloading With Full Clip Changes Ammo Type - switch ammo types when reloading with a full clip
Save Hotkeysadd hotkeys to full-save, incremental save and reload the current save
Save Manager - add a customizable number of save slots for incremental and auto-saves, event based saves and a configurable timed auto-save. Also add a 60 frame delay before the vanilla auto-save on cell transition to reduce potential crashing
Shift Screenshot Hides Menus - taking a screenshot while holding shift hides the menus
Spam Activate Key - add a hotkey to repeatedly press the use key
Stealing Sends No Alarm - don't alert NPCs when stealing their items (excludes pickpocketing)
Talk While Sneaking If Shift Held - allow talking while sneaking (instead of pickpocketing) while shift is held
Toggle Collision Key - add a key that disables collision while held
Toggle Crosshair Key - add a hotkey to toggle visibility of the crosshair
Toggle Menus Hotkey - add a hotkey for the ToggleMenus command
Toggle PipBoy Light Key - add a configurable key to toggle the PipBoy light
Toggle True IronSights Hotkey - add a hotkey to toggle True IronSights
Toggle-able Scope Night Vision - pressing the Toggle PipBoy Light key while aiming with a night vision weapon toggles off the night vision effect
Turn Slower While Aiming - add a configurable scale on look speed while aiming
Use Keyboard/Mouse In Gamemode While A Controller Is Connected - allow keyboard/mouse while a controller is connected (excludes menus)
Wear Power Armor Without Training - allow wearing power armor without the Power Armor Training perk

Gameplay/Balance Tweaks
Allow Entering VATS While Anims Play - allow entering vats while reloading, landing, firing etc.
Allow Opening Pipboy While Camera Shakes - allow opening the pipboy while the screen is shaking
Allow Unsafe Fast Travel - remove restrictions on fast traveling from interiors (you will need to be careful not to break scripted encounters)
Allow Weapon Hotkeys While Firing - allow weapon switch hotkeys while firing
Auto Weapon No Firing Delay - allow tap-firing automatic weapons even if they haven't finished their current firing animation
Character Melee Damage Ignores Scale - prevent NPC and player height affecting their melee damage
Clip Size Matters - prevent firing weapons if you don't have enough ammo for one burst
Compass Hide Enemies - remove enemies from the compass (optionally show them if they're firing a weapon)
Constant Purified Water Price - make purified water always sell for its value
Custom Armor Condition Penalty - modify the dt/dr penalty for damaged armor
Custom Buy/Sell Scale Per Category - allow customization of buy/sell multipliers for each type of item (weapons/armors/aid/misc)
Custom Crafted Item Health Percentage - configure the health percent of crafted items (default is 80%)
Custom Num SPECIAL Points - set a custom number of special points to allocate in the vigor tester/special book (TTW)
Custom Perks Per Level - set number of perks to earn per level
Custom Skill Points Formula - modify the base skill points earned and points per intelligence on level-up
Custom iMaxCharacterLevel - set a max player level independent of the number of DLC loaded
Debug Lockpick Menu - show the debug lockpick menu on all locks (cheat)
Difficulty Doesnt Affect NPC-NPC Damage - scale NPC-NPC damage independently from the fDiffMultHPByPC gamesettings
Disable Fast Travel - prevent fast travel
Don't Allow Selling Items - remove the ability to sell items in the barter menu
Equip Broken Items - allow broken armor and weapons to be equipped
Fast Travel Doesn't Progress Time - don't progress time or hardcore needs when fast-traveling
Fast Travel Ovencumberedremove the need for "Long Haul" to fast travel while overencumbered
Fast Travel While Enemies Are Nearby - allow fast travel while enemies are nearby
Force Lockpick Breaks Pin Instead of Lock - failing to force a lock breaks the bobby pin instead of the lock
Ignore Lock Level - allow picking locks of any skill level
Ignore Terminal Lock Level - allow hacking terminals of any level
Independent Hardcore Features - enable toggling of ammo weight, sleep healing and hired companions being essential independently of the hardcore mode
Keep Broken Items Equipped - don't unequip or show a message for items when they break
Locational Melee Damage - use body part damage multipliers for melee and unarmed hits
Lockpick Show Key Name - add the name of the required key to the end of the sImpossibleLock message. Note that some vanilla keys are named "Key"
Loot Unconscious NPCs - allow looting of knocked down NPCs
Luck Doesn't Affect Gambling - remove the luck skill's effect on gambling (equivalent to a luck of 5)
Meltdown Affects Teammate Kills - teammate kills will have the meltdown effect if the player has Meltdown
Move While Pipboy Opens - allow movement while the PipBoy is opening
NPCs Can Disarm Player - allow NPCs to disarm the player in combat
NPCs Can Sneak Attack Critical - allow NPCs to land sneak attack critical hits on each other and the player
No Casino Bans - prevent bans in casinos
No Companion Kill XP - prevent companion damage to NPCs counting towards gaining XP
No Disarm Companions - prevent companions being disarmed in combat
No Exit Hacking - prevent exiting the hacking menu if you have made an attempt (anti-cheat)
No Free Barter Items - set a minimum cost for buying free items (e.g. ammo casings)
No Grabbing Owned Items - remove the ability to grab owned items
No Lock Failed Terminals - don't lock terminals when they are failed
No Max Casino Bet - remove the betting limit for slots, roulette and blackjack
No PipBoy In Combat - stop the player using the pipboy when in combat
No Recurring Challenges - prevent recurring challenges resetting when completed
No Scale NPC Armor DR/DT By Condition - don't scale NPC armor damage threshold or damage resistance based on condition
No Self Explosion Damage - prevent player explosives injuring the player (B42 QuickThrow is not compatible as it doesn't mark the player as the attacker)
No Sneak Attack Criticals - remove sneak attack criticals
No VATS Target Invisible - disable targeting of cloaked enemies in VATS
No Weapon Condition Damage Penalty - make weapons always deal their max damage regardless of their condition
No Weapon Movement Penalty - remove the movement penalty for having a weapon out
Non-Melee Damage Ignores Scale - prevent NPC and player scale affecting non-melee damage
Open Pipboy And Use Weapon Hotkeys While Reloading - allow opening PipBoy and use of weapon hotkeys while a reload animation plays
Pickpocket Worn Items - allow pickpocketing items NPCs are wearing
Player Melee Damage Ignores Scale - prevent the player’s height affecting melee damage
Power Attack While Overencumbered - allow melee power attacks while overencumbered
Remove Landing Anim - remove the animation when the player lands a jump
Remove Weapon Damage Buffer - weapon damage decreases for weapons above 75% condition
Scale AP Regen While Overencumbered - add a scale to AP regeneration while overencumbered
Scale Critical Damage - apply a scale on critical hit damage (after perk modifiers)
Scale Earned XP - scale all earned XP
Sit to Wait - make the player only able to wait while sitting down
Sleep In Owned Beds - allow sleeping in owned beds
Sleep Wait Anywhere - add options for allowing waiting in combat, midair etc.
Slower Backpedaling - scale movement speed while strafing or walking backwards
Sneak Attack Criticals Only For Melee Weapons - disable sneak attack criticals for non-melee weapons
Sneak Attack Criticals Require Headshots - only earn sneak attack criticals for headshots
Sneak Attack While Standing - allow sneak attack criticals while standing
SpeedMult Scales Jump Height - scale actor jump heights by their speed multiplier Actor Value
Weightless Aid Items In Non-Hardcore - make aid items weightless while not in hardcore
Weightless Items - make all Weapons, Armor, Aid, Misc or Ammo items weightless
Weightless Worn Armor - make armor weightless while it is worn

Misc Tweaks
Auto SetConsoleOutputFile - automatically call SetConsoleOutputFile after plugins are loaded
Blood Splatter Minimum Damage Threshold - only show blood splatters above a minimum health damage threshold
Continuous Jumping - holding the jump key will repeatedly jump
Custom Hotkeys - reassign Console, Screenshot, PipBoy F1/F2/F3 menu and VATS accept keys
Custom Subtitle Distance - show general subtitles from further away
Dialog Press To Continue - stop Actors automatically advancing between lines in conversations (giving time to read what they are saying)
Disable Achievements - prevents earning of Steam/GOG achievements
Disable Border Regions and Show Message - allow leaving the world borders, showing a repeated warning while outside
Disable Character Respec - disable the character recreation popup script that occurs when leaving Goodsprings
Disable Combat Music - prevent combat music
Disable Godmode On Load - disable godmode when loading/reloading a save
Disable Hit Shader - disable the HUD radial blur when damaged (optionally only when in god-mode)
Disable Holstered Weapon Zooming - prevent zooming in when aiming with a weapon holstered
Disable Knockdown In Godmode - prevent the player being knocked down while in god-mode (may break scripted events)
Disable Weapon FOV - disable the zoom when aiming for all non-scoped weapons
Don't Set Quest If Completing Objective With No Active Quest - stop the active quest being set if an objective was completed and no quest is active
Don't Set Quest When Gaining New Objectives - prevent the active quest getting set when new objectives are gained
Drop Items In Midair - allow dropping of items in midair
Fallout 3 Audio Distortion - use audio distortion similar to Fallout 3 for NPCs wearing masks
Faster Controller POV Rotate - increase controller rotation speed (when POV is held)
Fatal Non-Sneak Crits Always Gib - make fatal (non-sneak attack) critical hits always explode or dismember limbs
First Person VATS - play VATS firing-camera shots in first person
Hold Key To Show Wait Menu - make the sleep/wait menu require the key to be held rather than pressed
Invert Container Menu Scrollwheel Category Change - swap the direction of category change when scrolling on the title of a container category
Jumping Doesn't Drop Grabbed Item - prevent the grabbed item being immediately dropped when jumping
Keep Holotapes Playing When Selecting Other Notes - don't stop the current holotape when viewing text/picture notes
Louder Third Person Empty Clip Sounds - play the first person empty clip sound while in third person
Midair Fast Travel - allow fast travel while in midair (does not negate fall damage)
Movement Keys Cancel Each Other - make holding left+right or forward+backward not move the player
NPCs Drop Their Holstered Weapon On Death - make NPCs drop their equipped weapon on death even if it isn't out
No Alt Tab Pause - stop the game pause menu showing when the window loses focus
No Ammo Casings - stop ammo casings being earned when firing
No Audio Distortion - remove the audio distortion when NPCs are wearing masks
No Character Name Limit - remove the name length restriction when creating a character
No Chem Worn Off Effect - remove the chem worn off Imagespace Modifier
No Controller PipBoy Texture - don't use a different texture on the PipBoy when a controller is connected
No Explosion In Face Blur - remove the radial blur when an explosion occurs nearby
No Killcam For Companion Kills - prevent the killcam showing for non-player kills
No Quest Added Sound When Killing in Cinematic Killcam - stops the cinematic killcam playing the 'Quest Added' sound when an actor is killed
No Scrollwheel POV Change - prevent the POV (1st/3rd person) changing when scrolling
No Turning Anim - prevent player turning anims to stop the glide when stopping while turning
Non-Toggle Sneak Button - make the sneak key held rather than toggled
Open PipBoy To Inventory By Default - make the PipBoy always open to the inventory page (F1/F2/F3 still navigate to their respective categories)
Pipboy Light Stays On After Cell Change - stop the PipBoy light being turned off when entering an exterior cell
Pop-up Menus Don't Move Cursor - prevent pop-up menus moving the mouse to the center of the screen
Qwertz Layout - swap the Y and Z keys in menus and console
Remove Controller Stick Deadzones - make the deadzones for controller thumbsticks customizable to allow finer movement
Remove Follower Topics - prevent companions mentioning when they are injured, low in ammo, crippled etc.
Rotate Further While Seated - allow seated rotation between -115° to 115° (from vanilla -90° to 90°) in first person, and 360° in third person
Scroll Only Changes Camera Height If POV Held - mousewheel only changes camera height if the 'Change View' key is held
Separate Scope Zoom Speed - allow a custom zoom speed for scopes (vanilla changes would affect weapons without scopes too)
Shift VATS Ignores Friendly NPCS - opening VATS while holding shift doesn't target friendly NPCs
Skill Book Saver - prevent usage of skill books if the skill is already at 100 points
Skip Vigor Tester SPECIAL Pages - skip to the vigor tester review page to assign points
Sneak While Equipping Weapons - allow toggling sneak mode while (un)equipping a weapon
Swap Ammo With Weapon Holstered - allow swapping ammo types while weapon is holstered
UK Keyboard - use the UK keyboard layout in console and menus
Unspoken NPC Indicator - add a * to the prompt for NPCs who haven't been spoken to
VATS Stop Burst If Target Dead - stop firing the current burst when the target dies in VATS

Optional Bugfixes
Caravan Doubled Payout Fix - fix bug where caravan would payout double caps
Console Visibility Fix - show the console in loading screens, VATS and after exiting to main menu
Don't Allow Console Till Init Is Done - prevent opening the console until settings have been loaded
Disintegrations Stat Fix - fix a bug where the 'disintegrations' stat would increase upon entering a cell containing an ash pile
Enhanced Camera Ground Sink Fix - fix a bug with Enhanced Camera where the player would sink into the ground when switching from 1st to 3rd person
Item Mod Menu Unequip Fix - fix a bug where closing the PipBoy while in the the Item Mod Menu would unequip the weapon if it was equipped
Keep XP Bar Visible When Closing Menus - fix an oversight where the XP bar would disappear when closing menus
Looping-Reload AmmoSwap Refill Fix - fix a vanilla bug where double tapping the ammo swap key would fully load a reload-loop weapon
Perk Menu Conditions Visibility Fix - fix a bug with the Perk Menu that hid the 3rd perk requirement; remove commas and '--' for perks that only have a level requirement; and remove double spaces in requirements containing 'OR'
Rapid Reload Fix - fix an engine bug where reload and holster speed are incorrect after loading a save
Run and Gun Negative AP Fix - fix a bug with the fActionPointsRunAndGunMult gamesetting that allowed AP to become negative
Sort Unavailable Radios To Bottom - move unavailable radios to the bottom of the radios list
Spin Weapons Sound Fix - fix a vanilla bug where weapons with looping sounds stop playing their fire sound
TCL Diagonal Movement Fix - fix a bug where diagonal movement didn't function with collision disabled, and add jump to fly upwards (no controller support)
Ultra-wide Black Rectangle, and Zoomed Menus/Scope Fix - fix bugs with 21:9+ resolutions where the fade-to-black effect would not cover the whole screen, and scopes/lockpick/terminals were zoomed in too far

Allow uGridsToLoad below 5.
Remove an extra space after [Skill] tags in dialogue.
Keyboard input no longer persists when loading a save.
Queued attacks no longer persist when loading a save.
The crippled limb and XP indicators no longer persist when loading a save.
Queued objective/quest updates no longer persist when loading a save.
F1/F2/F3 PipBoy hotkeys no longer trigger if the console is open.
PickRefByID no longer creates a duplicated line when selecting refs in the console.
Companions no longer mention having no ammo if they are using a recharging weapon.
Allow binding actions to the '2' key in the settings menu.
Rock-It-Launcher projectiles now show their 'Take' prompt as in Fallout 3.

Escape and printscrn buttons now function when a controller is connected.
Pressing Escape while keybinding will remove the bind for that control.
Settings now save even if the start menu was closed without clicking on "Back".
Add debounce to start menu Action Mapping to allow use of the enter key to select the control.
PipBoy scroll heights now save even if the menu is closed without clicking on anything.
XP, Quests and Messages are no longer hidden after closing the start menu.
Action Point Regeneration modifiers now apply even when the player has no weapon equipped.
Save images are shown in the Save/Load menu regardless of whether they are mouse hovered over.

Stop mouse taking priority in menus after arrow keys are pressed, and VATS when using W, S or mousewheel to select a bodypart.
Inventory selection no longer disappears when using Arrow Keys/WASD.
Fix shift arrow keys occasionally not switching item lists in Barter/Container menus.
The currently selected list item in the Note, Quest and LevelUp/Trait menu no longer disappears when using Arrow Keys.
Don't lose the scroll position when clicking on a quest with the arrow keys
The shift key no longer gets stuck in menus and the console.
Add scrollwheel to change Recipe menu categories.
Allow closing the PipBoy from the keyring menu, and the Stats menu while in limb selection mode.
HighlightBodyPart and HighlightAdditionalReference no longer hide the player's weapon.
The RepairServices and Book menus now hide behind the pause menu.
The RepairServices Menu keeps its scroll position when repairing items.
Fix exploit where Pipboy Repair items could be duplicated by rapidly opening/closing the menu.
Fix 'Invalid Chip Data in CasinoData List' when using the slot machine.
Fix radio conversation volume not resetting dialogue was force exited (e.g. by loading a save).

Fix crashes when:
- trying to click on an off-screen menu item using the keyboard
- closing a quantity menu opened using the arrow keys
- loading an invalid BSFadeNode
- loading an invalid BSMasterParticleSystem
- loading a save created with a higher uGridsToLoad setting
- reconnecting a controller while hacking a terminal
- equipping a pipboy item while opening/closing the pipboy
- loading a nif whose HkpShape has invalid child nodes

Make NVAC print the module addresses when reporting a crash (where available).
Menus now accept L3 and R3 button presses (for nvse plugin devs).
Show a warning if a mod is loaded that has recompiled all scripts, as this will lead to problems in most cases.
Show a warning containing which mod is missing which masters if they are missing during loading.

Use Mod Organizer 2/Nexus Mod Manager/FOMM, or manually extract the .zip file into your Fallout New Vegas 'Data' folder.

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Massive thank you to jazzisparisLuthienAnarion and the NVSE team whose decodings have proven essential for these tweaks.
Thanks RoyBatty for continued support with TTW.
Yvileapsis for putting up with my suggestions for Just Mods Assorted.
TrueCourierSix for the features included in version 4.45.
Brodie Thiesfield for their SimpleINI library.
Finally thanks carxt, tgspy, C16, voidwalkerxilandro, and Qolore7 for all your suggestions and support.